Social Media Marketing: Definition, Strategies, and Trends

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There has been a lot of discussion about how social media affects consumer behavior and how businesses can use it to their advantage.

Despite all of the information available online, many businesses still don’t understand how social media marketing works.

I created a guide that will make social media marketing easier for those who have trouble creating successful marketing strategies.

Over 3.5 billion people use social media to share, seek, and create information.

What are some ways that you could use this network to produce great results for your business?

Social media channels are an important part of business development strategies. You can’t ignore the importance of “social” when it comes to creating significant connections with consumers.

What ls Social Media Marketing?

Here is how Investopedia defines the term:

The marketing of products and services through social media websites and networks.

But this definition is missing something really important. Let’s make it more simple and clear:

Social media marketing is creating content that is customized for each social media platform to increase audience interaction and promote your company.

Social media marketing helps you connect with your audience or customers and understand your brand better. It is incredibly beneficial to your business growth.

If you were to meet someone with the intention of building a good relationship, how would you imagine the encounter going?

How can you make someone like you instantly? You will not be successful if you meet someone and say things that are boring or lack purpose.

People usually like you more when you make them happy, regardless of how you do it.

Your success in social media marketing is largely dependent on your ability to find and make your target audience happy so that they like your brand and share your stories with others.

Your social media marketing efforts will not be successful if the story you are trying to share is not interesting or worth sharing.

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important Today?

Today’s consumers use social media to learn more about organizations and products. They believe that they can find others talking about that business on social media.

What if you don’t have a social media presence? You’ll miss a great opportunity to make an impression.

Take a look at these stats from Oberlo to have a feel of why having a sound social media marketing strategy is imperative to business success in 2020 and beyond:

Your customers and prospects are active on social media multiple times a day. An average person spends around two hours on social media every day. Check out this blog to know more.

Social media platforms are an excellent way for brands to gain insights into the interests and preferences of their target audience. It is predicted that clever companies will keep investing in social media to maintain their business growth.

If you are looking to launch a new product or business, social media is a great way to create excitement and get people talking about your project. Although some businesses have been hesitant to join the social media marketing trend, it is becoming increasingly clear that this method of marketing is not simply an option, but a necessity as we move forward into the future of e-commerce. Social media platforms provide an easy and effective way to reach a large number of potential customers with minimal effort, and as such, it is an increasingly popular marketing strategy among businesses of all sizes.

As competition increases, it is more important than ever to have a social media presence for your business.

There’s a lot of competition among social media influencers, with new ones starting up all the time.

Different Social Channels To Experiment With

When trying to decide which social media platforms to use for your business, it is important to understand what each one has to offer. You can learn a lot about what sort of social media content and which networks work best for your target audience by experimenting with different types of content and networks. Which social media platforms will be best for your business? Let’s take a closer look at the leading contenders to find out.


Although both platforms are owned by Meta, they differ greatly. Think of Facebook and Instagram as siblings — not twins — from their active users’ ages, interests, and behaviors to the very nature of the content you’ll find on them. The differences between LinkedIn and Facebook will help you know which content to post on them, based on the specific buyer persona you’re looking to reach.

What makes the two networks unique? Facebook remains the go-to network to find like-minded people. You will be able to find people with similar interests to yours on Facebook. Posts on Facebook can include text, photos, and videos.

As of Q4 2021, Facebook had 2.91 billion monthly active users, with most of them in India, the United States, Indonesia, and Brazil. The majority of its users are not in the 25-44 age range, which is where most other platforms are focused. It also became the platform where people in the U.S. spent the most time earlier that year.


As video becomes increasingly popular on all types of platforms, YouTube has become a go-to destination for many businesses. The site is the second most popular social media app, coming in only behind WhatsApp. Businesses can use YouTube to create content for social media marketing, B2C content, or to work with content creators to reach a larger audience. YouTube is a great way to reach 210 million potential customers in the United States. You can use it to market your product at every stage of the marketing process, from creating awareness to driving conversions.


Since the pandemic began, TikTok has seen an unprecedented level of growth compared to other social media apps. The app was released in 2017 by the Chinese company Bytedance and it has been growing a lot every year. As of January 2022, TikTok has 1 billion monthly active users. They spend an average of over 14 hours per month consuming content. The average person spends 16.5 hours per month on Facebook, which is only slightly less than people in the US.

This engagement provides businesses with the opportunity to approach users with short-form video. If the video is authentic, it will compel the user to learn more. Companies that sell products directly to consumers (B2C) have seen a great opportunity in TikTok. The “# FoundItOnAmazon” hashtag has become so popular that Amazon has created a special list for shoppers who come from TikTok videos.


The success of video apps and the controversies surrounding them tend to dominate the headlines when it comes to social media. However, Pinterest is a visual app that shouldn’t be underestimated. This app is more than just showing funny, engaging, quirky content. It is an experience that goes beyond that. Pinterest offers users a place to find inspiration, rather than scrolling through aimlessly. They have 431 million monthly active users. Although Pinterest has typically had a female-dominated userbase, males have been joining at a rate of 40% annually. The increasing popularity of Pinterest, especially among wealthier households, presents a golden opportunity for businesses targeting consumers.

How To Create a Social Media Strategy

If you’ve never created a social media strategy before, it can be daunting. Still, the most efficient way to tackle it is by breaking it down step-by-step. Begin by establishing goals and considering your target audience so you can connect with the right people. After that, you should identify your audience and track your competition You should first define what you consider to be a successful social media marketing campaign so that you know what your expectations are. Once you have done that, you should identify your target audience and track your competition. After you have created your content, assess how well it is performing and schedule it accordingly. Let’s go into more detail about each of these steps.


What is your goal for starting social media marketing? Most business owners believe that the only way to increase sales is through active selling. However, there are also ways to reach potential customers earlier in the marketing process through social media platforms.

When you set expectations and business goals, it can help improve the performance of your campaign and give it a clearer direction. Some social media marketing goals you may want to consider are: -Increasing the amount of engagement from your target audience -Building relationships with potential customers -Generating leads -Driving traffic to your website If you are holding a giveaway or a referral campaign, set goals for how you will benefit from it. Do you think you can receive 1,000 new leads over the course of the campaign? Perhaps you would like to try and increase your social media following by 10% as part of your giveaway.


It is important to target a specific audience when starting a social media marketing campaign. Why will this prove essential to your campaign? This is similar to when you are trying to find a good business. If you are looking for a business, you will know where to look depending on your understanding of the business. This also applies to your ideal buyer and target audience for each campaign.

Finding someone is easier if you think like they do and share the same interests. If you want to target 18-24 year olds on Facebook, it might be more difficult than using TikTok. It is important to learn about and understand the people you are trying to reach. Make sure your campaign is directed towards their needs, interests, and favorite types of content.


If you’re running a referral campaign, it’s important to track how often people are sharing your referral links, codes, or social media posts. This will help you measure the success or failure of your campaign. Key performance indicators (KPIs) help measure the success of a campaign or social media effort. You can also measure your results by adding KPIs like engagement rate, click-through rate, and more. This step will help you understand how your audience reacts to your content.


Now is the time to start creating content for your campaign, keeping in mind what kind of results you want and how you will measure them. When planning your social media strategy, consider who your target audience is, what social media platforms they use, what message you want to send, and how you want them to interact with your content. To get inspiration for your business profile, visit similar profiles to see what is popular, what to avoid, and how you can spin trending content to make it your own.

How Often Should You Post On Social Media?

If you don’t post often enough, your followers will forget about your brand. If you post too much, people might find your brand too overwhelming for their feed.

Companies that post on Facebook fewer than 5 times a month receive 60% more clicks per post than those businesses who post more than 60 times a month.

It is better to create one great video that your audience loves than to create 100 videos that provide no value.

Pro tips for creating the best social media experiences for your audience

Now that you’ve learned how to create a strategy and reach your target audience, you can try out some of these social media trends. Create a campaign that spans multiple platforms, set measurable goals, produce high-quality content, and analyze your results to inform your next campaign.


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