Why use an Outsourced CMO?

Why use a Fractional CMO?

Frequently Asked Questions about the Benefits of Hiring a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer.

It is frequently said "It takes money to make money" and that is certainly true when it comes to marketing your business, but it is also true that every marketing dollar counts, and the goal of marketing should be to provide an ROI for every marketing dollar spent. One way to use your marketing budget wisely is to hire an fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Dollar for dollar, you’ll get a higher return on your marketing investment by bringing in an independent experienced marketing consultant who can approach your marketing challenges with a level of expertise you might not be able to afford otherwise. 

When Is a Good Time to Hire a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer?

If your business is in any of the following situations, a fractional Chief Marketing Officer may be the best move you can make now:

  • Never Had a Chief Marketing Officer? Hiring a fractional CMO gives you a new resource that breathes new life into your marketing team and helps improve your existing strategies.
  • Need Someone to Fill in or Assist with a Growth Spurt? As a company grows, hiring a fractional CMO may be just what you need to keep your marketing strategies up to speed.
  • Acquired a New Company? If you have acquired a new business, hiring a full-time CMO may be out of the question financially. A fractional CMO offers all the benefits of a full-time employee at a minimal cost. It also allows you to hire a CMO who has experience dealing with the type of company purchased.
  • Seeking Improved Budget Flexibility? Hiring a fractional CMO frees up money within the budget for other purposes. With a full-time CMO, money is spent on personnel that could have been put to better use generating quality leads for growth.
  • Need Specialized Marketing Skills? With a fractional CMO, you can hire an expert with the type of marketing skills you need. Specialized marketing skills involves the knowledge of a broad range of marketing tactics and tools. It is important to hire a CMO who has the expertise you need to create the best strategy possible and the specific skills required execute the strategy with the right tactics.
  • Want Immediate Impact on a Strategic Level? A fractional CMO approaches your marketing challenges with a fresh perspective. They can focus on the key elements of the strategy while managing the team, unlike tactical members of your team who are only focused on their specific project.
  • Desire Immediate Help within the Marketing Team? Because the fractional CMO is from outside the company inner-circle, they can come in and immediately focus on specific needs without historical baggage. This new laser focus will keep the marketing team organized and on task at all times.
  • Need Help Using Data to Enhance Your Decision-Making Process? The digital age provides companies with the opportunity to accumulate a significant amount of data. It is important to use all the information to your advantage when creating a marketing strategy. A fractional CMO can collect data from current and former customers, third-party sources, such as vendors as well as members of the management team and organize this holistic perspective and turn it into usable information in a relatively short period.
  • Trying to Manage and Control a Marketing Budget? A fractional CMO knows how to handle a company's marketing budget. They can help the team reduce financial waste while dedicating monetary support to areas where the money is most effective.
  • Want to Use One Person to Build an Effective Team? Instead of the marketing team trying to work things out on their own, hiring a fractional CMO gives them expert guidance from an experienced mentor. The fractional CMO can build an efficient team and delegate tasks to individuals who have the knowledge and expertise to best respond.

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