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How our CMO - Marketing Consultant Program Gives You the Marketing Expertise You Need without the Expense of a Full-Time Hire.

If you are researching fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) programs, you are making a smart move. It is the best way to get all the benefits of an in-house marketing expert without the expenses that come with adding a full-time employee.

When you use a fractional Chief Marketing Officer, you get a fresh perspective on how to expand your brand reach, an honest assessment of what’s working (and not working so well) in your current efforts, and access to marketing tactics that are proven to work in today’s marketplace. What you do not get is the financial burden and relative permanence of adding to your staff.

Maybe your business is just starting out, and the expense of hiring a full-time marketing resource is not feasible. Or, maybe you have been handling your own marketing for a while and realize that this is not the highest, best use of your time and talents. You know you need marketing support but are not sure exactly what tasks someone could handle for you.

A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer You Can Trust

It does not take long to realize that your business success hinges on your ability to generate high-quality ideal customer leads and convert them into loyal customers. The realization that this is more difficult than it sounds comes even more quickly, along with the fact that profitable marketing requires a skill set and a lot of hard work.

Marketing tactics and best practices change and quickly evolve these days. Faced with the learning curve and workload required to make significant gains in marketing, many business owners now outsource their marketing to find the expert marketing leadership they need.

Ray L. Perry works with select clients to take the reins of their marketing efforts. As a fractional Chief Marketing Officer, he works closely with clients to help them meet their marketing objectives. We begin with a marketing strategy review, assessing your current marketing strategy and effectiveness. Based on your custom marketing action plan, we will identify which marketing tactics make the most sense for your goals and means.

Making progress requires clarity, both about where you are now and what changes are needed going forward. Sometimes it is easy to throw good money after bad, continuing to invest in marketing tactics that will never yield a solid return. That’s one reason it makes sense to enroll in the CMO - Marketing Consultant Program and let an experienced marketing consultant sort through what you’re currently doing and make recommendations for growth now and into the future.

Strategy First, Tactics Next

A successful marketing machine is built on the foundation of sound strategy, not the deployment of random tactics. Not every tactic is appropriate for every company or goal, and it is impossible to know whether any tactic will work well without first defining an overall strategy. With your strategy in place, it is possible to build an array of tactics that makes sense.

If you are like many of our clients, your in-house team is already stretched to its limits, and the prospect of launching a whole new slate of marketing initiatives just seems overwhelming. Adding to their already over-extended list of responsibilities does not make sense. Plus, each marketing tactic carries its own learning curve before it becomes effective.

That is why when you work with us, thru our CMO - Marketing Consultant Program, you can completely off-load execution of your marketing tactics if you prefer. Most of our clients choose to make use of our custom done-for-you marketing services. Everything gets done, and you do not have to spend your team’s valuable time doing it.

Watch Your Business Grow

Get all the benefits of having a full-fledged marketing team working for you, without the expense of hiring employees. Remarkable results do not happen overnight, of course, but you will be amazed by the turnaround in your business after just a few months. During our project, we will meet monthly to review the results. You will also have unlimited email access during our engagement.

The first step is requesting a marketing strategy audit. Simply click or call to get started.

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