How Marketing Automation Can Improve Marketing Productivity

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Do you instantly panic when you consider marketing automation, worrying that robots will do away with human roles permanently, or do you find it manageable?

It signifies that you will no longer have to do tedious and routine tasks such as arranging and issuing posts and emails. A robotic device could accomplish the task while your staff is liberated to execute what they were employed to do.

Let’s talk further about how employing marketing automation can aid in productivity for the team, improving sales productivity, and help to reach objectives faster.

5 Email Marketing Automation Tips to Boost Productivity

1. Hyper-Targeted Personalization

A rudimentary rule for every email. Ensure your emails appear to be typed by a person, not created by a machine. Individuals experience a stronger bond when consuming material specifically designed for them. According to an Experian report, Personalized emails have six times higher transaction rates.

It is not necessary to craft 500 individual emails if you possess a list of 500 individuals subscribed. Divide your users into diverse groups depending on their qualities and design a few versions that they can identify with. You can use tokens to call them by name to create a sense of connection.

There are a variety of email marketing programs accessible to make the process easier. The first thing I suggest you do is use HubSpot. It assists in the design of processes and automated emailing communication that makes it easier for potential customers to become more familiar with your content and marketing name.

What is the best way to make your emails more personalized? What are the most effective strategies for creating personalized email messages? I would recommend you start by looking over your customers’ actions and past purchases. Create workflows based on the research for your target audience.

The emails sent out by your automated system should fit the wants and needs of your business. Be certain that you are reaching out to the appropriate group of people at the proper moment, with the ideal communication.

Keep tabs on how successful your email marketing initiatives have been by calculating the ROI, looking over the amount of clicks, the number of purchases, and the average worth of each sale.

Creating tailored messages requires you to segregate your users. By doing this, you gain a better understanding of your audience, which assists you in getting to know them better and promotes more constructive ideas when it comes to targeting them.

2. Automating Customer Service

Email marketing automation facilitates the sending of emails (predicated on how your endorsers interact) in addition to gradual email initiatives.

Rather than having to manually set up promotions each time you communicate with your clients, automation makes it simpler. This keeps your clients from abandoning you in the midst of the buyer’s journey so you can engage in a more beneficial dialogue.

How? Think you run a web designing agency. There is someone who is interested in web design. What would you do?

Usual Approach

A grin appears on your face, and you favor making cold calls. He doesn’t respond. You start emailing him, after a day. This message has gone unacknowledged and has been unintentionally transformed into an abundance of emails. At last, that so-called prospect leaves you.

Smart Approach

You order a coffee for yourself, first! After that, give yourself 15 minutes away from the main task you were doing with running. Return to your CRM dashboard, and construct a chain of 3 emails for a drip email campaign.

In the first email, sent on Tuesday, let the recipient know that you are a web design agency, and inquire if they are looking to hire someone. If there was no response, you can reach out to him/her again on Saturday by sending a message asking “Shall we meet up?”.

Is there still no response? Would you like to receive an email saying “Are we still on?” or “We are currently offering deals?”

It requires minimal effort and yields fantastic results to quickly create a campaign, turn it on, and go back to your current project within a time frame of only 20 minutes.

Nowadays, many software packages have been designed with functionalities to enable you to automate your customer service operations. I believe you can achieve the same thing with your email automation program (if you have any).

Using automation to handle customer service is a good way to boost your efficiency.

3. Segmentation-Triggered Automation

Prior to sending an authentic email campaign, consider: Is this the correct recipient? You can divide your customers based on their habits, characteristics, fields, or the source of information they obtain on you.

Some methods to accomplish this goal include utilizing intelligent pop-ups for both signed-in and unregistered visitors, having a convenient subscription box in your web content, putting out enticing incentives on your website, participating customer referral activities, following page view trends, utilizing social networks promotion, creating quizzes, surveys, and emails.

Before putting these into use, it’s essential that you identify who your target audience is. What would you say are the most important groups to focus on?

  1. You just need to apply filters to your email list, Whether they are hot leads, cart abandoners, new customers/ leads, or inactive subscribers.
  2. Save your segments, based on segmentation criteria.
  3. Launch your campaign, by displaying dynamic content to your audience.
  4. Create rules and get started.

4. Helpful Reminders And Coupons

Email Marketing Automation has great opportunities to attract new customers, maintain existing ones, and get people to revisit your website. It is possible to generate auto-responses and email alerts to remind people to buy something without any user involvement.

Marketing Automation assists in designing customized email messages, variable vouchers, and intelligent pop-ups to motivate users to acquire a product or complete payment with a sequence of amiable notifications.

You can strengthen your sales and increase your conversions by utilizing segmentation methodology to stimulate renewed orders, reach out to abandoned carts, and persuade customers back. And all of this will be automatic. It is not necessary to prod customers to use a product; they will be gradually taken care of without you having to do anything. This will eventually reduce the amount of time invested in marketing, leading to increased efficiency.

5. Responsive Email Templates

Well, I wouldn’t say this would increase your productivity. It is indisputable that attractive items have better sales. The way your email appears is a significant factor in deciding whether or not it will be read.

Creating an enticing email layout will help you acquire higher click-through percentages. The size of an email template changes depending on the device’s display. Therefore, you don’t need to make multiple designs for different gadgets and screen dimensions. Using only one template will save your coders time and effort, allowing them to focus their attention on other productive activities.

When crafting an email for your readers or customers, there are many elements to consider. Some of them are:

  1. The email template, you are using, should be mobile optimized and responsive.
  2. Use clear, direct, but dramatic subject lines and avoid spam words.
  3. Stay attentive to layouts, font size, buttons, and email length.
  4. Keep images and text in a balanced way.

You can avoid developing responsive email templates by using a simple method.

You can find a wide range of appealing email website templates with ease. The widely embraced and dependable HubSpot Marketplace is a prime Hub that provides both paid and free, highly functional themes to users globally.

Improve Productivity With Marketing Automation

Boost Your Customer Retention

Have you ever seen a promotion for something you’ve wanted for ages on Instagram, but it’s the middle of the night and you don’t even want to get out of bed to get your debit card?

How can an eCommerce business move customers to the point of making a purchase? Emails intended to reclaim those who’ve abandoned their carts and to encourage them to come back and buy are powerful tricks for prompting this kind of consumer to complete their shopping.

If a company eliminates as much of the obstacles involved with online customer transactions as possible, it will create a smoother feedback loop that will help retain customers over time. Significantly improving consumer loyalty by 5% can bring about a dramatic rise in ROI from 25-96%, significantly affecting your profits.

And it doesn’t have to be emails. Platforms that deliver advertisements have developed a way to target people who “forgot” something on a website with an ad where they are on social media, reminding them to go back and finish what they started. Once a visitor departs your website, they have not necessarily gone forever. Retargeting ads are employed to try to recapture the attention of website visitors who have been on the website before in order to attempt to get them to purchase something.

Retargeting and remarketing function together in a cycle that motivates site users to come back, making it easier for marketers and also providing a specialized experience for customers.

The Ability for Continuous Improvement

The advantages of marketing automation software are that it gives you unlimited chances to experiment and acquire knowledge in the most rapid and accurate way. Do you want to try out some of the newest Fall back-to-school apparel specifically designed for collegiate students who care about fashion as well as learning?

By utilizing marketing automation, you can direct promotional ads directly to people who fit certain criteria, letting you quickly determine whether your messaging is effective to that specific audience. Using it in your marketing campaigns allows you to benefit from increased efficiency and scalability.

By carrying out ongoing A/B experiments, you can refine and enhance your email communication, including the headline, visuals, buttons, wording, and groups of people addressed.

Do you and your team have six distinctive concepts for the creative designs of your upcoming holiday advertisement? You can use automation tools to experiment widely and gain knowledge of different creative works.

Conduct a multivariate promotional campaign in select areas in order to find out which messages have the most impact and bring about the quickest customer purchases. Are the conversions low but with high cart values? Which creative is driving this? Responding to these queries is simpler when you are not worrying excessively about the practical components of an assessment plan.

Reduce Costs in the Long Run

By automating tedious activities such as setting up bids, uploading creatives, and adjusting targeting, you can save money in the future. No more is it necessary to employ a full-time campaign coordinator to carry out those responsibilities, which allows you to direct your team resources towards forming plans and coming up with concepts.

This implies that you are not obligated to contribute to several different services, but rather can look to a single resource to satisfy your desires, such as generation of creative designs, assessing viewers, and optimization of funds, and so on.

There are certain software programs available which possess tools for data management and Customer Relationship Management which involve incorporating verticals such as sales, customer service, and promotional aspects into one operation to foster integration and swiftness in the implementation of a project.

Enhance Your Lead Nurturing

You know what saves time? Not having your sales team call potential customers directly to determine if they are good leads. It is possible to set up automatic prospecting based on criteria such as the interval between interactions, the selections made in subscriptions, or the webpages visited.

Acting quickly in response has the potential to increase sales by claiming customer interest before competitors have a chance to do the same. Customer requirements can be so immediate that the amount of time it takes to answer is the only factor that matters. If someone is looking for ways to reduce their response rate, investing in automated assistance is a great option.

Make Your Teams More Efficient

When your team isn’t busy dealing with mundane duties, they can be using their time thoughtfully to concentrate on the bigger picture and plan for the future in order to achieve your yearly objectives.

Doing the same tedious activities over and over again can cause and hasten team burnout. In this contemporary environment of Overeats and Postmates, opting to be a freelancer appears to be a more appealing option than leading a predictable nine to five lifestyle. Unless there are chances of growth and personal development, employees will search elsewhere for job prospects. Give them the space to explore their creativity and widen their expertise.

Teams should be presented with stimulating and imaginative tasks to facilitate their development and help them reach new career and individual targets. Marketing automation tools have come so far that they now can perform lots of the day-to-day responsibilities and activities of your team, like allocating leads and maintaining communication.

In addition, in many businesses, the marketing and sales departments use diverse tools while aiming to achieve their own objectives, making disagreements even worse. Putting the two teams on the same automated system can encourage increased cooperation and abolish the difficulty of communication. If sales and marketing utilize different approaches, they will be considering numerous results of the same methods for establishing a business.

Using a marketing automation tool can give your team members the chance to concentrate on more significant aspects of your marketing scheme, resulting in increased staff efficiency, an increase in sales and more money for your business.

Digital marketing includes managing social media, which is an incredibly challenging task. Allow a social media management tool like Schedule or Contently to handle the publishing and scheduling tasks, resulting in more time for the social media team. This approach allows them to utilize more of their energy in developing content and finding out which content is most effective for their brand’s followers


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