How to Drive More Sales with Ecommerce Video Marketing

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What is Ecommerce Video Marketing?

The use of videos to market or promote an ecommerce brand and its products and services. Your products’ features, uses, and benefits can be highlighted in videos to increase sales. Using mannequins can give customers a better idea of how your products look and fit, making them more likely to feel confident about their purchase.

Consumers say they prefer videos over other marketing tools because they are more convenient, attention-grabbing, and shareable. Videos are 600% more effective as a marketing tool than print and direct mail, according to consumers.

Many ecommerce businesses choose to use only images, rather than videos, of their products. Ecommerce videos are usually more expensive to create than images because they require specialized equipment and more time for editing.

Even though there are difficulties, ecommerce video is still a good investment.

The most common form of ecommerce video is the product video. Product videos are used to demonstrate the value of the products you offer and increase sales.

Why Should I Use Ecommerce Video Marketing?

There are certain benefits that video can offer that still images and text alone just can’t match. Adding a video to your product page can make it more engaging for users and give them a better understanding of how the product works or looks in real life.

An image of a purse, for example, can only provide so much information. However, seeing it in a video can show you how much the bag can hold, all the different pockets, and how it looks on a real person. This makes customers feel more confident when they purchase something.

What are the Benefits of Video Ecommerce?

There are many benefits to using video marketing for ecommerce, including increased awareness, conversions, and more.

157% increase in organic traffic that builds brand awareness

Organic traffic for ecommerce companies increases by 157% when videos are used. People tend to prefer watching videos to reading text when researching because they are more convenient and eye-catching. Videos generate three times more monthly visitors than other content.

Visiting pages with videos frequently will increase the chances that those pages will rank highly on search results, which in turn improves the website’s SEO. Additionally, videos reportedly come up in 14% of the 1.2 trillion searches per year. This underlines the importance of optimized videos for marketing.

Videos boost confidence toward brands among 58% of online shoppers

videos can help increase consumer confidence in a company, with 58% of people believing that companies with product videos can be trusted. They can demonstrate products in action and from all angles, something that is difficult to do with just words and pictures.

For many consumers today, it is crucial to have confidence in a brand’s credibility and authenticity. 90% of consumers look at these factors when deciding whether to support a company or not. When creating videos, it is important to show the human side of your company in order to create a connection with your viewers. This openness is vital in authenticity and credibility building.

Conversion rate improvement by 37%

Conversions are proof of brand confidence. It has been statistically shown that product videos can lead to more sales. A product video on a single page increases the number of add-to-cart conversions by 37% when compared to pages without a video. 44% of consumers say they would buy more products from an online store that uses product videos. This shows that product videos are a useful tool that can help increase sales.

A study found that 81% of marketers believe that videos directly helped boost their sales, and 84% of consumers claim to have been convinced to buy after watching a brand’s video.

Posts with videos are likely to get 10x more engagement on Twitter

Videos are a great way to connect with your potential customers on social media, either through ads or tutorials. Tweets with videos are ten times more likely to agricultural than those without, while videos on Facebook get higher average engagement rates then regular posts.

Ready to get into video production? There are various types of video ecommerce that can be used for marketing purposes.

Types of Videos for Ecommerce

Product explainer

An ecommerce explainer video is a video that goes into great detail about a product’s features and benefits. A low-cost marketing video typically features a speaker explaining and demonstrating how the product works. This can help create anticipation leading up to the release date of your products.

Close-up shots

Product videos that are close-up shots of the product are common in ecommerce. An ecommerce explainer video provides more detailed information than a regular product video. It focuses on physical features that are not apparent in photos and zooms in on multiple angles or functions that must be observed closely.

Product manual

Tutorial videos are the most detailed type of ecommerce product video. This text provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the product, just like a regular handbook, but with more detail. It can demonstrate how the product can be used in different scenarios.


Videos that show someone unboxing a product are very popular among people who shop online. Companies often create these videos to show potential customers what it is like to receive and open one of their products. Some brands are using unboxing videos to showcase their products and packaging, rather than just customer reviews.


Testimonials and product review videos are a great way to build social proof and earn your target audience’s trust. A satisfied customer’s positive word is an effective way to persuade prospects.


Customer-created content can be in the form of any type of video product from your company. Brands most commonly share unboxing content, which is believed to be more unfiltered and unbiased. If you engage with your audience, they may leave testimonials that can earn you points.

Influencer videos

It is advantageous to partner with an influencer and make videos that are appealing to a specific audience. Because influencers have already gained the trust of their followers, you can be confident that they will be interested in what they have to say.

Interactive videos

There are different types and purposes of interactive videos, but they all share the same goal of being memorable. One noticeable feature of these videos is that viewers can interact with them, which can significantly improve engagement and purchase intent. In fact, engagement rates are 47% higher for these videos compared to non-interactive videos, and purchase intent is 9 times higher.

Video content marketing

In addition to blogs and infographics, you can use videos to improve your online visibility and content marketing. You can use videos for content marketing, which can help improve your reputation and ranking.

Expert interviews or discussion

A discussion with internal experts or thought leaders about topics relevant to your brand or industry is a great way to build authority and trust and, at the same time, educate your audience. If you want to ensure that you have an audience for your event, you can invite influencers who are knowledgeable about your industry. Their followers will be more likely to be interested in what you have to say.

Live selling

Live video ecommerce or live selling, where sellers use video to show and sell their products in real-time, rose in popularity during the coronavirus pandemic. Here businesses are selling their products online in real time in front of a live audience who can then claim the items they want. Both start-up companies and established retail brands have tried selling their products online, especially since shoppers cannot go out often.

Live events

The pandemic also resulted in the cancellation of live events. Things may not be looking great right now, but there’s a silver lining. People don’t have to fly in from far away to enjoy events – they can be broadcast live online. If you want to use your live event to create marketing clips, you can film the entire event or just highlights.

Company video

There are also many types under company videos. First is the message from the founder or CEO. When you feature your company leader in your branding, it can help to create a deeper connection with your audience. This is because it humanizes your brand, making it feel more relatable and approachable. The second part of the advertisement focuses on the manufacturing process of the products to show how much effort is put into making them perfect for consumers.

Where to Share Your Ecommerce Product Videos

Video content is not only effective, but also versatile. You will get the best results if you use it in multiple touchpoints online. Here are the channels that you should be adding video to:

Adding video to your site should be relatively simple. Shopify themes offer the option to include videos. You can create a reverse video using an app like Easy Video. If you have WordPress and WooCommerce, you can use the free WooCommerce HTML 5 Video add-on.

Tips to Create High-Converting Ecommerce Product Videos

Do you want to make product videos and improve your ecommerce marketing? Stick to these tips for best results:


In general, shorter product videos are better than longer videos. However, there are some exceptions.

When creating tutorials, it is best to keep them under three minutes. This will also help improve site loading speeds, which is another positive aspect.


Your videos should be high-quality with clear visuals and sound.

If your goal is to produce videos, then hire a team to come out and shoot all the videos you need in a day. If it means getting new equipment, do that. Your videos should be helping you, not hurting you.


You don’t want your customers to hear the weird, mosquito-like buzzing in the background. If you can, turn off all sound on your video. You can always add background music or a voiceover later.


The best way to create great videos is to use the best tools available. I personally recommend Camtasia as a video editing tool. Animoto and Shakr are tools that let you upload video clips into professionally-made templates with background music and visual effects included. You can create epic DIY videos using Biteable’s simple video maker and ready-made, customizable templates!

As you work on implementing the other tips, don’t hold back on letting your personality shine through.

One of the reasons that customers buy your sweatshirt instead of one of the million other options is because of the brand. Your ecommerce video should be unique and different from others to make your business stand out. Make your texts entertaining and valuable to get the best reaction.


Ecommerce video marketing will take more time and money to get started, but it will easily pay off ten times what you put into it. One reason QVC has been successful for so long is that it offers opportunities to purchase items that are not available online.

Clips allow the potential buyer to see the item being used in a real-world scenario, as opposed to static pictures. This can be very helpful when considering a big purchase. You can increase your sales by posting videos on social media and your website that provide potential customers with the information they need to make a purchase.


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