7 Best Email Marketing Tools for Small Business

Small companies need to pay attention to many areas, but they do not have the same financial support or the same number of resources that larger companies enjoy. The choices they settle on concerning technical tools and software programs can be even more crucial than those of a bigger enterprise, as they require systems that naturally render it simpler to maintain a reliable company while using fewer resources.

There is a large selection of email marketing platforms available to small businesses, which is understandable: Email marketing is still a very effective tool for small companies, mainly due to the freedom they have with their branding and look. Email marketing has significant value, as it doesn’t rely on the algorithm of platforms like Instagram, but rather directly reaches the inbox of the customer. This ensures that your best material is visible to them.

Email marketing is a tremendous relationship-building channel. What is the optimal email marketing tool for a small business out of so many possibilities?

What Features Should I Look for in an Email Marketing Tool?

Nowadays, email marketing platforms do more than just dispatch messages to your contacts. You should think about and assess the different traits and abilities before picking the most suitable email marketing tool for your small business.

Drag & Drop Builder

It is of critical importance that small businesses create visually appealing HTML emails in order to have newsletters and discounts opened and read in the inbox. The contents of these emails contain more than mere plain writing, such as photographs, colors, and various font types. The challenging element is that different email inboxes (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, iPhone mobile, plus countless other services) do not adhere to the same protocols in terms of rendering HTML emails.

An email builder that supports drag & drop functionality is necessary for small businesses that want to create aesthetically pleasing emails that can be viewed correctly on any email platform. Drag & drop email builders are beneficial for small businesses because they help them out with two tasks. It is really easy to set up email designs, write text and include images without needing any knowledge of HTML programming. The templates are made to show your HTML email perfectly in many different email programs.

Admin Tools

Even tiny companies can be arranged in complicated patterns, and your email marketing software should assist you in functioning productively.

If you are wanting to treat communication in various departments differently, you may require the capacity to generate sub-accounts. Businesses with customers, like business advisors, experts, and advertising agencies, may need some way to pass on email templates among those client accounts.

As your email marketing strategy expands, your list of contacts increases. It is widely understood that lists can be a lucrative asset, and it is in your best interest to make sure that neither customers nor workers take or use your confidential information. Examine the choices available for safeguarding your records if your small business is in need of security.

Deliverability Tools

It is a fact that not all emails sent out for the purpose of email marketing will be delivered to their intended destinations. Nevertheless, there are measures you can take to maintain your credibility as a sender and guarantee you are delivering the maximum amount of emails.

Pay attention to the type of assistance they offer in getting your messages delivered when you compare different platforms. Verifying emails, running spam-filtering tests, using whitelabel IP addresses and enabling DKIM authentication can all help your company to be successful in the attempt to attain inbox visibility.

List Building

Small enterprises can have a wide impact as they increase the size of their email list. Using online forms, surveys and polls as list building tools can assist you in reaching a broader range of people. Assess the list constructing capabilities of various email marketing programs when trying them out. Do they have forms? Will they embed seamlessly with your website? Figure out if you require a skilled individual or not to get the maximum use out of any list creation features of a digital mail marketing service.

List Segmentation

The optimal approach to email marketing is to supply your entire mailing list with the messages that are most applicable to them. That’s where segmentation comes in. Standing out in a customer’s inbox is a challenging task, and sending a generalized message to everyone on your mailing list will not usually capture their attention.

One way for small businesses to refine their message and increase interaction with contacts is to compile a list of individuals who have opened a certain email or clicked on a particular link. When you are examining various email services, make sure that you have an convenient way of segmenting your contact information and delivering the proper message to the appropriate people with each transmission.


Bringing it up to date, automation is assisting small scale companies with escalating their email advertising efforts by dispatching the correct communication at a appropriate time. Using automated email, you can individually connect with many recipients on your mailing list.

An email automation involves a sequence of events that occur without any manual input. Actions that prompt an event can be cues like including a person to a list, examining an email, or tapping on a link. Meanwhile, actions could include tasks like sending a particular message or deleting an individual from a roster. Only a handful of conditions and tasks can form highly efficient processes for small companies.

A/B Testing

Digital buying behavior is changing all of the time. A topic header that would have likely attracted attention in the past might not be as effective nowadays. Examining the titles and composition of email messages can make your email marketing activities stand out from the rest.

A/B testing features can be simple or complex. This feature has great potential for boosting engagement, but only if it is straightforward for your organization to implement.


Assessing the accomplishment of email advertising is easy with adequate data investigation tools. Verify that the email marketing software you use allows you to track more than just open and click-through rates if there are more specific metrics you wish to track. Obtain access to the data that you require.

Best Email Marketing Services

Sendinblue: The #1 Email Marketing Service

Sendinblue is much more than an email marketing software. You will have access to an entire collection of sales and marketing materials. Every element fits together to construct an entire email marketing plan from start to finish. Sendinblue’s interface allows access to a variety of tools including marketing initiatives, transactional notifications, an integrated CRM system, and various methods of communication such as SMS messaging, WhatsApp promotions, live conversation, and pushes alerts.

Sendinblue, as an email marketing service, provides users with features such as custom audience divisioning, tailored messaging, split testing and delivery time adjustment for the most effectiveness. In addition to being able to use the convenient drag-and-drop email editor, you will also be given access to a wide variety of adaptable templates that will enable you to construct great emails.

You can use Sendinblue’s marketing automation tools to scale your email marketing with things like:

The Sendinblue Tracker allows you to initiate emails based on how people use your website. There are pre-made plugins available for linking ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and Woocommerce.

If you need to dispatch communicative emails such as account validations or order modifications, Sendinblue can help you keep track of these messages along with your advertising efforts. It is possible to use it as a way of sending bulk emails for marketing purposes, depending on what you are trying to achieve.

Pricing for Sendinblue’s email marketing service

You can use Sendinblue without cost forever, and are able to distribute a maximum of 300 messages daily. This means that we will offer 9,000 emails per month and never ask you to pay for the number of contacts you have. You can pay $25 each month for access to 20,000 emails.

2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a widely used email service, though it does come at a premium price. Novices usually begin using it because of the straightforward user interface and then transition to less expensive Mailchimp alternatives.

An email builder that allows you to quickly move items around and pre-made templates that look great can help you craft impressive email campaigns in no time. You can expand your follower base by adding pop-up subscription forms to your webpage or by making countless landing pages with pre-made layouts.

Exploring more deeply, Mailchimp offers a range of advanced email marketing tools like split testing, built-in and tailor-made segmenting options, and adjusting the best time to deliver the emails. You can customize the content of an email, including product proposals through the use of a commercial addition.

Select a ready-made sequence for an automated email system such as a reactivation email or make up your own customer paths.

Mailchimp has a complimentary plan accessible which allows you to send out up to 2,500 emails a month and maintain up to 500 contacts. For 500 contacts, the cost begins at $11, and you get greater limits and additional functions.

3. ConvertKit

ConvertKit provides emailing services specifically designed for online creative professionals such as bloggers and YouTubers. Email marketing gives you the capacity to classify your subscribers and customize campaigns using tags, and also the option to A/B test different subject lines.

You can increase the size of your audience by utilizing tailored landing page layouts and signup forms that are created to boost conversions. If you are giving away digital items as an incentive, it’s a breeze to send them out automatically once someone fills out your registration form.

ConvertKit’s automation software offers a graphical approach to configuring email campaigns which are triggered based on the actions of subscribers. The workflow editor provides a visual representation of your sequences and makes it simple to make changes to the path to which subscribers are exposed.

The no-cost plan permits you to have a maximum of 300 persons who are subscribed. In the aftermath, the baseline subscription fee is $15 per month for customers who have up to 300 connections, as well as a series of advanced features.

4. HubSpot

The capacities of HubSpot’s email marketing are found within their Marketing Hub and Sales Hub CRM. The Marketing Hub concentrates on techniques for expanding web traffic and leads that include emails, landing pages, social media promotions, live conversation, video clips, search engine optimization, and writing.

The Sales Hub enhances communication through email monitoring and appointments, customer relationship management, forecasting potential customers, automated sales, transaction lists sent through email, and analyzing outcomes. Their Service Hub offers ticketing and support features.

In conclusion, HubSpot provides a comprehensive range of digital marketing services that are especially suitable for software as a service (SaaS) companies.

The free program enables you to transmit a maximum of 2,000 messages per month and keep up to 1,000,000 connections. The basic marketing plan starts off at $50 a month for a thousand contacts.

5. MailerLite

MailerLite provides email marketing assistance to all newcomers to the field. You have the ability to generate any kind of email campaign with the use of their drag-and-drop editor. You can further expand your email list by incorporating sign-up forms, devising specialized landing pages, and constructing an entire site using the website builder. Third party MailerSend can be used to send transactional emails.

MailerLite provides the capability to customize and automate emails depending on how people interact with them. Abandoned cart emails can be used for online stores powered by Shopify or WooCommerce. Contact management and segmentation are also covered.

You can send up to 12,000 messages each month to 1,000 different people with the free plan. For as little as $10 monthly, you can access 1,000 followers.

6.  Klaviyo

Klaviyo mainly caters to online shops. This can be helpful for marketers who aim to generate more revenue, allowing them to both send out SMS messages and use enhanced email capacities. Their editor is simple to operate and there are pre-made responsive designs available. You can customize emails by adding product suggestions and interactive elements.

Klaviyo monitors your website activities and occurrences that can be applied to create emails, automated workflows, and separating by characteristics. All customer information is put into separate profiles in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, enabling you to analyze customer behaviour in more depth.

You can send up to 500 emails per month to 250 people at no cost with the free plan. You can pay as low as $20 per month for a plan with 500 contacts.

7. AWeber

AWeber’s email marketing service provides useful resources for new users. In addition to providing a drag-and-drop editor and a big selection of email templates, the platform also has a design assistant powered by artificial intelligence. This tool takes data from your website and social media accounts to generate tailored email newsletters to suit your business’ branding.

AWeber facilitates connecting with individual customers on a massive scale with the capability to add tags either manually or automatically. You can label your subscribers based on the particulars of when they joined up, when they read an email, or when they select a link.

Email automation tools enable you to run your advertising strategies automatically, including triggered campaigns for greeting new subscribers or introducing a fresh item. The campaign marketplace provides a convenient option of premade workflows and email templates for each stage of the campaign to help save you time.

Adapt them to suit your company and the people you are aiming to reach.

For no cost, you will receive 3,000 emails for up to 500 people who have signed up to receive them. Subsequent prices begin at $19.99 a month for the pro edition.

The bottom line

The majority of these messaging tools for small businesses include a standard (and superior) selection of features, such as expanding the mailing list, A/B testing, advanced automation, sorting out, and a broad choice of themes. The distinguishing factor between most email marketing tools is the quality of their customer service, while the features they offer may differ to some extent. Find out what former co-workers say about the various platforms; use LinkedIn and other social media sites to get feedback. Email marketing is essential in order to cultivate connections, increase sales, and advance. Look into the available choices and identify which one is the best for you.


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