Create Social Media Content Your Readers Will Love: 7 Powerful Tips

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In this time of countless, fast-paced announcements, how can you ensure that people take notice of the significant social media content that you have to offer? What are some methods to develop social media content that stands out among the array of other marketing messages?

Every second, a large number of fresh social media posts are uploaded.

Take today for instance. So far today, 31 million new Instagram posts and 51 million new Tumblr posts have been made, and it’s not even midday yet.

To optimize the reach and impact of your social media posts, a planned approach is necessary.

If you post updates without purpose, they won’t be visible due to the high level of activity on the platform.

The great news is that there are multiple paths for you to draw attention and interest your target viewers. I will outline seven key techniques you can use to construct social media content which will be of higher value and draw interest from your target readers.

Let’s take a moment to comprehend why concentrating on constructing social media content is advantageous, in spite of the highly competitive environment. Then we can discuss practical advice on building social media content.

Why you should create social media content of value

At present, there are more than 3 billion people using social media. Chances are high your customers are on there.

Studies demonstrate that connecting with clients through social media can urge them to buy your product. If your business is not on any social media platforms, while your competitors are utilizing them, you may be at a negative position.

Still, creating a profile on social media is not enough; it is a very active arena, and you can’t just auto-generate posts and expect that to suffice.

Your aim is to make social media posts that will interest your desired audience. It is essential that you concentrate on attracting their interest and sparking conversation.

When your customers and prospects communicate with you and others about you, it will result in more recommendations and business opportunities.

Why is word of mouth so important?

There are a number of reasons your business should focus on word of mouth marketing (WOMM):

  1. It builds trust in your brand and your business. 92% of people trust referrals from people they know.
  2. People are looking for referrals before making purchasing decisions. 82% of consumers will seek out a referral before making a purchase. This means that if they cannot find any referrals for your business, they will likely choose to purchase from someone else.
  3. Word of mouth referrals, even LinkedIn referrals, convert. In fact, conversion rates are 3-5 times higher for prospects who were referred, versus those who were not.
  4. Word of mouth can be directly tied to sales. This means it’s a cost-effective way to directly boost your sales and bottom line.

Now let’s examine how to ensure that this kind of social media campaign is beneficial.

1. Start a Conversation with Your Social Media Content

The objective of creating social media content is to increase the spread of recommendations by mouth.

The best approach to accomplish this goal is to spark a conversation, creating an interactivity between your targeted audience. The objective is for customers to have conversations about your business.

Using social media can provide multiple methods of achieving a goal.

Host an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit

Reddit currently has 430 million monthly active users. Several years back, it released the now renowned Ask Me Anything (AMA), giving readers the opportunity to present questions in a lively discussion format.

There are a number of different AMA subreddits. The biggest and most sought-after website currently is, which enjoys a whopping 18 million followers.

Reddit AMA is becoming increasingly popular, where the users will put forward sincere, meaningful, and reflective inquiries concerning you, your enterprise, and the goods or services that you are trying to promote.

Create a Poll

A wonderful way to initiate a conversation is to ask your listeners a question.

This permits them to give their views and comments; it can also assist you in refining your directed advertising.

You might consider making a survey to find out what kind of material your subscribers would love to get from you on social media.

You can inquire about creative notions for fresh goods, services, or website capabilities.

This is an ideal opportunity to obtain early responses from the marketplace if you’re considering initiating something new.

Selecting a survey, forming a list of inquiries, or opting for a programmed ballot are all potential options.

Respond to Mentions

An alternate solution is to seek out your customers rather than attempting to draw them to you.

It’s possible to discover where individuals are having conversations concerning you, your brand, and topics related to your business, and then participate in those dialogues.

Search for people who make references to your business or products You have the option to express approval of, add remarks to, and spread around their material. Increasing interaction with your followers promotes your content to gain visibility across a broader spectrum of viewers, thus triggering others to also discuss you.

2. Make It Visual

It has often been said that one single image can speak volumes.

People are visual creatures. To make useful and attractive social media posts, visuals are an absolute necessity.

Even on Twitter, a platform that was intended for brief messages, the use of pictures increases involvement.

In fact, tweets with images get 150% more retweets.

You have two options for adding visuals to tweets.

  1. Simply attach the image.
  2. Use a Twitter Card

A research revealed that organic impressions (views) were less when Twitter Cards were used, however, the interaction rate was about 40% more.

It is clear that everyone recognizes the significance of visuals nowadays.

It’s not unexpected that a vast majority of marketers (85%) took advantage of visuals when devising social media content back in 2017 – before Instagram gained widespread use. A likely assumption is that all marketers create visually appealing images for their social media platforms now.

As the trend is displaying a tendency towards visuals, what can be done to gain recognition?

First of all, don’t stick to one solution. There is a wide array of choices available when it comes to visual social media platforms.

Statistics show video is on the rise. The majority of businesses plan to increase their video usage this year. You could be making a mistake if you put all your attention onto video production as opposed to other content formats on platforms other than YouTube.

Using multiple different forms of media could be the most beneficial.

If you pay attention to the top companies on social media, you will come across various forms of visual social media material such as videos, stock photos, quotes, gifs, memes and photographs.

GIFs are also growing in popularity among big brands. GIFs have the potential to make a news feed or stream more eye-catching since they automatically play when they appear.

Emojis provide an alternate visual resource which can be used on social media platforms. Emojis are rapidly gaining traction as a go-to way of communicating for people, and in certain circumstances are beginning to supplant traditional language.

3. Go Live

Live video streams are becoming quite popular on social networking sites. This content format allows people to engage with one another in real-time. The growth rate of this type of video formats is faster than the rest.

By using it, your viewers are able to become more involved and start to feel a connection with you and the rest of the world.


Through comments and interactivity during the session.

You can opt to create a survey or hold a question and answer-style session like those found on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything, except you would use live video for a stronger impact.

Live video can be combined with other ideas in this article to produce content that is even more captivating.

Here are a few ideas to use for live videos:

4. Share and Repurpose User-Generated Content

The simplest approach to crafting content for online platforms is by utilizing the content that users have created. Having customers create their own material is advantageous in that it captures their attention and enhances presence of the company.

Submissions like guest articles, photographs, videos, consumer ratings and endorsements could be featured. When you post something that your audiences can relate to, they are able to endearingly attach to it. Your audience has trust that the content was fashioned by people similar to them.

Consequently, it is probable that they will interact and circulate your content to other people. Investigating a BrightLocal research project, it was revealed that three-quarters of individuals perceived businesses more positively with positive evaluations. This is where user-generated reviews can help a lot.

If you take advantage of Facebook as a communication platform, there is an application available that enables you to generate and personalize polls for your business and its followers.

5. Campaign for Social Causes

Social causes connect really well with people. People have a desire to be part of social endeavors in any capacity. Generating material for social media that displays your brand making a positive contribution to society can be advantageous for you.

There is a likelihood that your material will be spread if it shows your company has a solid opinion. People express their endorsement of causes in various ways, one of which is to share posts that are relevant to those causes.

Although your business may not be launching its own charitable project, you can still receive advantages from engaging in social causes. Demonstrate your business’ dedication to a cause and it will resonate more with the public. It provides motivation for the viewers to promote the endeavor.

6. Use Less Promotional Content

When making material for social media, adhere to a single essential rule. Create your posts to help your audience. Avoid making them in order to push your merchandise or strengthen your company’s reputation.

If you act in the way mentioned previously, your audience will likely become more familiar with your brand. In the latter situation, there is a significant likelihood that the people may no longer have a preference for your brand. Finding an equilibrium between interesting material and promotional material is essential.

Individuals do not object to encountering posts that appeal to them to buy your items or to support them. However, if you post this kind of content constantly, you may give your audience the impression that they are receiving too much of it. This may result in a negative reaction and the individuals may no longer feel tied to your company.

Rather than simply making content, if what you put out is interesting and appealing, people might find themselves drawn to your company. This may motivate them to examine your products and potentially decide to buy them.

7. Post Social Proof

Maximize the potential of social media by taking advantage of social proof and endorsement. We all have an inborn longing for others to give their endorsement to our activities. It is generally accepted among psychologists that positive behavior will bring approval from other people. The same rule applies on social media.

When a post obtains a lot of likes or shares, individuals are more likely to click the like or share button too. There is an apprehension about missing out on some of the interesting and high-quality posts shared on social media sites.

This has an effect on people’s brains, and companies can use it to build a rapport with their target market.

Demonstrate that you have a large amount of followers on social media. Include the number of consumers in your social media bio to demonstrate your reach. If a great many individuals are taking advantage of your product, it could give your followers a favorable impression of it. This could motivate them to form a relationship with your business.

Now You Know How to Create Social Media Content Your Readers Love

These seven recommendations will assist you in generating more discussions related to your content and your company. The goal of producing social media content is to gain more attention, to interact with people, and to get more people talking about it.

Before posting any content, allow me to pose this question. How well do you know your audience? Though other businesses may have experienced positive outcomes from a certain type of content, this does not guarantee the same level of success for you.

In fact, they may favor something else entirely. To ensure that your social media content is successful, it is important to understand your target audience.

Once you begin to distribute your material, evaluate the data and experiment with diverse kinds of social media content. Construct a comprehensive social media strategy based off the analyzed data.


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