Easy Organic Ways to Increase Facebook Page Engagement

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Since the Facebook algorithm changed and reduced the amount of people who see posts from a page in their news feed,

Businesses are finding that their posts on Facebook are not reaching as many people as they used to, which has led to a decrease in engagement, website traffic, and new followers.

This change is being seen as a negative by businesses that don’t use Facebook advertising.

But don’t worry quite yet. Facebook is still a powerful tool for increasing your social reach, engagement, traffic, and sales, even with the recent algorithm changes.

Here is the reason why…

Why Facebook is still a powerful tool to increase business.

When compared to other social media platforms, Facebook is significantly larger.

About 2.2 billion people use Facebook each month, and about 1 billion use it every day. The Facebook platform is only expected to get bigger.

Let’s put these figures into context. No other platform has reached as many monthly active users as Facebook.

What some of the other social media platforms active users look like by the numbers:

YouTube and Instagram are both growing rapidly, but Facebook is still the most popular social media platform.

A side note: it is not surprising that Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms.

The majority of marketers use Facebook advertising regularly. Approximately 3 million businesses are only using Facebook for marketing purposes.

There are still many ways to market your business on Facebook without spending money on paid ads.

So here are 16 things you’re going to need to increase Facebook engagement:

1. Choose your Call-To-Action (CTA) button

On every Facebook business profile, there is a small button that is blue.

Business owners noticed a significant increase in the number of people clicking on a link when they added a “call to action” to their page.

The choice of options is up to you and the goals you have for your business.

There are a lot of different options for calls to action that you can use on your Facebook Business Page.

A list of CTAs I find most effective:

You can link to any number of things using anchor text, such as a landing page on your website, a contact form, a video, an opt-in page, or even to a giveaway.

2. Add custom Facebook tabs

There are tabs on your business Facebook page that segment different types of content or information. Well, guess what… They are customizable.

This is important for a few reasons:

This all helps to improve your engagement and more.

3. Start following the “80-20” rule

After optimizing your profile for increased engagement, it is time to create content and apply the 80-20 rule to your Facebook page.

include other things You really never want to stick to just self-promoting content. You want to include other things that are going to be of interest to your audience. Now is your chance to try different formats and see what your audience prefers.

When planning your content strategy, think about what kinds of posts are most likely to get a lot of engagement from your audience.

The 80-20 rule broken down:

Keep it varied.

4. Clean up your posts

The Facebook news feed can be overwhelming with a lot of content.

If you want your posts to stand out, you need to pay attention to how you structure and format them.

A social media post with a high quality photo or video is ten times more likely to get engagement than a post with just text.

5. Share user-generated content

If you’re struggling to come up with content ideas, or are constantly looking for more things to post, you can get user-generated content from your followers and past customers.

If you take the time to interact with your followers and customers, you will reap the benefits of increased engagement, brand loyalty, and trust. Your followers and customers will feel more connected to your brand as a result.

6. Use Facebook page insights to analyze your content

One piece of the puzzle is posting quality content.

Figuring out why some content gets more engagement than others is another part of the equation.

Keeping track of your analytics will help you understand which content is being well-received and which content you should post less often.

7. Know the best time to release a post

What times of day are your page followers most active?

This text is discussing a tool that allows users to see when is the best time to post on social media in order to get the most views.

And now for the more fun part…

You want your content to be seen by more people without having to spend extra money. If you want to reduce how much you spend on boosting or paid ads, then post content that people will find engaging. Everyone wants to get their content out to more people for cheaper.

It all comes back to conversations. They are the most powerful type of engagement. You should post things that start a conversation with your audience.

The following 9 types of organic posts can be used to increase engagement on your Facebook page without spending any money on ads.

8. Know someone who?

This post is one of the simplest to create. “If you know someone who…,” “If there’s someone in your life who…,” “We all have that special friend who….” These are calls to action we can use in our organic posts to encourage our audience to not just stop and look, but also to reach out to someone in their lives who shares this topic with them.

The posts can be used to collect people who are shown to engage with a certain topic. When people talk about their friends, it becomes a strong endorsement for your brand. Having a conversation with someone creates a tighter connection than if they were to just watch a conversation.

9. Coattails Post

You can build your credibility by using another brand or interest. In this post, Roland Frasier features his wife.

Roland bartered with a high-end hotel in order to gain access to their target market of wealthy individuals. He was able to reach the hotel’s audience by tagging them in his post.

Where are the people you are trying to attract spending their time online? What other interests do they have? What places they may have visited? What do you think people might include on their bucket lists? Roland was familiar with the hotels that his target audience frequented and used content from those locations in his own marketing.

Facebook can tell when you travel and where you stay. If your content is about a location that your audience is familiar with, they are more likely to see it in their feed. This means that Facebook is more likely to show content with a high affinity score to users.

10. Play I-Spy with Your Audience

Yes, literally, a game.

Games are a great way to get people to respond with small actions. Micro-engagements are things like likes, hearts, or short comments. Game content is universally fun and irresistible. When people see a game their friends have acted on, they can’t help but smile or participate.

Mobile of New Zealand played a game of I-Spy with their audience by using a 360 photo.

The game not only caused an increase in clicks, but also a significant amount of time spent on the page, which dramatically increased the reach of the brand’s content.

11. The Guessing Game

This is another fast, irresistible game. This type of post can help sell your product if it is done well and engages your audience. Mark is a franchise owner of Marco’s Pizza who experienced exactly what was described. He was surprised when he posted a game into a local Facebook group and it became very popular.

He not only got a lot of micro-engagements with his brand, but he did it at a very opportune time! Friday night, right before the Super Bowl. People were more likely to buy pizza from his store when they were thinking about buying pizza.

12. Create a Screen-Stopper

This type of video from Airbnb flashes images in a quick sequence to tell a story. I appreciate that this post starts with one image and then, as I scroll past it, another image appears.

The “screen stopper” is an effective way to grab the reader’s attention and bring them back to the content.

13. Identification Quizzes

These posts go bonkers! Buzzfeed says they are among their most popular content. It’s great that these posts generate a lot of engagement, and it’s also useful that they can be used for market research and to get a lot of engagement quickly. The rule of 7 is a rule of thumb that suggests that people need to see or hear something at least seven times before they will take action. So if you want people to take action, make sure you expose them to your message at least seven times.

What do you do?

Ask your readers a series of questions to help them sort, or self-identify, themselves as interested in a topic. You can help your audience select the best product for them to buy from you.

You can use these posts to collect information about your audience’s city or region to help build up tourism, sell homes, or take advantage of the location/coattail post.

14. Watch Parties

You can increase engagement on your Facebook group by posting questions and encouraging discussion among members. This is a great way to keep the group active without having to create new content. You can post videos that other people make and then discuss them in your group.

You can post old content from your page back into your groups by using this method. If you go online and watch a specific thing, everyone who is also online and watching gets a notification to join your “party.” Below is a screenshot of a watch party that helped Ryan Levesque close a $2.5 million launch.

Having conversations with readers like the one in this watch party can convert them into fans, and eventually buyers.

15. Host a Real-Life Treasure Hunt

Facebook has stated that the content in our feeds is evidence of meaningful connections. The ranking system for connecting with people on the feed is based on having mutual relationships, being relevant to each other in time, and being in close proximity. This is your chance to use a real-life treasure hunt to your advantage.

Nate Lind tried to generate interest from people in his vicinity by placing $500 around the town. He gave people clues about the location of the treasure, and then they went on a hunt to find it. The pages for the treasure hunts were growing very quickly, and because the people who were interested in them were also interested in other things that were being talked about on Facebook, the company saw the page as a way to create “meaningful connections” between people in the same community. It is genius!

16. Heartbeat Checks

In other words, these posts are the most effective in terms of engagement. This company provides services to help people increase the number of friends and the engagement of their personal profiles on Facebook (as well as other social media platforms). We’ve had success using them on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

What is a heartbeat check? Asking your readers a question is an easy way to get them to connect with you. By doing so, you are essentially starting a conversation with them. Questions such as “Who else is a ___?” or “When was the last time you ___?” are a good place to start.


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