Engage More Chinese Customers with Little Red Book China Social Media

XiaoHongShu called “Little Red Book” in English, is an immensely successful and rapidly growing Chinese social media platform worth billions of dollars. In 2014, the Little Red Book China social media platform gained rapid popularity among Chinese females. This resulted in numerous trending topics on Weibo, and over 22 million viewers, with 24,000 comments being generated.

Xiaohongshu translates to Little Red Book, but this has nothing to do with the book by Mao Zedong; instead, it is a platform for fashionable ‘hot-popular’ girls to share pictures of their stylish products and brands. It is often known as the ‘Little Red Book’ outside of China, as it is a social media platform from that country.

As of July 2019, this application has over 300 million subscribed users. Both domestically and abroad, investors have noticed Little Red Book. The forecast is that the App will experience a sharp increase in user numbers.

A Chinese startup accumulates at least $200 million, resulting in a valuation of $2.5 billion. Moreover, the influencers App is committed to accelerating its e-commerce advancement. Tencent, the company that backs ‘Little Red Book,’ is taking on big names such as Alibaba, J.D. Sunning, and the up-and-coming P toinduoduo, which recently received a USD 1 billion investment of 15 billion dollar worth.

The primary rival for Little Red Book was Meilishuo, a version of Pinterest devoted to female fashion e-commerce, or Mogujie, which possesses the same e-commerce business structure. Xu Yiron set up the business in 2009, aiming to assist tourists from other countries create a shopping list before their journey. The Startup is now gathering a lot of user-generated content and going in the direction of an online space dedicated to women who are excited about fashion, makeup, and shopping and want to learn more about them.


It is essential to be aware of this outstanding application, particularly for health, beauty, fashion, and luxury businesses.

Essentially, the Little Red Book app offers users ree critical advantages t: trustworthiness, a sense of belonging, and ease of use. In addition, little Red Book is an excellent medium that provides many benefits to buyers and sellers. For example, one of the best-known shopping apps in China typically contains widely sought-after items such as cosmetics, beauty products, and nutrition supplements, which can be challenging to locate in the country. Additionally, fashion, attire, and travel are also trendy.

XiaoHongShu (???) developed into a more dependable selection swiftly, particularly with depots in unencumbered trade districts which could notably decrease the expenses for transportation.



This book primarily caters to Chinese females in their late teens to mid-thirties. It offers the perfect platform for young Chinese adult consumers to identify and purchase cosmetic, health, fashion, and luxury global items. It has been found that most individuals who utilize this service are women, and most users are under 30 years of age.


XiaoHongShu, often referred to as RED, is widely used by Chinese women interested in beauty. The “Little Red Book” app effectively combines critical elements from both the Tmall and Weibo platforms, thus making it a powerful source of word-of-mouth marketing. The entirety of the App is user-created, making it more open and honest. This enables users to review products from other countries, give advice for vacationing, provide pointers on buying luxury items, and exchange ideas about fashion. Most people utilizing this application are well-informed buyers looking to acquire the finest items from abroad. Users typically give feedback on items from luxurious foreign brands, like a DIOR handbag, some lipstick from Chanel, and various other products, such as beauty supplements and other related items.


The App has an excellent social media component allowing users to post photos with reviews and advice. This can be seen by others who can then read, comment, and bookmark these posts for later, much like you would do on Pinterest or Instagram. The opinions expressed by others on this platform are very influential to users when making buying decisions, particularly from Key Opinion Leaders. Chinese consumers have become more choosy and selective than ever, and conventional marketing approaches like celebrity promotions and T.V. commercials do not have enough appeal to catch their eyes. Therefore, social media dramatically impacts what people buy in the Cosmetics industry in China.


In conclusion, the App is an excellent and dependable choice due to the integrated E-Commerce platform allowing users to buy items within the application from the Authentic Brand’s website on Little Red Book. Given how picky Chinese consumers can be about the quality and genuineness of a brand, users don’t need to worry about it being legitimate. In addition, little Red Boom has connections with several external companies from the U.S., Korea, and Japan, including the Japanese skin-care business SK-II, designers like Vivienne Westwood and Anna Sui Planche, and the nutrition firm GNC.


Little Red Book is aiding companies in indirectly targeting Chinese travelers. Most significant companies take advantage of China’s digital travel retail market, designing and implementing an omnichannel strategy to connect with customers and plan their next international shopping trip. Besides that, XiaoHongShu also creates small manuals for buying items in the U.S., France, and other well-known fashion areas.

A recent study by L2, a computer insight supplier, affirmed that customers’ illusions of luxury labels like Hugo Boss and Max Mara had accelerated quickly on the social media platform. Throughout the last twelve months, Chanel, an illustrious French luxury label, has been noted 2.24 million times, whereas Dior has garnered 2.14 million mentions. In addition, Hugo Boss experienced a significant increase in words, while Bally and Max Mara were both shown to have grown by 133%.

An example is a Panasonic hair dryer, which was pusoldor just one day, and had more sales than the same dryer would have made on an ordinary e-commerce website in an entire month. A three-day promotion of Dr. Ci: Labo’s skin toner RED in Japan generated more revenue than the number of sales from this product from counters in Hong Kong within the year, as per the statement from the business.

Why is Xiaohongshu becoming an increasingly popular platform among the Chinese?

It is essential to investigate certain consumer habits to comprehend why Xithe Chinese belove XiaohongshuDevelopment of Chinese Society.

In the last decade, there has been a drastic alteration in Chinese culture and lifestyle. The steady rise in wealth due to economic growth has resulted in an increase in living standards and an enhancement of Chinese buying power. As a result, Chinese people are decreasing their expenditures on housing and food. Rather than reducing costs on leisure activities and personal indulgences (eating out, shopping for clothes, beauty treatments, etc.) are onrisingLuxury, items are becoming increasingly important to Chinese customers. However, we mainly discuss younger individuals, the primary force behind China’s growth.

Face culture and reputation

Given the immense significance of “face culture” in China, the Chinese constantly strive to appear immaculate. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a good reputation so the customer is highly aware of the brand and its public image.

Certain businesses might conceive that the audience of Xiaohongshu is too immature to be interested in their offerings. However, this belief is incorrect. Youths have a mighty buying power, and they can frequently purchase top-quality products more than those from older generations.

As per the findings of KPMG and Mei.com, a growing population of young Chinese are likely to invest in luxury items in the forthcoming years.

Xiaohongshu maintains the authenticity of the content

IToensure accurate information is presented, Xiaohongshu prohibits companies from using words such as “the best,” luxury,” elite, upscale,” and so on. What could be the reason for Xiaohongshu growing in popularity among the Chinese? Xiaohongshu strives to reject firms that attempt to deceive users into peddling their products.

This is why Xiaohongshu has become one of tChina’smost rapidly expanding platforms. This service only approves accurate material and aims to please its customers in all aspects by regulating firms and supply pathways.

If the platform includes advertising, it remains impartial and concentrates on user-generated content. The Xiaohongshu algorithm typically bases its information on consumer-created material instead of relying exclusively on the corporation’s content.

The platform often encourages people to comment on topics they’re interested in so that the algorithm can better understand what material suits them.

Xiaohongshu is the only website that fuses social media with e-commerce. In this way, the platform allows people to enjoy fun activities and utilize valuable services. This is what attracts users to Xiaohongshu.

How to successfully start a business in Xiaohongshu?

Xiaohongshu is an excellent means of advertising the company in China. To use all its advantages, it is necessary to take into account the following:

1. Use both components of the platform

It has been made clear that Xiaohongshu is an amalgamation of an -commerce website and a social media platform. Therefore, it is crucial to have a unified marketing strategy that considers the platform’s social and business aspects together, as it is impossible to distinguish between them.

Work with Xiaohongshu is divided into four stages. First – viewing the platform. After viewing a particular post or article regarding a product, the third step in purchasing. At last, when the item has been delivered to the recipient, the previous phase of the cycle is to give a customer evaluation/comment on the item bought.

2. Know your target audience

The company should know its target audience well. For example, the Xiaohongshu community is mainly young women. Though this shift is beginning, with more users coming from smaller cities, companies still have to personalize their products s. Hence, they meet the desires and hobbies of their intended customers.

3. Attract opinion leaders to your marketing campaigns

As previously discussed, Xiaohongshu provides the most beneficial environment for initiating KOL campaigns that can deliver bespoke content aligned with your target demographic.

Therefore, businesses should collaborate with influential media figures to ensure their intended audience gets top-notch, appropriate material.

4. Focus on the creation of your content

Content plays a crucial role in Xiaohongshu. So businesses should pay attention to this: create thoroughly researched stories about your beliefs, items, and how to employ them, and opt for pictures showcasing your business’s plus points.

Do not be afraid to craft lengthy posts – the secret to success lies mainly in a thorough inspection of what users like and require, along with the appropriateness and significance of the material for them.

5. Take advantage of holiday sales

The Chinese e-commerce market has many occasions and holidays that businesses can leverage to increase their visibility and revenue. The most important dates for Xiaohongshu:

6. Learn how to use SEO in the platform

As previously mentioned, it is vital to have an SEO plan to maximize brand visibility on the web. Xiaohongshu is a highly competitive environment, so keeping a close eye on every little detail is critical. Keywords should be appropriate and not too popular.


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