5 Tips and 5 Tools to Find Influencers for Your Brand in Social Media

It is clear that joining forces with influencers has plenty of advantages for brands. Collaborating with influencers and content creators can help a brand increase visibility and access a certain demographic.

We comprehend that despite its potential advantages, locating people who have influence to collaborate with can prove to be difficult.

What is an Influencer?

Someone who has the power to persuade their followers to purchase products is known as an influencer.

A definition of the word influencer is someone who maintains a regular connection with a group of people they have access to, typically through social media.

People in their following esteem Influencers highly, regarding them as authorities they have faith in and with whom they want to interact.

More specifically, an influencer might fall under any of the following categories:

People within the groups listed can shape the decisions of those they are aiming to reach by endorsing a particular way of life, merchandise, or service.

It is possible to determine different kinds of influencers depending on how large their follower base is. Here are the most popular influencer types:

A mega-influencer is a person who is extremely popular, typically having an audience of more than one million fans.

As an illustration, Dua Lipa, boasting over 73 million devotees on Instagram collaborating with the fashion titan YSL, is a splendid model of an enterprise collaborating with a star influencer to publicize its wares.

A person who has a following of over 100,000 but fewer than one million is referred to as a macro-influencer.

A great example here is yoga expert and YouTube duo, Boho Beautiful, with over 400,000 followers:

An individual identified as a micro-influencer typically has a follower base of approximately 40,000 to 100,000.

Lastly, someone with fewer than 10 thousand followers can be considered a nano influencer; even with a smaller amount of followers than other influencer types, they are still influential figures within their niche.

It is evident that different types of influencers have been successful.

All of them share the same strength of being able to sway their audiences, which makes them ideal partners for different industries.

Now that you have an understanding of what influencers are, let’s dive into a discussion about influencer marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing?

A type of marketing that utilizes influential figures on social media platforms to promote a product or service to a specific audience is called influencer marketing. Companies will collaborate with such persons to affect the choices of their intended consumers.

The way influencer marketing works is very straightforward.

This involves influencers mentioning and supporting specific items and services on their social media platforms, in order to make their followers familiar with these products and services, and consequently convince them to purchase what they are promoting.

In other words, a firm reaches out to a prominent figure in their market and requests that they endorse one of their products or services through their social media presence.

The influencer then produces applicable images, videos, reels, broadcasts, and much more.

It does not matter what kind of content is being created, the ultimate goal is to suggest to their audience that they should give the item being promoted a go.

It’s becoming clear that influencer marketing is gaining steam as an effective way to reach potential customers.

Studies have recently revealed that marketers are likely to intensify their investments in influencer marketing.

It is clear why companies put their faith in influencer marketing, assuming that influencers can be good representatives of their brand and deliver their message to their audiences.

Let’s go over the advantages of partnering with social media influencers in your field in more detail.

What are the Benefits of Working with Influencers?

We have already gone over the various kinds of influencers and remarked that companies are usually augmenting their spending on influencer marketing.

Nevertheless, we haven’t broached upon the advantages of interacting with content producers and why firms are eager to invest in forming associations with influencers.

Here, we will discuss the four most significant advantages that corporations can take pleasure in when collaborating with influencers.

Benefit #1: Reach a wider audience

We will be discussing the advantage of using influencer marketing which involves widening your reach to a new audience as well as increasing brand visibility.

As we have previously indicated, influencers are persons who possess prominently established social media accounts that have a sizable number of followers.

Collaborating with influencers can present brands with the ability to reach a fanbase as massive as the influencer’s.

This is based on the effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing.

An influencer puts forward a certain brand or product, allowing those who follow them to become aware of the company and may be interested in giving it a go.

In a nutshell, utilizing influencer marketing is an excellent way to make your brand more visible and to generate attention for it as the influencer already has a built-in following.

Benefit #2: Cost-effectiveness

Companies can be cost efficient when collaborating with influencers.

Research indicates that incorporating influencer marketing and email are the two most financially feasible strategies for gaining new customers.

If you are dealing with figures that are prominent in their domain, you can employ their fame and resources to push your business.

Benefit #3: Create fresh and creative content

Depending on the deal a brand forms with an influencer, they can gain access to new and innovative content which can improve their publicity on social media and their promotions.

People who have a lot of influence produce attractive and special material to build up their own reputations and those of the companies they operate with.

The study we looked at recently indicated that almost all of the influencers (92%) would craft something that was unique to them.

It is quite appealing for companies to create affiliations with influencers in order to expand their engagement and boost their visibility.

Benefit #4: Boost your credibility

Incredibly, collaborating with well-known content creators and business professionals can help build your reputation and generate faith in your company with your following.

A research paper that was released some time ago found that Millennials think the internet personalities they follow grasp them better than some of the people they know in real life.

The belief that younger viewers identify more with online personalities than traditional superstars, or even with those their own age, suggests they have built an emotional bond with whom they follow, generating confidence.

It is almost certain that when an individual observes that a person they look up to and trust is endorsing a certain brand, they will develop more trust in that particular brand.

5 Tips on Finding Social Media Influencers Organically in Your Niche or Industry

1. Google Search – for “[your niche/industry] experts”, “[your niche/industry] influencers”, “[your niche/industry] speakers or “[your niche/industry bloggers]”

Doing a quick online look for professionals and people with an influence can often bring up many people in the vicinity, thereby aiding in the identification of a variety of possible collaborators immediately. Incorporating your locality into your searches guarantees that you will choose influencers more likely to collaborate with you and who will be better suited to address local concerns, compared to working with vast or national corporations. Social media influencers are more likely to work with small businesses and create posts on different networks, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This makes sure that you can reach a wider group of people and create content for various channels.

2.) Browse Speaker Lists for Industry Conferences or Virtual Summits

Searching the rosters of conferences and summits in the same profession can be a great way to come across potential partners who share the same followers, as they will be people in the same industry making material that is in line with what you’re creating.

Perusing through potential speakers will not ensure a specific individual will cooperate with you, however it can be advantageous, as it can give you a more extensive structure to work with and offer you a speedy rundown of various prospects.

Utilizing hashtags on Instagram is beneficial in two ways: it enables you to find individuals who could be capable of collaborating with your business, and it lets you view material from different people’s perspectives. Looking into what your particular area of interest is, what product you are offering, and who your competitors are can be beneficial, as it can inform you of what your target demographic wants, and what other bloggers and publishers are doing in the same domain. Hashtags can be used to assist with discovering social media profiles that wouldn’t appear from a basic Google search, and this helps to recognize the kind of individuals you hope to connect with.

4.) Search Influencers’ Twitter Lists for Other Influencers

Influencers prefer to work collectively, as connecting to each other’s content on their different social media accounts amplifies the scope and scope of their audiences. Examining the Twitter lists of other prospective partners can assist you in identifying other individuals in the same domain and provide you with a significantly wider selection of people to consider when searching for individuals to work with.

5.) Competitor’s Followers and Engagers on Social Media – who follow and engage with your competitors

Although it may feel counterintuitive to interact with your rivals, monitoring what they and their fans are up to is a superb way to make sure you are targeting as many individuals as possible. Examine the followers and commenters of your competitors on Twitter as well as other social media outlets. Pay special attention to those who interact with them through comments, likes and shares.

5 Tools to Help You Find Social Media Influencers

Finding Social Media Influencers

1. Keyhole

Keyhole is a social media utility utilized to identify individuals who are already talking about your business or trademark. It can cater to users of all sizes, from start-ups just beginning to dip their toes into the world of marketing, to well-established corporations which have a wealth of marketing experience. Every one of these potential customers have access to a variety of plan options, which are all available at different price points. Keyhole provides an effortless and uncomplicated method to track various social media networks, weblogs, and websites, to discover references to your items, in order to get a better comprehension of individuals who are employing and talking about your organization, brand name, or goods. It can enable you to monitor and manage your personal social media accounts.

2. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor is a program that assists you in finding reliable and professional Instagram and YouTube influencers to partner with your brand. It evaluates each influencer to give you the best possible results. It does more than just identify influencers; it looks at the content they post and the companies they work with in order to determine the kind of followers they have and if they are likely to collaborate with you and your brand.

3. Influence.co

Influence.co provides a platform for influencers to create their own social presence, as well as a mechanism for brands and enterprises to find influencers for hire. Rather than using a Google search or other uncertain options to locate influencers, Influence.co enables you to look for particular types of influencers that are likely to interest you. This makes it wiser to use than other methods and gives you the opportunity to contact them with the intention of collaborating.

4. Post for Rent

Post for Rent is another platform that facilitates connection between people who discuss similar topics, and businesses and companies that could benefit from collaborating with these people. From the perspective of a business/enterprise, Post for Rent gives you the option to establish connections with users who may contribute to the growth of your website, as well as assist with the oversight of your current influencer marketing approach. You can let Post for Rent take charge of your promotional content and campaigns, so that the professionals that run the website can take care of your content and strategies.

5. Influencity

Influencity is perfect for both newcomers and experienced businesses, enabling them to reach out to influencers, handle activities, and refine tactics. It works to discern the difference between influencers who have organically gathered a following and those whose audience has been acquired through artificial or bought means, to ensure that your campaigns are not being inefficiently utilized.


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