Influencer Search: 7 Simple Steps to Find the Perfect Social Media Influencer

Launchmetrics conducted a study where 30% of professionals said that the most difficult thing when creating an influencer marketing plan was determining which influencers to use. So if you’re also concerned, you’re not alone.

What’s the difference between an influencer and a celebrity?

Throughout the annals of marketing, utilizing the influence of celebrities has been viewed as a key asset for companies. This is produced by their range all over social networking and advertisement strategies (contemplate the vast number of fretted supporters). Furthermore, people view them as opinion-makers on any issues that are connected to their identities, giving their admirers a model to admire in terms of how they live.

With the increasing use of advertising in the past few years, customers have become sophisticated in detecting and interpreting market-related messages, whether consciously or not. The public has become aware that stars are willing to advertise a variety of products, and they can change their preference swiftly.

The late 90s saw a high point of celebrity endorsements, but eventually the practice began to be viewed with skepticism. Furthermore, the development of social media began to influence how individuals view mass media in terms of how information is digested. As a result, a population of people emerged who were lesser known than celebrities but were perceived as being more reliable. These people are the trendsetters, who have become well-known and admired in recent times, achieving much fame and recognition.

An examination conducted by Google illustrated that influencers on YouTube have more sway than customary well-known people. Could this level of influence extend to Instagram?

What does an influencer do?

Before examining the steps needed to find influencers for one’s brand, it is essential to understand what advantage influencers can bring to it. Baldwin, former chief marketing officer at McAfee, suggested that a mere 6% of users manage 80% of web traffic. (brandmanic) What makes this small fraction of people stand out?

They are their own brand. They have educated themselves in the ways of growth, changing their name or alias into a recognizable mark; they comprehend the concept of labeling themselves, and the product they offer is the material they generate. The accounts they have do not simply broadcast data, but instead they create material that is constantly being shared.

They create a community

They have cultivated a sizeable fanbase and take great care in understanding the people they are communicating with. For them and corporations looking to partner with them, the excellence of their fans surpasses the amount. Influencers are akin to “gatekeepers” for their groups of followers as they keep a bond with them, interact, and are part of the dialogue.

They are versatile

Influencers are people, not companies, machines or corporations. This is the key to them being able to connect with other individuals and form connections. In order to be a successful influencer, it is important to have an area of focus but at the same time be flexible, able to communicate regarding a variety of topics, connect with other influencers and companies.

They generate opinions

Influencers are not only able to deliver their own insights, but they also have the ability to mold the views of their supporters, enticing them to post said views to their social media accounts. If you want insights to help shape your strategy in a particular area, influencers and their audiences can be a very useful resource.

Plus, people trust their opinions! When you manage to get an influencer to endorse your products, the chances are that their supporters will take this idea and actually use them!

This document contains advice and guidelines to assist you in beginning a successful search for influencers on many different social media outlets. I have put together this collection of suggestions and techniques.

1. Know the Type of Influencer Campaign You Want to Run

It is essential to have a set objective before commencing a hunt for influencers and developing a list of ideal influencers. Within an audience segment, some folks are more talented at working together than others, and might employ a more suitable social website for your unique campaign. The initial action should be to establish what kind of partnership you want to establish. Let’s explore some of the numerous potential partnerships we might establish.

Product placements

Product endorsements that are embedded into a third-party’s content are referred to as product placements. This is among the oldest strategies of marketing through video-based channels or sources. The inaugural movie of its kind was a 1927 silent film that had a candy bar as one of its characters. For influencer marketing, a possible approach might be a promotional Instagram posting featuring your item.

How-to videos

Posting instructional videos is an excellent idea on both Instagram and YouTube. Corporate demonstrations are fantastic, but generally a tutorial created by an influencer surpasses them. An influencer’s character undeniably enters their material, and they come up with novel applications of it to catch the attention of their fan base. Take something like an eyeshadow palette, for example. Designs employing this type of product can range from basic to very intricate. Brands are likely to demonstrate fundamental approaches in their generated tutorials, whereas an influencer will highlight how they apply the item to acquire their trademark appearance. The same thing can be observed when it comes to fashion and different activities, amongst other items.

Giveaways or contests

Competitions and promos have been part of advertisings strategies for many years. In the end, investing a minimal amount of money for something that produces a great amount of attention and is entertaining can be worthwhile. Nowadays, numerous companies are engaging in this activity with the assistance of a popular social media individual. Rather than having a corporate spokesperson or actor with no identity lead the competition, utilizing influencer networks will make the contest more attractive. Furthermore, this provides you with an opportunity to get in touch with that person’s circle of associates.

2. Define the Right Influencer for Your Brand

Prior to you beginning your hunt for an influencer, it is essential to recognize the sort of individual that you are in search of. Concerning this issue, I am referring to characteristics and population rather than a particular subject matter. This is important for two reasons. Start by identifying a content creator whose work supports the image and mission of the brand you’re attempting to promote. Find someone whose style of content corresponds to the brand’s identity or tone you are trying to express. Moreover, it is essential to find a person who is in tune with your customer base. Let us investigate each of these components and how they relate to influencer profiles.

Match the brand personality

Is your brand offbeat? Bohemian? Button-down businesslike? A little bit of more than one of them? It is important to select an influencer that aligns with this criteria, whether you are using micro or macro influencers. Many B2B businesses will be in search of the conventional, conservatively-dressed man. You don’t want corny and inappropriate jokes, right? In a similar fashion, a product of organic vegan nutrition is more likely to be common with a cheerful, unconventional individual who just so happens to manage a food blog.

Consider demographics

Not all brands appeal to everyone. It is true of the majority of them. Let’s take fashion, for example. Many retail outlets sell apparel primarily designed for younger adults, such as college-aged individuals. The peculiar design and particular features of these clothes would be less attractive to someone who is more mature and, much to their chagrin, has gained some weight around their midsection. Though it is possible for a younger male to purchase a luxurious, pricey suit, it is more likely for a middle-aged manager to invest in a suit worth $1,000. Make a conscious decision about which social media platforms you use based on your personality.

3. First Start with Google

It is a common saying that folks like to discuss the buzz topics and the social media trends; not just the funny cat clips but also when the popular influencer is hosting a competition. Over the course of time, these types of remarks may be registered and indexed by Google. In addition to my task as an influencer, I additionally sustain a blog, just like many other influencers do. As for me, my consulting task also has to be taken into consideration. This is a part of our promotional strategy and assists us in establishing connections with potential customers or patrons, as well as making collaborating with influential people much easier.

4. Then Search on the Social Network You Want to Influence

In addition to accessing names from Google and looking into their online presence, you should also search the network itself while hunting for an influencer. Exploring specific social media networks to identify influencers adds the advantage of uncovering individuals who are not amongst the top results on a web search. This will especially be a problem for micro and nano influencers who have not created much attention outside their minor circles of influence. Taking this consideration into account, here is a guide to how to investigate various online networking locales to discover the right influencer for you.

5. Search Through Your Own Followers

An influencer has to stay up-to-date on the trends and topics that are pertinent to their niche and make sure to post about them on their social media channel. It’s likely that they stay up-to-date with the industry’s goings on, because they invest in a lot of the companies and brands within it, regardless of any partnerships. Influencers need to begin their journey by constructing a group of followers. They toil tirelessly but will not receive remuneration until they have gained a large enough audience where they can monetize their reputation. Investigating the subject matter related to one’s focus and then speaking about it is an element of creating an audience. Who knows? It is likely that numerous influencers will have already taken notice of your brand and started to follow it, thus providing you with a ready-made influencer marketing tool. They might even be pitching your products for free. Consider the possibilities of having them produce a promotional product for your company if they undertake this effort. It is likely that they possess sizable, involved followings and extensive content production under their belt.

6. Find Influencers Who Promote Your Competitors

Discovering who follows your opponents can be an effective way to aid your campaign for influencers. It is beneficial for companies of all sizes, yet it is more significant for brands of a lesser size. Influencers may not have become acquainted with the pages of smaller businesses yet. Regardless of how impressive your launch team was, it still requires time for the public to be aware of the news. Bigger companies can still capitalize from studying who backs their rivals, though in a dissimilar fashion. For them, it’s more about scoping out the competition. If possible, it is advantageous for businesses to persuade a rival’s companion, as this speeds up growth and encourages loyalty from customers.

7. Consider Using an Influencer Search Tool

At last, you can carry out your hunt for a social media influencer with the suitable tools. Searching by hand can be required, although it is quite laborious. Due to this, there are a plethora of software applications and other resources available to give assistance. There are various types of search applications that use different strategies to search for influencers successfully.

You’ve found an influencer: what next?

You have selected the person or individuals with whom you wish to work together. And thus begins the courtship phase. This should be handled using spirit of romance, in a cunning and artful way. Here’s some helpful steps to get the ball rolling:

1. Show interest

Begin by following your influencer on social networks. Write comments on their posts, refer to them in your content, or invite them to make an appearance on your blog. Comment meaningfully and share their content. This should grab their attention! Reelio, a platform for Influencer Marketing, suggests you begin the process of outreach 8-10 weeks prior to launching your campaign for maximum safety.

2. Present an inspiring proposal

After gaining their attention, it is important to move quickly and share your proposal with them. This should include who you are, how you found them, your reason for reaching out, what you can give back in return and how to continue this conversation further. It’s not necessary to provide a lot of detail; just enough to arouse curiosity about your company. Utilize a call-to-action to help create a connection between you both. Requesting them to provide a convenient time for a more comprehensive conversation.

3. Pursue

Because of how much they are in demand, it is easy for your offer to get overlooked in an influencer’s inbox. If you have gone a few days without a response, it would be best to send a courteous follow-up email. If you are still neglecting to hear back, don’t forget to send a few of these reminders before shifting your focus.

No matter which personality you pick and however you connect with them, the vital thing is to customize your communication and demonstrate them how your item could be advantageous to them. They are curious as to why you have a fondness for them and why you feel they would be ideal for collaborating with you.


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