How to Improve Client Relationships Within Your Agency

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What is Client Management?

The process of client management involves coordinating and managing interactions between a client and the organization. The company’s reputation and ability to keep and attract new clients is greatly affected.

Let’s break client management down into four distinct parts:

  1. Understanding the needs of your client and what they want from you
  2. Delivering on those requirements and providing adequate responses to their queries
  3. Evaluating the needs of the client even before they know it
  4. Focusing on targeted communications that highlight the needs of the client.

The Key Tenets of Client Management

There are many different rules that you may have heard of when it comes to managing clients. But, there’s no need to over-complicate things. Here are three key tenets to improve client relationships.

Maintain Transparency

When clients don’t get the full story, they become frustrated. If you do not share information with your client, they will assume things. This takes the narrative out of your control. Ultimately, the management will not be seen as reliable.

Transparency is critical to manage client relationships effectively. Don’t overwhelm your client with minor details and issues. Make sure to give them information about the world around them. Do not make any major decisions without talking to and getting agreement from the person you are working for. For example, if you encounter a problem during the project discovery phase, let them know as soon as possible.

Communicate Clearly

Clear and consistent communication is incredibly important. Make sure that your client can always reach someone from your team.

Don’t overwhelm your client with too much information – they’re counting on you to take care of most things on your own. Be sure to communicate critical information to the client through an appropriate method, such as phone, email, or personal visit. An important part of communication focuses on client reporting.

Stay Aligned with the Clients’ Goals

The information you share with the client must be consistent with their needs. What are the client’s key performance indicators? Your reporting needs to focus on their concerns. The key to success is understanding what the client wants and then delivering that information in a timely manner.

Benefits of Managing a Good Client Relationship

There are many benefits to managing client relationships, such as improving your relationship with your current customers, finding new potential customers, and retaining those who have worked with you in the past. Properly managing client relationships comes with a number of benefits, including:

1. Enhances Customer Service

Having good relationships with your clients improves the overall quality of your customer service. If you want to maintain good relationships with your clients, it’s important to treat them as individuals instead of part of a group. This way, you can add a personal touch to your interactions with them.

2. Find New Clients

If you’re looking for new clients, a powerful CRM system might be the answer. This will help you stay on top of your current customer base and identify new potential customers.

You need to use a CRM software to keep in touch with new clients if you want to be successful at making regular contact with new prospects. You should include a robust web development proposal for any potential web development client in your portfolio. This will show them that you are capable of creating a professional document that outlines the scope of work, deliverables, timeline, and cost. There are many other ways to generate leads for your business-to-business company.

3. Increase Customer Revenues

Trying to coordinate different marketing campaigns without a powerful client management tool would be difficult. The program can be customized to fit your needs, and you can use filters to target new clients instead of those who have already bought from you.

By improving your customer service, you will eventually increase your customer revenues, as you will be able to focus on attracting new customers, or those who are interested in a particular product or service that you offer.

4. Close Deals Faster

A CRM system helps companies close deals much faster by allowing for more efficient responses and better client facilitation by the sales team. In this day and age, people want quick responses. You may be able to turn their questions into purchases if you answer them quickly.

5. Improve Cross and Upselling of Your Products

Cross-selling is a marketing technique in which a company tries to sell complementary products to its customers, based on what those customers have bought before. Selling premium products that are in the same category as what the customer is buying is called upselling. By using a CRM system, you can increase the sales of your products.

6. Enhances Customer Loyalty

CRM software provides a way to measure customer loyalty at a lower cost. Your loyal customers are your best advocates. Use their testimonials to promote your business to prospective clients.

7. Optimize Your Marketing Approach

Client management software provides insights into customer needs and behavior. It is crucial that your business is able to identify the correct time to market your product to the client. The software provides the sales team with information about targeting a particular client, which allows them to tailor their marketing approach.

Here are 5 practical steps you can take to improve client relationships.

1. Set Clear Goals and Expectations

Goal-setting is essential for any campaign. You’ll have a tough time determining whether your campaign was successful if you don’t take the time to figure out your goals and how you plan to achieve them.

It is especially important to be professional when representing a client. Both parties need to be equally involved in this process to ensure that each party knows what is expected of them.

Break down the process fully

As a rule, it’s best to avoid surprises. Clients need an agency that is adaptable and can change quickly to meet their needs. They want an organized, well-oiled campaign.

I generally like to work by myself, but I am willing to work with this client specifically if they prefer. How do you develop your ideas, and why is this approach effective for this particular advertising campaign?

Create the gameplan together

You’re the expert, of course. This is the client’s business, and you want them to feel confident about the campaign you are leading.

This requires them to be involved in creating a plan of action. If you let your employees know what you expect from them and give them a chance to contribute, it will be easier for you to get the results you want.

Never bite off more than you can chew

A rule to live by, and an important one for business. Nothing looks worse than failing to deliver on promises. This is a quick way to end a business relationship with a valued client. Resist the urge to say “yes” to everything. do not forget that you are the expert and they have chosen to hire you for a reason.

Setting boundaries is important in order to maintain a healthy client-therapist relationship and to ensure that you are not overextending yourself.

2. Understand Your Client Better

In the early stages of a relationship, you need to commit time and energy to learning about your partners. At present, this is a significant challenge for agencies.

Learn more about their business

To be able to marketing or advertise a brand , it is necessary to have knowledge about it. Not just their products and customers, but their business model, their goals, and their challenges are all important factors to consider when planning a business.

If you can figure out what is important to your customers, you can give them better service.

Understand their industry

If an agency focuses on a specific niche, they may not have a problem. You need to be familiar with the industry of any client you take on.

Media monitoring can help with this. Monitor online discussions about topics related to your industry, and try to identify the general public’s opinion about similar products. This is a quick way to do market research before turning to time-consuming surveys and focus groups. If you want to do a quick market research, you can try this method instead of surveys or focus groups which would take more time.

Test out their product

This is almost essential. Even if you’re not their ideal customer, you want to know what a average user experiences.

You can also analyze your new client’s competitors to learn more about them. Looking at a company’s place in the industry landscape can help you see what opportunities they may be missing out on.

3. Work Together as Partners

Most digital agency clients say that their agency is more focused on selling ideas than on collaborating. That can’t work in the long term. Clients need to feel respected for their input. It is their business, after all.

So how can you build a partnership?

Choose the right partners

A happy relationship should not require force. There will always be obstacles, but if you can identify good clients from the beginning, you’ll be able to avoid the worst ones.

It’s important to choose clients that are a good match from the start. And on the other hand, don’t bother with those that don’t fit your agency. Though it may be difficult, it is beneficial to decline a salary occasionally.

Craft ideas together

We already talked about creating the gameplan together. But don’t stop there. As per a study, majority of the agencies (94%) feel that start-to-finish collaboration is necessary for a great product outcome while all clients interviewed agree to this fact. The client should be involved in every step of the process, from the beginning.

Communicate openly

But the vast majority of salespeople are out of practice when it comes to face-to-face sales conversations Even if you think you are good at face-to-face sales conversations, most salespeople are not. But there are positive steps you can take to make yourself more available:

4. Report Your Progress and Results

You should already be aware that you need to keep clients updated on the progress of their campaign. The frequency and quality of reporting can make a big impact.

It is important to have clear reporting in order to show the client that you value them and to be able to prove how much progress has been made. This, in turn, makes the client feel relaxed and trusting of your services.

Make regular reporting a priority

You’ll lose clients if you try to impress them with complicated terminology or overly stylized reports. Instead of focusing on delivering statistics about their campaign at regular intervals, allow them to focus on asking questions when they need to.

This means communicating with the client in a clear and concise manner.

The best way to do this is to start from the beginning. Let your team know how their budget, timelines, and KPIs will be tracked and reported, and when this information will be available, before any agreement is made.

“Work in progress” meetings

I can hear you saying that the last thing we need is more meetings. And yes, having meetings for the sake of having meetings is harmful. If the purpose is clear and everyone involved agrees to meet ahead of time, the meeting will be productive.

The goal is to keep the client updated on the progress of the project and to get feedback about what they think of the work done so far.

Automate reporting

If you find that reporting feels like a necessary evil, consider using robots to do the heavy lifting for you. There are great tools to help you do this.

Mention can automatically generate reports on social media and web conversation activity to send to clients on a regular basis. Mention sends updates to any email address you choose on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.

5. Deliver On Your Promises

We’ve all heard the catchphrase: “under-promise and over-deliver.” It’s all well and good, but the real goal should be: “set clear expectations and consistently achieve them.”

You won’t be able to keep a good relationship with your agency if you don’t do what you said you would. Saying that is the quickest way to push valuable clients out the door.


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