10 Steps to Create and Run a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

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Influencer marketing is the topic of conversation at the moment – an advertised number of collaborations are merging the distinctions between influencer marketing and regular advertising. Many people are considering taking advantage of this distinct and effective promotional avenue. Before you embark on your journey, it is essential that you have a well-thought-out strategy for influencer marketing.

It is tempting to chase after success in your campaign by associating yourself with a person who is famous on the internet, however, this isn’t a guaranteed path to success.

Realize how to detect the correct influencers to collaborate with and stay coordinated with your business objectives through an exhaustive influencer plan.

Incorporating influencer marketing into your marketing plan should be considered essential. Making arrangements with people who are popular on social media to promote your products from their accounts. These initiatives can take on a number of different shapes – for example, sponsored posts, monetary advertisements, or other arrangements. People who are influential in their fields communicate about many various subjects and can be seen on numerous social media sites, from YouTube to TikTok to Instagram. For influencer marketing to be successful, it is important to maintain the influencer’s unique perspective and their mutual connection with their followers.

To keep their followers loyal and to prove that the brand is reliable, marketers should not try to control the way an influencer expresses their message and how it is presented. You should definitely be responsible for the topics of discussion and ensure the last stage of approval is followed.

Why You Need an Influencer Marketing Strategy

A well-thought-out influencer strategy will help keep all your internal stakeholders aligned, as well as keep the partnerships running smoothly. The stronger your strategy, the stronger your relationship will be with the influencers and may lead to multiple collaborations. Influencers assist companies to reach audiences they would not have come across if it wasn’t for them. Brands reward influencers with money or offer them free items and advantages in exchange. Brands must make sure to identify influencers who match their campaign or approach the most effectively.

What is it that causes viewers to come together with these social media personalities?


The main thing that makes social influencers distinct from other endorsers like famous people is their ability to be related to. Although influencers have a significant amount of people supporting them, they still appear to be ordinary individuals that their admirers can identify with.

They write about what happens each day, they are contactable and responsive to all comments and messages they receive, and generally have similar likes and audiences as their followers.

Credibility and Social Proof

It is innate for people to be influenced by their closest confidantes and relatives. Consumers are far more likely to rely on their peers rather than advertising when making purchasing decisions, as 92% of them trust peers more.

Influencers offer a more human kind of recommendation. The number of people who are following them, the number of likes, comments, and shares show how popular and accepted the idea is.

If you are content with the work of an influencer and they have high numbers, it is recommended that you collaborate with them on multiple occasions. This way, their adherents start to accept what is being advertised, so even if they don’t become customers immediately, having your business name linked with an influencer multiple times will keep you in the front of their minds.

The audience of the influencers will be able to appreciate that you are enabling them to keep creating the material they enjoy by supporting them financially.

How to create a successful influencer marketing campaign

Considering the current situation, what can we do to ensure the success of an influencer marketing campaign? It is essential to be conscientious and deliberate with expenditures. Following these 10 steps will assist you in becoming organized, carrying out your campaign, and measuring the results.

1) Determine your goals and KPIs

This is an integral component in the planning process of an influencer marketing initiative just as it is with any other marketing strategy. Before starting, consider what you want to achieve with your influencer advertising strategy. Would you rather have an immediate increase in sales or raise awareness of your brand? Should your influencer marketing plan incorporate a combination of these? Depending on your desired outcomes, certain campaigns may be tailored to achieve multiple objectives.

Once you’ve settled on the objectives of your drive, consider how you are going to gauge its success. The majority of businesses have KPIs that are established in advance. Before designing your influencer marketing plans, you have to consider each factor. The performance of key performance indicators can then be evaluated after each campaign, which helps in developing strategy, determining if an influencer is suitable for another round, and performing many other tasks.

2) Define target audience

Prior to selecting the ideal influencers for your upcoming influencer marketing strategy, you must first outline who your intended viewers are. This is due in part to the fact that typically, the most successful influencer is someone who has characteristics in common with your desired customer. You can also choose based on who attracts the chosen demographic. For example, sports celebrities often stand out greatly to those who follow them: they could be someone that people dream of becoming like.

3) Choose the type of campaign

Figuring out what type of influencer marketing program to launch is an essential part of creating your campaign. The extent of your success depends on a few aspects, for example, aspirations, the people you want to reach, and the personalities you’re collaborating with. The sort of content made and the manner in which the influencer is rewarded differ depending on the type of campaign. Here are some of the options.

Affiliate marketing or discount code

In this particular influencer marketing endeavor, the influencer will either be given an associate link or a promotion code. Then, the influencer will generate material and share that link or code, asking their followers to take a look at your goods. Generally, you’ll be charged according to sales that happen as a result of using your link or code. This strategy is advantageous due to its ability to reward based on performance and provide a straightforward way of measuring outcomes.

Product reviews or giveaways

In this situation, the influencer typically receives the product in exchange for promoting it. Influencers can employ your product in numerous approaches, such as giving an assessment or teaching a lesson. The product can also be distributed by means of a competition. Take into account providing the influencer with a product for themselves, as well as an additional one to distribute. This permits a combination of methods which can be very enjoyable.

Sponsored content

By taking this method, money is typically given to the influencer in exchange for them making and then putting up the information on their social media platforms. You can also buy the license to share the material on your own social media or website. Sponsored content typically has a more aggressive sales pitch than many other types of campaigns.

4) Define key campaign brand assets, influencer deliverables, creative guidelines, and contract

Once you have determined the type of influencer marketing initiative to perform, it is now time to focus on overall specifics. Here’s an example: You should figure out which elements of the brand should be used, e.g. the company logo or the guidelines of the brand. You’ll also need to pick out what type of outputs you want: some campaigns may require video instructions, while some others could be as effortless as an Instagram picture. The decisions you make should be congruent with both the objectives you have and the tone of your company.

5) Find, analyze, and vet influencers

It has been argued that the most challenging task for companies when taking part in an influencer marketing effort is locating the right influencer. Fortunately, there are many influencer search tools available. Taking straightforward actions, like researching your existing social media fans, using Google, and utilizing the resources from your social monitoring tools, can all assist in locating influencers that are already interested in your business.

It is critical to never disregard the potency of micro and nano-influencers. These are people with a persuasive power who have recently begun to generate income from their impact, and who have not yet acquired many admirers. The advantages they possess are special and invaluable: they have a deep interest in the material and a low cost to participate. To collaborate with them, one of your optimal solutions is to employ an influencer marketing platform.

Once you have identified the appropriate influencers, it is time to assess them. Opt for influencers that have a high level of interaction or who have a reputation for achieving results. In the end, be sure that the influencers you pick are a good match for your brand’s identity: you wouldn’t want somebody to be taken in due to a domestic violence episode if your brand says it values women.

6) Pitch chosen influencers

The search for and screening of influencers can be a difficult process, but it is only half the challenge. In comparison to micro and nano influencers, those with bigger followings usually get quite a few brands trying to pitch them. In addition to this, nano influencers in particular may not feel prepared to begin receiving payments for their labor. This means that you must provide a motivation for influencers of all calibers to collaborate with you. In order to make your brand stand out, you need to create an engaging narrative as well as offering something of use.

7) Activate campaign

Once the correct influencer has been located, it is now time to initiate your influencer advertising strategy. Discuss with your influencer what type of content needs to be generated and when it should be posted. Carry out your agreement and let the influencer produce the material.

8) Follow up with influencers

This is the simpler part of a campaign involving influencers: checking in with them. Ensure that your personnel alert you when they submit anything requiring your affirmation prior to being published. Then, verify that the content has been submitted. Go to their page and look for the posting. Think about grabbing a screenshot or downloading a copy of it for your own files.

Once the material has been put up, make sure to keep in touch with your influencer. Prior to giving him the check, inquire if he has any worries regarding the performance of the influencer marketing initiative as a whole. It is a good idea to inquire if the people you are marketing to find that your product needs any debugging, or if there are any potential uses that have not been contemplated. These kinds of comments are beneficial for marketing and researching.

9) Amplify influencer content

A successful influencer marketing effort doesn’t have to be over when the initial material is released. Many brands prefer that the branded content they create be reused on their own social media platforms. It is particularly successful to utilize Facebook and Instagram posts due to the amount of people engaging with them, the simplicity of doing so, and the various types of content available.

It is quite simple to share Instagram posts, since they can be quickly consumed. Photos are easy to share on a website, and they can also be connected to other social media platforms. Typically, the goal of sharing material again is to increase the amount of people who view the original content. If a social media influencer is popular enough, simply re-posting their content could be enough to help your campaign be successful.

10) Track and measure your success

Concluding, it is important to assess the results of your influencer marketing strategy to understand how effective it has been. Figuring out the Return on Investment does a lot more than match up numbers to outcomes. This also provides you with a chance to adjust your whole influencer program. It is possible that you might need to refine your audience targeting, or that an influencer may not produce the desired effects. No matter what the outcome, there are multiple methods for improving performance for the next attempt, even if it yielded wonderful results.

A great way to gauge how successful influencers are as well as ensuring they get fair payment is to track their performance. Affiliate links and discount codes are able to monitor sales, giving an immediate indication of how many purchases have been made due to the efforts of an influencer. You can also check out how much money each individual spends.

Analytics numbers

However, these links and codes don’t measure everything. Influencer marketing promotions generate excitement and web traffic to your website, even when those visits don’t convert into sales. If your goal is brand awareness, this is fine. Remember that the customer could make a purchase at a later date to increase sales.


Measuring the number of individuals interacting with the material is another method for evaluating return on investment. In certain contracts, the influencer’s reimbursement will be partially based on how much engagement it generates.

In conclusion, if you adhere to the steps outlined above, it will be simpler to operate a productive influencer marketing campaign. These measures encompass designing your strategy, connecting with and involving influencers, and evaluating outcomes. Once you have gone through these steps, you can use what you’ve learned to make changes for the following instance. Best of all, your ROI will improve significantly.

The most successful influencer marketing strategies provide a method for utilizing an influencer’s individual knowledge, followers, and style to achieve something that the brand is unable to do by themselves.


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