YouTube Influencer Marketing: The Definitive Guide of 9 Campaign Types

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YouTube has endured as a premiere platform for influencer marketing, demonstrating its lasting power as a major player in the realm of social media. A lot of different companies ran promotions using influencers on YouTube before the Creator Economy became a formally recognized business.

Similarly to the way that social commerce has changed and progressed over time, YouTube creators have also come a long way. The channel has advanced significantly to entail compact films, live streaming and much more, in addition to the traditional video kinds like product appraisals and instructions.

YouTube influencer marketing: A quick overview

YouTube is the world’s leading video social channel. It primarily offers long-form, horizontally formatted videos. The platform is highly sought after and so influential that it has been a primary factor in the “cut-the-cord” trend and has resulted in a significant decrease in TV viewership over the past decade or so.

It could be argued that YouTube influencers are among the most skilled creators of multimedia content on social media. Unlike Instagram and TikTok, YouTubers tend to be better versed in video production and editing due to the limited video editing tools within the app.

However, YouTube is more than just a spot to observe captivating videos without having to pay. Creators and fans have the opportunity to become more closely connected to each other thanks to the subscribing and comment functions of the channel. This connection between content creators and their followers enables YouTubers to build online fan bases and encourage shoppers to buy stuff.

YouTube lead generation with influencer marketing

Utilizing YouTube influencers is an excellent method of creating prospects for your business through influencer advertising. Lots of these people who create content are willing to do joint projects and their videos are very well-liked.

Shipping a product to an influencer is a great starting point when looking to form a partnership. Think about requesting that the person who made the video take a look at your product and make a video about it. At the end of the clip, include an invitation to act or provide a link to your website’s home page.

Videos from YouTubers typically garner lots of views and interactions, which can direct numerous people to a specific landing page and help to quickly increase YouTube lead generation. Findings from Google show that YouTube can be 70% more effective in impacting young people than when celebrities make endorsements, so Gen Z influencers on YouTube can be a great way to bring in leads.

Ensure that you are selecting influencers in the same area of interest when choosing which people to represent your company. Look over their media outlets carefully to make sure their type of message fits what you need. Remember that some influencers may have a large number of followers, but their engagement rate may not be very high because of the presence of phony accounts. It is best to pass on influencers that have mostly paid posts, since their chief goal is earning money and not promoting your business.

What sets YouTube apart from all other video social platforms?

Google is the owner of YouTube, resulting in perfect partnership with programs like Chrome browser, Android gadgets, and This connection provides creators with the possibility to reach wider audiences across millions of different lifestyle and occupational categories.

Due to YouTube being the second-most popular search engine online, those crafting content have an increased number of methods for others to find it. Firms that create genuine connections with YouTubers can enhance visibility and broaden their supporter base.

YouTube and long-form, horizontally formatted videos

In the past, YouTube has been the major source to locate videos of extended length and a horizontal screen layout that can be watched free of charge for enjoyment. Brands that continually use extended video projects to their advantage often experience the highest return of investment from YouTube. YouTube has competition in different fields of video creation.

Ever since it was created in 2005, the service has increasingly added more streaming possibilities like videos in vertical format, live programs, pay-per-view subscriptions and even more. These features have given YouTubers more opportunities to show their creativity and also made YouTube a rival to other video sharing sites.

Comparing traditional YouTube & Twitch

Twitch mainly concentrates on live streaming, though it does give creators the ability to upload pre-recorded videos. In contrast, YouTube Live provides the capability to stream videos in the long-form format that it specializes in.

It is noteworthy that the areas of overlap between these two networks is expanding, and each is fighting for supremacy in their respective fields (real-time broadcasting and long-form video posts).

Twitch is, by far, the most popular streaming platform with a total of 140 million active users per month. YouTube is used by more than 2 billion people on a monthly basis, with the majority of them preferring the conventional, long-form content that has been uploaded to the platform.

Comparing traditional YouTube & IGTV

Instagram is designed to be viewed on smartphones, as it only displays vertically, indicating its purpose to serve those who use mobile phones. Instagram’s IGTV form of long-form video posts retains the vertical orientation. Many content creators decide to post their videos horizontally, though videos in the vertical position bring about an optimal user experience.

YouTube adapts its primary material to fit large television displays. The platform is compatible with handheld gadgets and videos arranged in a portrait position.

Comparing YouTube Shorts, TikTok, & IG Reels

In 2020, YouTube put out its “Shorts” feature and quickly gained more than 5 trillion views worldwide. The business recently declared that it is going to put a considerable amount of money into Shorts as the platform intends to go up against TikTok by launching its own type of short-length videos that are meant to be viewed vertically.

TikTok recently increased the length of clips to three minutes. TikTok is trying to compete in the marketplace where most long-form content is hosted, which is owned by YouTube.

Prior to the launch of Shorts, Instagram introduced its own short-form, vertical video posts called IG Reels. Despite the fact that Reels limits the length of videos to only 30 seconds, Shorts permits clips up to one minute in duration.

It is likely that lots of creators will move onto YouTube Shorts in order to explore the platform, as there is an abundance of IG Reels and TikTok creatives transitioning. In the near future, if Shorts becomes increasingly well-received, videographers concentrating in short videos will spread out to Shorts, Reels, TikTok, or even all of these three platforms.

9 Types of YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaigns to Consider

Let’s go over how YouTube influencer marketing can be employed in more detail, looking at the different types of campaigns that can be done with YouTubers.

1. Brand Awareness Campaigns

Rather than focusing on generating sales, a brand awareness campaign, as the name implies, is an endeavor that puts the main emphasis on increasing recognition of a company. The aim of this form of marketing is to differentiate yourself from competitors and grow awareness of your company, product, or service, although there might still be some product placement in the content you publish. This can be achieved by taking advantage of the audience an influencer can access on a particular social media platform, with the help of paid ads, or by embedding video content on your website. A brand awareness initiative is created to increase recognition of your company and its offerings in any form.

2. Product Unboxing and Reviews

Product unveiling and evaluations are basically product recommendations acted out by influencers with a particular lifestyle or in a particular field. In an unboxing video, a person with influence or someone who has purchased your product will open up the packaging and give viewers a preview of what your business has to offer, including the actual product, the packaging, and whatever services the company provides. Videos of unboxing may be coupled with reviews or product reviews may be conducted independently. The aim of product reviews is similar to that of unboxing, but with the intent to give potential customers a better understanding of the benefits of a new product. The reviews are a way for social media influencers to lead followers to a new brand or item and make clear why the item is of worth for their influencer campaigns.

3. Sponsored Videos

Sponsored videos can be used in a great variety of ways. A snappy synopsis of a new item or service can be provided, or a comprehensive analysis of a business’s activities and goods can be supplied. The influencer partner can take complete control of the project, or they can adhere to guidelines that are given to them by the company. Videos that are sponsored by a company are those that are paid for by the company, and either heavily feature the product or service, or have a minor presence in the video. The latter option of sponsored video is the most favored as it gives the creator of the content more liberty in the creation of it.

4. Product Introductory/Placement

Product placement advertisement has become a familiar sight to many people, as it has been prominently featured in some of the most popular television shows and movies. Product placement is advantageous because it shows goods or services being used naturally and effortlessly, thus making them part of everyday life.

5. How-To / Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos which instruct viewers “how-to” do something are exceptionally beneficial as a form of influencer marketing, as they impart a large amount of knowledge to their viewers. Videos created by influencers of all sizes can prove useful to users, as they introduce them to your product, brand, or service while providing value.

6. Day-in-the-Life Vlogs

Vlogs typically elicit more intimate connections between influencers and their followers, as well as between influencers and their admirers. Vlogs such as these are an excellent method for showcasing product endorsements, given their widespread appeal and the fact that they don’t seem as overbearing as regular marketing approaches. Vlogging can be an effective way to introduce a large number of people to your products or brand, making for an invaluable promotional resource.

7. Contest/Giveaway Campaigns

Contest/giveaway campaigns are a frequent type of content that draw attention by presenting a product while suggesting the possibility of free products. Many individuals are reluctant to spend their money without being enticed, so providing something without cost can be valuable. In return, those who may be convinced they require your item may click on the “buy” tab when they are not chosen for the giveaway.

8. Behind-the-Scene

Content that isn’t visible on the surface can be a beneficial form of sales material, as it provides viewers with a sense of a company’s mission, procedures, and atmosphere. Many potential clients find modern advertising practices appealing due to their personal touch and direct contact, and creating videos and photos can help build a connection between your business or brand and new and existing customers.

9. YouTube Live

The versatility of YouTube is incredibly beneficial for people producing content, both for promotional and other types of videos. Consequently, there are abundant possibilities for influencer advertising, and with a judicious selection of influencer (paired with some imagination) your organization should be able to find the ideal way forward. Among the more common options is product placements. For this circumstance, the influencer will feature your item in a video, yet not make it the sole subject of the recording. Those who are fans of classic television may recall that this type of advertising was one of the initial forms seen in this form of media.

To sum up, YouTube facilitates an extensive range of videos created by influencers. Possibilities are mainly determined by the creativity of a company and the influencers that it is linked up with.

Tips for Success

You have identified the suitable influencer and come to an agreement on their remuneration. Congratulations! It is now time to put in the effort necessary to ensure that your new alliance is successful. Influencer marketing is so much more than just agreeing to an arrangement and allowing your promotional partner to have a good time. Rather than doing nothing, there are measures you can take to ensure the success of the campaign. Once the promotional activity has concluded, you can evaluate its outcomes and use the data to modify your strategy for the subsequent campaign.

Experts suggest that one should not simply let influencer marketing operate without oversight, but that excessive involvement is just as unproductive. The use of an influencer is justified as it allows for the incorporation of creative ideas. Intervene too much and you could be in danger of diminishing the credibility that is so persuasive with influencer marketing. Influencers who include too many sponsored posts in their content are usually ignored by those who follow them, making their efforts much less productive.

We advise interacting with the people who follow the influencer. This one is easier on some platforms than others. For example, you should monitor the videos that are uploaded on YouTube instead of just expecting them to be brought to your attention. Be sure that the material abides by the Federal Trade Commission regulations concerning sponsored material. Failing to do so can result in legal repercussions for both you and the influencer.

After the promotion finishes, it’s time to assess the outcome. It can be challenging to assess the effectiveness of a campaign on YouTube, but with appropriate preparation you can still label it a success depending on the statistics. An example of this would be utilizing affiliate links found in the comments or description to discern traffic and purchases related to a marketing campaign. Or, try a promo code. Customers are enthusiastic about these, as it enables them to put some money away or gain something additional for their purchase. Finally, try surveys. The focus of the survey would be on finding out how people came to learn about us, in addition to collecting some demographic information. One might possibly take surveys to extremes. Be certain that any measurements concerning the customer either advantage them or are done discreetly.


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