How to Grow Your Email List with Instagram? Here’s 7 Tested Ways

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Experts believe that the number of people using email will increase from 4.3 billion to 4.6 billion by 2025. That is more than half the world’s population. Email marketing is essential for businesses to take full advantage of the huge marketing potential they have at their disposal when growing their brand.

The initial move in email promotion is to generate a mailing list. You can use your email list to communicate with those you do business with, including customers, subscribers, and potential customers, regarding fresh developments in your business. In addition, creating an email list is not sufficient; you need to continue to expand it.

An expanding email list will result in your financial gain growing, and it is highly efficient in circulating your company’s message to a multitude of possible customers.

So, how can you increase grow your email list? What techniques do successful marketers use to get great results? Name some ways that social media can be used to build an email list.

What is an email list?

A list of emails consists of various email addresses that can be utilized to transmit information, special offers, or other material. The usefulness of email lists is that they offer the possibility of reaching a large number of people simultaneously without having to send individual messages to each one.

Email marketing is more effective than social media marketing. Using email marketing has been proven to be substantially more capable in acquiring new customers and potential customers than social media marketing, with an astonishing 40 times higher rate. You can get six times more click-throughs using email marketing. Consequently, having a large email list can lead to increased income.

Why grow an email list?

Reasons for increasing your email list could include: One of the clearest motivations for increasing your subscriber base is that it boosts the potential for generating more customers or clients.

Customers enjoy it when brands demonstrate that they remember them through personal and professional correspondence, such as when they send emails regarding new products, looks, or sales. Large companies find great success by utilizing email marketing because it has a high return rate for a small investment.

By having an email list, it is possible to keep in contact with your followers and cultivate a bond with them. Companies interact with their patrons on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

People who have recently become aware of your company may explore your presence on social media sites to gain more information about your brand. Yet, due to there being numerous businesses on social media, if you only communicate with people on those platforms, the chance of them perceiving your material or recalling who you are is slim, since innumerable companies use email marketing to get in contact with their customers and site visitors.

In the digital world of today, companies are able to stay in touch with their patrons through the use of emails for effective communication. In addition, email marketing can be a powerful tool for organizations to significantly boost their income. For every dollar invested in email marketing, one can anticipate an average reimbursement of $42.

How do you create an email list for marketing purposes?

A few tactics exist to come up with an email list that can be used in marketing. The most prevalent method is to incorporate a registration form on your website.

If you don’t own a site, you can boost your contact list with the help of social media or get lists of prospective customers from respected companies.

For sending emails, you need an email client. If you decide to use Gmail for your email marketing requirements. To set labels in Gmail, go to Contacts and select the Labels option in the drop-down menu to categorize your email address list. After you finish that action, you will observe the title of your email list in the “Labels” section.

Afterwards, go to “Manage labels” to enter all relevant contact data. Once complete, you can begin sending out marketing emails to your contacts.

Once you have assembled a list of email addresses, begin to send material to them on a frequent basis. This could include articles, discounts, promotions, or anything else that would be attractive to your followers.

It is essential that you demonstrate the worth of what you are offering and not just concentrate on selling your items or services constantly. If your sole goal is to push product, your subscribers will rapidly disengage.

How social media can increase your email list…

Run Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook is ideal for increasing your email subscriber list. You can target specific demographics, interests, and even behaviors.

In addition, Facebook Ads are cost-effective and straightforward to set up. Nine percent of all digital marketing globally is from Facebook. Ensure that it is evident what action you desire people to take (subscribing to your email list) and include a call-to-action.

You can take advantage of Facebook Stories by creating attention-grabbing stories. You can also advertise upcoming events, updates, and info about your company on your Facebook pages.

Use Twitter lead generation cards.

The use of Twitter lead generation cards is a powerful tool for expanding your email list. These tweets include a CTA and signup form.

When viewing these tweets, individuals simply need to click on the Call to Action and provide their details. Then they’re automatically added to your email list.

Utilize YouTube

YouTube is an excellent platform for email list building. You can add links to the forms that people need to sign up for in the description of the video.

Ad revenue for YouTube has grown by 25% in the last year. Therefore, placing advertisements on YouTube videos can be beneficial in terms of increasing your email list subscribers.

You may also create interesting videos with clickable calls to action. Ensure that what you are offering is pertinent and of worth to your designated group.

Create engaging Instagram posts

Using Instagram is a fantastic way to expand your email contacts. You can include a connection to your registration forms in your biography.

As well as that, it is possible to compose captivating posts that contain calls-to-action. Be certain that the information you’re transmitting is helpful and pertinent to your intended recipients.

Why Grow Your Email List with Instagram?

Numbers speak volumes, so let’s take a look at the recent Instagram statistics to prove that Instagram is a great place to grow your email list for the following four reasons:

  1. With over one billion monthly active users, it’s more likely that your potential email subscribers use Instagram.
  2. Instagrammers are happy to communicate with brands as 80% of them follow at least one business in-app and 200 million visit a business profile daily.
  3. Instagram has a higher engagement rate than other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, so you can deliver your brand message to your target audience.
  4. Since more and more companies use Instagram for business promotion, Instagram has various business-friendly features that can help you collect email signups.

Instagram has an immense capability, so it could be used as a different way to obtain email addresses from your customer base. To do it the right way, here are seven tested ways to grow your email list with Instagram:

1. Spread the Word about Your Newsletter in the Bio

When people look at a business profile on Instagram, the first thing that they view is the description in the profile. It is like a business card that conveys to your guests and adherents the story of your organization. Given the present day users’ limited interest span of eight seconds, it’s crucial to take advantage of those moments and inform your visitors about your newsletter if you’re looking to boost your email list.

When crafting a successful Instagram bio to advertise your newsletter, be aware that you can only utilize 150 characters and a single clickable link.

Not every enterprise has the resources to use their Instagram description for promoting newsletters. Users need to be concise with the character count of 150, so they try to get the most out of one link that can be clicked by including helpful details on their site.

As an example, if you want to expand your emails list, you could direct people to a landing page on generating leads which will contain information on the newsletter, a noticeable call-to-action button, and a simple-to-fill-out box for people to submit their email address.

3. Add an Email Button to Your Business Profile

Posting pictures and videos alone is no longer enough to keep your readers interested. Customer demands have risen. Individuals now contact brands on social media and anticipate receiving a response from you in an hour’s time.

If you have followers on Instagram who comment or send Direct Messages to you but your business does not offer customer service on the platform, you can use tools for identifying email addresses to obtain their personal emails and handle their inquiries by email.

However, you can add your email address as a contact option so that interested Instagrammers could reach out to you via email, just like GAP did it in the example below:

Users have different contact preferences for communication. Providing your Instagram followers with several different methods to get in touch with your brand, like an email address, will likely lead to more people contacting you via email. This implies that Instagrammers can be motivated to provide their email addresses with minimal effort and energy.

4. Tell About the Benefits of Being on Your Email List

When individuals subscribe to your brand on Instagram, they are keen on getting additional information regarding your business. It is a good notion to factor in posts that are instructional regarding your email subscription into the Instagram content approach if you are searching for ways to convert your followers into email subscribers.

You could write a series of posts that describe the advantages of being on your mailing list, or periodically invite followers to sign up for it.

No matter what advantages your potential customers would gain from joining your email list, they need to be enticing enough to encourage them to sign up. If you want to go into further detail about the advantages of your mailing list and maintain your supporters enthusiastic, think about posting video clips on Instagram as Instagram users have a fondness for video material. You can easily make video posts if you use a video editor for Instagram such as some of the ones discussed in the article on video marketing tools.

5. Include a CTA in Your Caption

If you let those who follow you know about your email list, that’s wonderful. However, merely encouraging those who may be interested in subscribing to your email list is not enough. Most individuals are looking to be instructed on what they should do, so crafting captions that draw attention on Instagram and incorporating expertly written call-to-action phrases is essential.

It’s relatively straightforward to comprehend that the Instagram influencer is asking her followers to sign up for her email list. She additionally informs enthusiasts how to join her mailing list with little to no effort.

6. Make the Most Out of Instagram Stories Features

In the past four years, Instagram Stories have become increasingly popular. Any proof needed? It is estimated that half a billion people engage with Instagram Stories every day, businesses produce a significant portion of the most watched stories, and virtually all marketers anticipate making more stories in the near future.

What is the secret? Instagram Stories have a brief lifespan of just one day, which creates an atmosphere of urgency that prompts viewers to act quickly. Want to know the best part? You can utilize Instagram Stories for guiding and engaging people and converting those who engaged with it into email subscribers. In addition, there are a variety of features offered by Instagram Stories which make it a simple task.

First, consider using an Instagram Stories clickable link. You can not only explain your email list but you can also provide a link that allows potential users to enter their email addresses.

Employ the query sticker which is helpful in acquiring feedback from customers. You can ask viewers to provide their email address if you are looking to put together a list of user emails. Then add the emails to your collection.

The popularity of Instagram Stories among users has led the company to launch business-specific features that will help businesses attain their objectives. You can also take advantage of these features to channel your imagination and gather emails.

7. Organize an Instagram Sweepstakes

Executing an Instagram competition is the quickest and surest technique to increase involvement. Why? Individuals are enticed by the prospect of getting something for nothing, and are willing to fulfill the criteria for a shot at something of great worth.

Despite the fact that various businesses may request that contenders like and remark on the challenge photograph, you could opt to alter the prerequisites and ask individuals to add themselves to your contact list.

In order to get more people to join, you should aim to draw in more people. How to do it? Offer valuable prizes! Instead of offering winners branded gifts, it would be better to make them gift cards with a certificate maker so that they can select their own presents.


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