Looking for Email Templates to Test? My Top 10 Recommendations

No doubt, employing email marketing strategies is a great way to improve sales and serve customers better. However, there are several challenges to this marketing technique. For example, if you don’t blog then you likely suffer from the traditional writer’s block. You have to be cognizant of an email marketing customer who will dispense the messages routinely. The complexity of having to use a CRM or email list, as well as all the regulatory hurdles, can easily feel overwhelming.

Thankfully, someone just starting out or an entrepreneur can take advantage of email marketing by utilizing the right technologies. One of these is an email marketing template. For a successful marketing strategy, it is necessary to find the appropriate template. I have compiled a list of websites containing e-mail marketing layouts for this purpose. Pick an appropriate model, and you are well on your way to achieving improved outcomes.

What are Email Marketing Templates?

In other words, email marketing templates provide a framework for composing the ideal message for marketing campaigns. Email applications make it easier to come up with content, largely providing templates and pre-formatted text to serve as building blocks. Aside from conquering the scourge of writer’s block, this process also guarantees that you submit your work in an attractive format that puts your company in the best light. Nothing’s worse than looking like a spammer.

How to Use These Email Marketing Templates

These models are meant to give you an outline you can use to craft the ideal material. Different strategies may be employed when utilizing email marketing templates, depending on the kind of template and the website it originated from. These are the major ways to benefit from templates:

Be Inspired by Their Designs

Layout design can be just as difficult to get a grasp of as writing the content of an email. This is particularly relevant for internet shopping pages, where you would likely include a substantial number of product connections in the message. Nevertheless, having too much decorating in your email may have a negative impact and hence, consulting a blueprint could be of assistance in finding the perfect equilibrium.

In addition, design ideas can be useful for more formal B2B email campaigns. For instance, business letters tend to be quite plain. Still, it is essential to make sure your email stands out to the person receiving it when they are flooded with promotional emails. Using email marketing templates can assist in developing a message that is professional and appealing simultaneously.

Help You Select the Right Email Marketing Software

Email marketing templates can be used to decide which software programs you would like to experiment with. Examining how the template sites on this list suggest composing emails can give you an impression of the kind of software that could be most suitable for your business. Having an affinity for someone’s flair is similar to what takes place when making a purchase; impressions are a big factor in the process. In addition, if you have a feeling that the software would be capable of comprehending your industry, it is likely a positive thing.

Use the Template to Compose Emails

Various websites enable you to modify and create your own email with the template found on the web. Primarily, the business could be a software or service that creates and dispatches enticing emails in cooperation with your email program. Email marketing template can help people who are dealing with a Writer’s Block issue. They are truly amazing.

Download the Template and Import It to Your Software

Other websites enable you to obtain the HTML code and transfer the model into your mail marketing program to rapidly develop your new bulletin. If you’re an individual who makes content, is a creative, or have a small business, this is an excellent choice. This is beneficial because certain email marketing templates make it possible for you to receive them at no cost by downloading, giving your email address, or signing up for a complimentary account.

15 Email Templates to Test

1. Tie your B2B sales emails to a recent event

Subject: Congrats!

Hi {{name}}, Just saw the news about {{trigger event}}. Congrats! When this transpires, {{features of value prop}} usually become a high priority. I figured you’d be interested in learning what we did to enable {{similar company}} to get {{benefit}}. I comprehend {{company name}} must be bustling currently, yet in the event that you’re intrigued to gain additional knowledge, let us organize a short telephone call. Is your {{specific day and time}} open for scheduling? In addition, you can utilize this link for my calendar or share yours with me.

This technique proves effective because it demonstrates you are not sending out a generalized email solicitation to every prospective company that may potentially be intrigued by your product. Rather than relying on mere guesses, you have discovered a definite characteristic that your ideal customer has been able to obtain and you have figured out how your product could help them reach the same accomplishment.


This formula originating from copywriting can conveniently be used for your email campaign designed to solicit new customers. AIDA is a formula meant to be utilized in the main body of an email – where the goal is to catch the audience’s interest, make them feel the desire to take action, and give them the push to do so in order to get a particular benefit. The steps necessary for this are to get individuals’ attention, explain why it is of worth to them, stimulate an urge to do something, and finally, show them precisely how to get the reward.

Subject: Time Saving Software

Hello {{name}}, What would you be able to accomplish with 10 extra hours each week? I’m inquiring because customers similar to yourself have experienced cost reductions such as these – if not even larger – upon implementing our software into their tech collections. Consult industry professionals such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, and Malcolm Gladwell, who are content and pleased customers of ours. I would be delighted to schedule a period so that I can show you a demonstration tailored to you. Do you have any availability to talk next week?

3. Be as direct as you can

Subject: 10x {{prospect company}} traction in 10 minutes

Hello {{name}},

I have an idea that I can explain in 10 minutes that can get {{company}} its next 100 best customers.

I recently used this idea to help our client {{SaaS company/competitor}} almost triple their monthly run rate.

{{Name}}, let’s schedule a quick 10-minute call so I can share the idea with you. When works best for you?

This cold email template reportedly generated a 57% open rate and a 21% response rate (some excellent conversion rates!), likely because:

  • The email subject line highlights an attractive proposition, but leaves enough to the imagination to make the recipient want to open the email and learn more.
  • The email body quickly describes what the sender can offer the prospect (100 new customers) and what they need from them (10 minutes of their time).
  • It uses social proof as evidence of how this proposition has worked for others.

4. Sujan’s 3-Sentence Format

This template adheres to the minimally-invasive belief and is designed to be unobtrusive to busy prospects; however, it offers a superb reply rate. It is not imperative that your message be reduced to precisely three sentences – introductory remarks, remarks detailing subject matter, and a request – nevertheless, aim to maintain that quantity. Besides, shorter emails function optimally on mobile gadgets, and the usage of these are definitely becoming more sought after.

Hello {{name}}, This is {{your name}}. I will be brief. I have created a software program that will help busy executives, such as yourself, gain back up to 10 hours per week. Would you be available in the next week to witness a demonstration that illustrates why business leaders such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, and Malcolm Gladwell have endorsed our product? It will take only ten minutes of your time.

5. & 6. Ask for an introduction

Hi {{name}},

I was looking to get introduced to {{person you’re trying to connect with}} from {{that person’s company}}, and saw you were connected to them. I’m not sure how well you’re connected to them, but if the relationship is strong, I’d really appreciate an introduction to chat about ways they can work with {{your company}}.

Please let me know if you feel comfortable doing this and I’ll forward a proper request for the introduction that you can forward to them.

I don’t see this approach used often. It is possible that this could be interpreted negatively; however, in this scenario, I do not believe so. It is commonly understood that when a mutual contact makes a presentation to a prospective client, it is more likely to be favorably received. This template reverses the norm by having a person unfamiliar to both sides make introductions instead of a mutual acquaintance. Not all will find success, but it won’t be a hard task to accomplish – if the effort is put forth, one could be astonished by the outcome.

A second email format created by the same source implements this system in an effective manner.

Hey {{Name}}, I am hoping that you can introduce me to {{person you want to reach}} who works at {{their company}}? I felt that it was important to establish a relationship with him since our email lists cover the same group of people, though there is some difference between them. I wanted to make contact to discover if he would be interested in discussing ideas to take advantage of our respective user groups in order to boost the size of our customer lists. We had previously partnered with {{competitor}} and together, we saw a 15% rise in the amount of new subscribers. Any help is much appreciated.

7. Before-After-Bridge (BAB)

The kind people at Buffer organized this framework. The idea is to prompt potential customers to visualize their lives after utilizing your product or service. Simple, but effective. The goal is to portray an image of what existence was like prior to your solution, how things are different since then, and how it can be achieved.

Hi {{name}},

If you’re like most executives, you know how frustrating it can feel to have your time wasted.

Our software changes that, freeing up as many as 10 hours each week for clients like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, and Malcolm Gladwell.

If you’d be willing to give me just ten minutes of your time, I’ll show you how you can achieve the same with our innovative platform. What’s the best time to connect next week for a personalized demo?

8. Mention a competitor’s product

Hi {{Name}},

Just ran across your website and noticed you were using {{Your competitor’s product}}. How are you liking it? I run a {{service}} called {{your company}}.

It’s just like {{your competitor’s product}}, only {{key differentiator}}. If you’re up for it, I would love to jump on a quick call with you and get your opinion on how we could make {{prospect’s company}} better (and see if it would make sense for us to work together).

Would {{date and time}} be a good time for you? (If not, I’m flexible, just let me know).

This tactic concentrates on individuals who are utilizing an item comparable to yours, consequently it can be predicted with assurance that they may possibly be keen on utilizing your item instead. Show the target customers why they should choose your product over the ones they are already familiar with. Point out the Unique Selling Point of your product to demonstrate its superiority.

9. Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS)

Obstacles and difficulties can be exasperating, distressing, bothersome, and often result in large expenses. This template focuses on highlighting your target’s problems. It highlights the problem facing the recipient, agitates and emphasizes the pain, and then offers a solution to eliminate or reduce.

Hi {{name}},

When’s the last time you finished everything on your daily to-do list?

If you’re like most busy executives, you’re constantly struggling to stay on top of everything – let alone be the effective leader you need to be.

Our software helps motivated entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, and Malcolm Gladwell save as much as ten hours per week that can be directed back at your top priorities.

I’d love to give you a personalized demo. When are you free next week?

10. Praise-Picture-Push (PPP)

A little rational praise never goes amiss, particularly if you can use it to emphasize the great things people could do with your product. Enter PPP. Begin by praising a recent success of theirs, depict a pleasing outlook of all they could accomplish on a constant basis with your merchandise, and then urge and assure them to take action.

Hi {{name}}, Congrats! I noticed that you have been appointed as a presenter at the upcoming 2019 Inbound Marketing event in the next month. As you are prepping for your demonstration, it is usual to miss out on completing other jobs. I am offering to assist you in maintaining your livelihood if you’re facing difficulty. I am willing to demonstrate how our program can provide you with a spare ten hours or greater every week. Is it possible to carve out ten minutes during the upcoming week so I can provide you with a private demonstration?

Templates are great. Substituting email copy that really engages your leads will help to speed up your accomplishments.


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