Twitter Influencers: How to Easily Find Them and Connect with Them

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Utilizing Twitter can have significant impacts, however, like different procedures in marketing, it is essential to focus on the appropriate individuals.

Launching an ecommerce or SaaS website may not be difficult in terms of getting people to visit, but it can be complicated to make sure the people who do arrive are the people you want.

How about if you had a much smaller number of Twitter followers, but still had the same degree of engagement? This would take much less effort and be quicker to set up and maintain.

After all, time is money.

Why even do this at all? The implementation of the strategies and tools discussed will lead to more social shares, more links/mentions, an increase in visitors, and ultimately more business prospects.

How to target the right people on Twitter

When attempting to target users on Twitter, it is necessary to analyze the audience beyond the typical parameters.

For every industry you are employed in, there is a particular group of people you are looking to target. When you are just beginning, without any pre-existing fans or subscribers, it implies that there is substantial work to do in order to make your business ready to contend in the economy.

Fortunately, there are other companies and blog sites that possess a pre-existing viewership included in your desired customer base, and this is the place you need to initiate. You can generate lots of leads and spread your content widely by having a large and highly engaged audience.

I prefer to divide businesses and blogs into 3 distinct user groups to market to (although, obviously, some of them may overlap).

1. Industry influencers

Those who have a lot of influence in your field and the businesses associated with them should be your top concern.

Industry powerhouses will generate traffic to your business and eventually affect the purchasing choices of other people.

Typically, industry influencers have all of these:

Consider which individuals’ views you find useful in your field, plus which blogs you follow, and this will provide you an understanding of who is influential in your industry. It is likely that other people will view someone’s opinion as worthwhile if you deem it to be so.

Having a good understanding of the industry you are trying to operate in will make the process easier, but it’s important to not settle for the first five or six names you come across. These people can be seen as “celebrated influencers”.

You would enjoy seeing individuals who are passionate about your content and promoting your business, but you must create a bigger database in order to have a successful outcome. Do not be deceived by the number of people someone has following them on Twitter; they still have the potential to influence others, even with only 500 followers.

At once, start by making a record of all the web logs you peruse. Explore further and make your list as comprehensive as possible. If you make contact with significant people on Twitter, you should earn a better prospect of your material, shares or company’s name to become a huge sensation, improving your company or brand value within your sector.

2. Amplifiers

Amplifiers are Twitter power users, and you need to target them because they are:

3. Your target audience

Influencers and amplifiers who are part of your intended audience can offer a direct avenue to them, yet it is essential to recall that you should attempt to make contact with your target crowd straightforwardly too and not simply through intermediaries.

Having a relationship with your intended crowd involve understanding what they are passionate about, what activities they enjoy, what knowledge they require, and all the other enjoyable details.

Creating customer personas should be done as soon as possible, so that you know what exact terms to look for on Twitter to locate your target market. You can use the data from Twitter to figure out what other content they follow on the internet.

This will help make sure that your material is specifically designed to answer the inquiries your intended audience is searching for and provides the media they need to get.

Your customer persona will outline corresponding businesses and websites which you may not have thought to peek at as prospective areas where your target market is likely to be visiting.

How to Find Twitter Influencers

In order to devise a successful influencer marketing campaign, it is essential to be aware of the sources of Twitter influencers. Once you have determined the types of individuals you would like to collaborate with, the next step is to identify potential influencers. I have given a lot of thought to this subject, yet many people do not believe Twitter operates in the same manner. Taking this into consideration, here are some resources that can aid you. The fundamentals of this network are similar to those of other networks, however some other aspects are different. Luckily, there are many Twitter tools available.

One of the most straightforward methods of discovering Twitter celebrities is through utilizing Google. In general, there are multiple approaches to operating this search engine. Let’s say you want to find thought leaders. Perform pertinent Google searches to observe who is creating content about specific subjects. Seek out those individuals who have active Twitter profiles. You can analyze the profiles of potential applicants here to see if they are a good fit.

You can also find Twitter influencers by looking directly on Twitter. In this case, you’ll primarily use hashtags. Check out who uses your brand’s hashtags, as well as those belonging to your competitors. Those who frequently bring up related goods and services may be considered influencers. Search for people who do not post about many extraneous topics on Twitter. Those users probably are just casual observers.

You can also employ filters when utilizing Twitter search. If your company is in a competitive field like beauty or travel, you will receive a great deal of feedback from basic hashtag searches. You can use advanced search functions to filter out standard Twitter users from your search results. You can use this tool to locate Twitter influencers that fit particular demographic categories which is even better. This will make your life easier.

Finally, use Twitter Search to locate pertinent discussions or online chat areas. You can stop by and check who is discussing similar items and services. After some time has passed, it will become apparent who is having more of an impact and who may be striving to become an influencer. These people can be monitored or tracked to determine if they are suitable immediately.

Use Right Relevance

Coming up with pertinent data and staying in front of the rivalry is difficult. Thankfully, there are organizations available that are able to assist with this issue. A tool the influencer marketing professional can use is named Right Relevance. This is essentially a service that provides analytics and market data for a cost. Get whatever you require and they can provide it for you. This organization offers a programming interface along with exhaustive Twitter based services.

One of those services actually is available for free. The creators of Right Relevance have developed a search engine that assists users in locating Twitter authorities within a specialized subject area. Just plug in the keywords to get started. Getting a lot of results? Need something specific? There are numerous filters available that can enable you to limit your results. Right Relevance will offer you extra connected key phrases to assist you in locating other influencers as an extra perk.

From here, you will have to do some research. The relevance of an influencer’s content is measured through a score provided by Right Relevance that shows how closely related the content is to the topic selected. However, relevance doesn’t dictate effectiveness. Engagement rates vary widely, and so do personalities. You have a great starting point, however.

Use BuzzSumo

If you are willing to cough up the necessary funds, BuzzSumo is an excellent program. They not only assist you in discovering Twitter influencers, but they provide other relevant data as well. In addition to Twitter, these services provide access to content on a variety of different platforms. Essentially, BuzzSumo influencer searches are used to determine the areas of interest within a specialized field. This swiftly brings in the individuals involved in any debate.

Find Twitter Lists of Influencers

Embedded within Twitter itself are Twitter lists. If you wish to engage with social media marketing, let’s get started. Virtually any topic imaginable has a related list created by people who specialize in marketing. To locate lists, go to the homepage and press the “lists” button. This is located in the same area as your messages and alerts.

Once you have chosen this, you can make a list of your own. Normally, when addressing this scenario, you should look to include people who you already understand to be authorities on Twitter. See if they keep any lists of their own, and if it is pertinent, join them. You will have an opportunity to observe a variety of people who have an enthusiasm for the same subject. Eventually, this experience can be useful in discovering new online personalities that have an influence on Twitter.

Use a Social Listening Tool

It is straightforward to identify Twitter influencers through the utilization of any form of social monitoring platform. The purpose of using social listening is to gather an understanding of the public’s opinion of your brand. However, there’s more to it. If done correctly, social listening will uncover all the conversations that are happening in a certain niche. With consistent effort, nearly everyone is able to accurately determine what is happening in the social environment. This data can be utilized for controlling one’s image, analyzing the market, and additional purposes.

How to Connect with Twitter Influencers

Have you identified any Twitter influencers who you believe would be good to collaborate with? Congratulations! Connecting with influencers is also challenging. This is because multiple different companies trying to establish a connection often reach out to influencers. Times when coming out on top necessitates being noticeable above everyone else.

Send Social Signals

Unless you have already been contacted or have a close relationship with a Twitter influencer, the initial move should be to engage with what they post. First, be sure to follow them on Twitter. This is advantageous to them as it enables them to gain more followers, as well as having their signals appear on the feeds of those who are already following them. Next, be sure to share the Twitter influencers’ content. Don’t forget to tag your Twitter influencers in your posts. This conveys to them that you are very eager to hear their opinion.

Once you have captured their interest, it is time to start talking. When an appropriate Tweet appears, you can respond to what they are saying. Comments demonstrate a higher level of engagement than simply @mentioning someone. It is hoped that they will offer a more detailed response, leading to an extended dialogue. At this point, you should be able to determine if this influencer is suitable for your upcoming campaign.

Slide into the DM after building rapport and start an open-ended conversation to collaborate!

Remember, working with influencers is a reciprocal relationship. You are taking advantage of an influencer’s followers to convey an advertising message, thus making the influencer a valuable asset. It’s important that influencers never feel you’re “using” them. Because of this, I suggest only proposing a paid partnership when you have established friendly relations.

The probability is high that if the influencer is well-versed, then they are already aware that you intend to work together. It will work in your favor that you have established a rapport with this individual. Having pre-established relations with a brand puts you at a major advantage when it comes to collaboration opportunities compared to those who just pitch collaborations without making any effort to reach out first. Increasing your chances of success is a great advantage of making a wish, but it also helps to enhance the significance of the venture.

Influencer marketing may not be most prominent on Twitter, however, it still has a presence. It is still necessary to connect with the correct influencers in order for one to prosper even though there is not as much rivalry as on other websites. By adhering to these guidelines, you should be able to construct the proper connections and partnerships to gain the advantage for all parties involved.


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