6 Signs Your Company Needs to Rebrand

Free illustrations of Rebranding

When you are first starting a business, it is likely that branding is the last thing on your mind. designers often find it hard to decide on fonts when they are still trying to determine who their customers are and how to find them.

Even if you prioritize creating a brand identity, your initial branding strategy may become obsolete if you change your business plans later on. If you started your branding design process with a logo jotted down on a napkin, or if you whiteboarded your way through the complete branding process, things may not be working as well as you had hoped.

However you got here, you’re not happy. Maneuvering a rebrand is not an easy task, but many companies have found success in the past. Some examples include Dunkin’ Donuts and Uber. If you’re thinking about rebranding your company, this guide will teach you how to successfully rebrand, with examples of other brands who have done it successfully. Rebranding can involve changing your website, name, logo, or company mission and purpose.