Revitalize and Scale Your Content Strategy with Influencer Content (IGC)

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Showing proof of success, people tend to interact more with influencer-created content on both Facebook and Instagram more than anything else; this type of content has been demonstrated to be successful in these two social media networks’ adverts.

Truly, of all the many millions of dollars spent in campaigns for various brands, the ads that have been generated and managed by IGC have outperformed other creative elements within the ad accounts. It has been more successful than other forms of creative and is cheaper to make.

Many people consider user-generated content to be a more reliable option, whereas utilizing influencers can be seen as vulnerable and expensive.

UGC (User Generated Content) can be incredibly useful for increasing sales, especially when used for Facebook Ads. Generally, this entails asking your closest circle of family and friends, as well as your colleagues, to create video material for you.

This group of individuals who comprehend advertising or how to market merchandise will rapidly diminish. Typically, it is at this time that companies start reaching out to their customer base through an influencer, believing either that the influencer is excessively expensive or that their own customers can generate content with similar quality.

UGC emailing campaigns appear with an offer of a present card or a percentage discount for the individual’s subsequent acquisition when they give a video testimonial.

In this situation, the discounted rate or dollar amount you offer could balance out the price of goods sold and the revenue you make from the first purchase, making any money you win or lose insignificant.

We would highly advise having a good stock of content, but if you are looking for the best people to get good-grade user-generated content from, then influencers are the way to go.

So what is IGC? What steps can you take to ensure your marketing strategy is successful? We’re about to dig into all of this.

IGC (Influencer-Generated Content) vs. UGC (User-Generated Content)

Content produced by users is material that has been created by them without help from another source. It’s not shared by folks with clout; it’s just regular folks who are really enthusiastic about something and communicating it to those who follow them. Brands will surely benefit from word-of-mouth referrals, as these have historically been, and are predicted to remain, the top method of gaining visibility for a brand, firm, or service. In the digital era, recommendations from people you trust, such as friends or family, can be extremely influential when evaluating a certain brand. User Generated Content has been extremely influential for social media advertising tactics, as it allows for an amplified form of word-of-mouth promotion.

Nonetheless, UGC is especially advantageous for enterprises which have a sizable number of followers, like Madewell, who motivate customers to spread images of their jeans by employing the hashtag #denimmadewell. This UGC campaign has resulted in over 30,000 Instagram posts, some of which can be seen in the photograph at the top of this article.

Many of these companies benefit from a hype that is usually associated with their already established renown. UGC’s ability to drive (and measure) conversions is limited. Madewell has no means of determining if any orders were placed because of these posts.

Content created by influencers has been proven to bring in significant and assessable rewards. A successful influencer marketing strategy should incorporate aspects of both a traditional advertising campaign and word-of-mouth promotion in order to be the most effective. People look up to influencers due to the faith they have in them and the enjoyment they get from their content. When influencers start creating content related to certain brands, especially when they sincerely collaborate with the brand, it grabs the attention of consumers.

The highest performing influencer marketing campaigns include IGC

So why IGC?

In simple terms, these content creators are experts in their field and not just consumers of your product or services.

These influencers have demonstrated that they can command a large audience and get high levels of interaction on their natural social media accounts due to their knack for making content that stands out. Ultimately, this is the key to success in this field.

Joining their expertise in making content with businesses to boost sales has been effective over and over again.

Organic content and sponsored ads can be viewed in the same feed when viewing either Facebook or Instagram. What makes content so successful in drawing people to it and ultimately leading them to take action in supporting your brand?

However, in order to make this successful, it is essential to investigate influencers who are compatible with your company and are true followers of the items or services your company offers.

There is a mistaken belief that IGC will result in the content becoming artificial, contrived, and inauthentic. It is wrong to think that you can easily find influencers who are deeply devoted to your brand.

We have looked at over $250M worth of ad spending and discovered that IGC yields better results than any other type of creative asset in the advertised accounts. It has not only done better than other types of creativity, it costs less to make.

Best practices when creating IGC

Now that we’ve outlined what IGC is, let’s talk about the most effective methods to employ and how to build it by partnering with influencers. You must be purposeful when deciding what type of content you will be producing with influencers.

Many within the marketplace seem to believe that influencer marketing can be done in just a few simple steps:

1. Source and contract the influencer

2. Provide them with two or three primary points of discussion and ensure that they stay within your business’s messaging.

3. Repeat the same process for each influencer that you collaborate with.

This does not demonstrate the necessary level of purposefulness needed to create successful IGC. When gathering IGC content, it is necessary to begin by taking the customer experience into account.

A lot of people have a bad experience with influencer marketing, with disastrous outcomes that lead them to swear off this tactic and miss out on potentially big chances to take the business to the next level. Start by having a customer experience in mind and don’t repeat any of the errors that other people have made.

People have grown accustomed to collaborating with social media influencers to promote their product through a single post. There is no lasting process or sequence involved with the customer experience, it’s simply a single event that occurs and then is finished. If there’s multiple posts, they’re just reactivating the same crowd repeatedly.

In order to come up with a successful influencer marketing plan, you need to shift your approach and consider the relevant IGC you will be generating for your organization.

That’s what marketers like to do anyway, right? Let us devise a well-thought-out customer experience with the material created through influencers that will turn the target bodies of your business into consumers.

How to align ICG to your customer journey

Consider the progression of your customer’s experience, as well as the varied groups of people you are attempting to reach with Facebook and Instagram advertisements.

The instructions for your influencer creator should have different scenes and discussions that are customized to the viewers the content will be aimed toward.

How do you want to present IGC to individuals who have not yet encountered your brand or used your product or service?

Are there any people who have demonstrated curiosity by viewing your website? To those who are just about to make a purchase, who recently added items to their shopping cart and then left?

What approach should we take in presenting IGC to each of these various groups?

Rather than giving your influencers the same set of talking points to follow, create individual creative briefs for each one that you collaborate with.

Benefits of IGC

There are a lot of advantages that come with both User Generated Content (UGC) and Inherently Generated Content (IGC), however it is more difficult to control UGC and almost impossible to get any useful data from it. At the same time, Interaction Generated Content efforts are an excellent method of increasing awareness of your brand, finding superior material that has a significant impact on customers.

Reduced Time and Costs

It can be intimidating to let someone else manage the message about your product or service, but the payoff is that you don’t need to expend as much effort in the production of the content. The aim of any type of digital promotion must be to source a reliable person to design the material in order to avoid having to do all the hard work yourself.

This is the same with your influencer-generated content. It is beneficial to put forth effort in locating someone who is reliable and honest, as it eliminates the need for you to take on additional responsibilities and also reduces the legal risks associated with the task. If you are collaborating with a company or famous individual yet you are making all the content by yourself, you are not taking full advantage of potential savings. It takes a lot of time and effort to create content, but you can reduce it by collaborating with an influencer who can take care of the hard work for you.

Authenticity is Always Key

Word-of-mouth promotion is highly successful because it is entirely genuine. You would not give something to a buddy or family member unless you had complete faith in the item. The same goes for user- and influencer-generated content. When done correctly, promoters showcase genuine affection for the brand they are advertising.

Even though it’s genuine, one of the major issues with consumer-created content is the fact that your company has very limited authority over it. Although no money is exchanged, the potential for sharing false facts or offensive content is a real risk when utilizing free marketing. At the same time, influencer-created content still gives the influencer the power to decide the atmosphere and branding, while you guarantee that the data is valid and reflects your brand in a positive manner.

People who follow influencers are often drawn to them because they appreciate and respect the decisions that those influencers make, both in terms of the things they share on social media and their overall way of life. People are always looking for methods to make their lives better, and influencers help them reach these objectives, regardless of what they are interested in.

Creating more authentic, sincere content leads to increased engagement. If an audience perceives that an influencer has not created the content they are presenting, it will have the same effect as if they had just viewed a sponsored advertisement. No matter what, though, if the influencer is able to retain their well-known style of communication and manner of speaking, people will view it as reliable.

Audiences now have an easier time understanding the mood of writing, and they can quickly figure out when it is a company that created the words, instead of someone they are familiar with. It may seem intimidating to give another person supremacy of your brand’s communication, yet it is advantageous – as per an examination, 40% of people attest to buying things after seeing an influencer promote it on social media.

Break the Mold

People turn to influencers when they need advice on what’s fashionable, what to eat, and what beauty products they should buy. Influencers have a special benefit when it comes to promotion. Brands have to think of inventive answers to consumers’ unfamiliarity with conventional advertising, and collaborating with influencers to create content is a great beginning.

As the digital age progresses, people are striving to maintain their autonomy when it comes to making decisions relating to their lives and purchases, as opposed to corporations wholly dictating their choices. Content made by influencers creates an impression that your brand is here to remain and genuinely has concern for the people in their target audience and customer base.

Once the material is produced, your company can recycle the content to refresh your own channels, which is essential for companies who believe they have been stagnant on social sites. It can be very hard for companies to get natural increase on their social media profiles since viewers are not keen to follow brands that they do not recognize. Utilizing an influencer to create content for you can also be helpful as it may result in more followers and interest, particularly from individuals who use and appreciate your product.

Don’t Break the Bank

Many companies have been hesitant to employ influencer marketing because it can be uncertain how much it will cost, though the fact is that influencer-created content is one of the more economical forms of marketing nowadays.

By making a minor expenditure, you can nearly guarantee an increase in visitors, sales, and social interaction. You don’t need to collaborate with the leading online influencers; instead, find effective influencers in relation to what interests you, whose follower amount satisfies your brand requirements without draining your budget.


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