How a CRM Can Boost Your Email Marketing

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Sending messages from brands with the aim of advertising products and services is known as email marketing. Emails are a great way for organizations to get in touch with potential customers, whether it’s to tell them about special offers or new items that are available. How do you distinguish yourself from the masses of anonymous messages?

That’s where personalization comes to your aid. Emails tailored to the individual examine the customer’s past experiences on the website, what they have bought, their likes and dislikes, as well as their background information. You can observe that it encompasses a large amount of customer data. Where do you get it? Integrating CRM software into your email marketing strategies will help you to effectively manage your customer relationships.

A CRM gathers all the data that is required to enhance your email marketing efforts. If you have been utilizing email marketing and collecting information in your CRM, connecting the two approaches could potentially maximize revenue. This guide will identify the advantages of combining customer relationship management and email marketing, review the various tools available, and evaluate the key features of a successful tool.

CRM: a brief overview

CRM is a system and software used to consolidate all customer data in one location. Organizations can benefit from inspecting former customer engagements, bettering promotional efforts, and becoming more efficient by automating the operations.

Such tools eliminate the need to input something manually. Salespeople are able to keep track of customers’ preferences and oversee the process of bringing items to market. A noteworthy instance of a Customer Relationship Management system is Salesforce.

CRMs assist in digitalization. They make it possible for companies to keep an open dialogue between customers and employees, which is vital in times of uncertainty and during the transfer to online operations. It was estimated by Fortune Business Insights that the size of the CRM market was $63.91 billion in 2022. The amount is expected to increase steadily and amount to $145.79 billion by 2029.

Such popularity comes as no surprise. CRMs can enhance sales and efficiency, forecast future needs, and establish the most advantageous strategies and messages to attract the target audience.

What is CRM email marketing?

A lot of email promotion applications come with their own built-in customer relationship management system. A single email marketing database can replace the need for a separate tool, making it the primary CRM used by the company.

You could also integrate CRM with email marketing platforms. Email marketing will function with CRM software by:

How Does a CRM System Work with Email Marketing?

Every type of email marketing software has the idea of a subscriber, though some of them make it simpler to look for the data of a person as well as add it. For example, one can check if someone is a possible or present customer in a Customer Relationship Management program. This allows you to utilize CRM email marketing to guide them through the sales process from their current position.

Email marketing software that allows an individual within an organization to classify their customers or prospects and incorporate them into marketing automation to activate desired actions that incorporate CRM features can be used. The benefit of this is that you do not need multiple sections.

Unlocking your email marketing database to the whole organization could make the CRM email marketing program the automated CRM system if your business lacks one. The email program can be linked up with an existent CRM to capitalize on the combined benefits of these two technologies. Put differently, the info from a CRM about your customers can be utilized to develop a tailored email marketing initiative using your email marketing software. This is a real win for the entire company.

What are the Benefits of Using a CRM for Email Marketing?

A significant obstacle of email marketing is making certain to convey the correct message to the correct individual. Despite the fact that a business produces varied products, there will be varying items to suit the requirements of different customers. Attempting to market items made for a distinct purchaser is unlikely to be successful unless they are being given as a present. However, in those cases it’s often a one-off. Luckily, using a CRM email marketing reduces these problems because you:

Five possibilities to make email marketing more effective with a CRM

CRM is advantageous for email advertising, where accomplishment hinges on customizing material to the crowd. It is targeting customers and businesses on an individual level rather than a large, general population. Here is how CRM improves email marketing:

1. Enhanced data collection to avoid a spam folder

The growing amount of data may seem perplexing. What is the best way to make sure all channels of communication are utilized without creating too much complexity or giving a potential customer the wrong information? The main thing is not to amass all information, but to utilize the existing data correctly. Employ email marketing CRM.

2. Personalizing communication by breaking the audience into segments

Standing out from the group can be achieved by customizing something to your individual preferences. Using a customer’s name, communicating reports, or providing personalized data that is only relevant to them can be methods of addressing customers.

That’s what Forbes says about personalization benefits:

Emails like these are necessary in order to motivate individuals to perform the required action and to ensure that existing customers stay in the loop. Strong messages can lead them to your website, where you can put in place user experience best practices applicable to shopping carts and other techniques to increase conversions. CRM technology can save information from numerous sources, applications, and operations that take place offline.

Check the example below from the Fitbit email newsletter. The service furnishes weekly data with the days which give the best results, the normal amount of footfalls, kilometers, calories, etc.

Sending personalized emails is possible after segmenting the audience. This method involves categorizing customers based on information such as age, gender, geographical location, preferences, prior purchases, utilisation of applications, and other relevant criteria. Encharge, among other email service providers, is capable of splitting the customers into specific classes such as recent registrants or those who haven’t opened emails in a while.

3. Launching triggered email campaigns

Customers move through the sales funnel. They do certain things that you can match up with certain emails depending on the situation. As an illustration, send out emails for onboarding to anyone who has just made a purchase, or send out a notification to let them know that there is something still left in their cart. That’s what triggered email campaigns are about.

They give you the opportunity to foster connections with potential customers while assisting them at every step. Email marketing and automation software provide specialized features to make certain that each automated email you broadcast is as efficient as it can be.

This is an example of what a welcoming email sent in response to a trigger could appear like. I’ve taken an example from the Domestika newsletter. This text outlines the suggested steps, classes, and queries that can be used to gain additional knowledge about the customer.

4. Potential for re-engagement and reducing the number of unsubscribers

In the research, it was found that when customers drop out it is due to lack of relevancy in 56% of instances, and failing to meet the expectations of the subscribers in 51% of cases. How can you encourage people to open emails? Bring back subscribers by providing relevant material and arousing their curiosity about the company.

The top CRM for email marketing can help to identify why your customers have stopped being so responsive and what techniques your business can use to stimulate interest again. See what Marley Spoon, a delivery service, is offering – come back and receive a discounted price!

5. Improved organizational productivity

CRMs contribute to internal and external collaboration. Having all corporate information in one place eliminates the requirement of navigating through various applications. Consequently, the business functions more productively, and all members remain in the loop.

Having greater transparency of corporate data allows for simpler oversight of activities. What is the click-through rate? How many people unsubscribed? Utilize the data from the resolution to perform A/B evaluating and build attractive and responsive emails.

Due to Artificial Intelligence being utilized in the majority of modern technology, it is possible to predict trends in order to better prepare the organization to manage periods of high demand. Predictive analytics assists in making sure there are no shortages of inventory by predicting when restocking is necessary.

What makes a CRM + email marketing solution successful?

Maximizing the benefit from the usage of a CRM system in combination with electronic mail marketing. You can receive an approximate return of $36 for each dollar expended on email marketing. CRM, in turn, brings $5.60 for every dollar invested. Thus, any business can anticipate beneficial results from incorporating CRM email.

What technology should you pick to guide you on this journey? You require an option full of features which can be tailored to help you effortlessly contact promising customers when the time is right. That’s what an efficient CRM and email marketing solution should have:

Reporting and analytics

It is important to determine if you are heading in the correct direction. Which activities resulted in a rise in sales or caused an increase in the number of unsubscribers? The device needs to have the capacity to have data and figures available to enable sensible decisions to be made. Below is the screenshot of the Encharge tool. This dashboard demonstrates your email marketing metrics. You can take advantage of the additional advantages that the software has to offer by trying it out with a 14-day complimentary trial.


Innovations in CRM and email marketing software are paving the way for automated solutions. It’s the basis of launching drip campaigns. The solution should enable employees to concentrate on analytical tasks, rather than having to keep track of when is the appropriate time to get in touch with each customer or send out a thank-you message.

Contact management

The process of contact management involves assembling and keeping customer information and activity all in one record. The instrument should possess a unified repository for these particulars, comprising of social networking associations and contact facts. The higher extent of accuracy, the greater ability to comprehend precisely what users are in need of.

Connecting with other business applications

The instrument should be able to interface with the company’s analytics for business use, cooperation, or any other services. What is the point of paying for many accounts that are not being used? Successful integration only strengthens the potential of different tools.

Ready-to-use templates

You should be able to create and customize templates. Take a win-back campaign as an example. You should craft a few letters that you can keep for future use, as opposed to creating them from scratch each time.

User-friendly email editor

The most effective customer relationship management tool for email marketing should be easy to use for launching emails and personalizing them to the recipient’s wants. Including images, videos, files, and other elements should be straightforward and simple to understand.

Access from your phone

It is fantastic to be able to utilize the system while you are away from home, even when you don’t have a laptop available. The tool should be designed for mobile use so that you can keep current with information when not in the office.

It can be overwhelming to attempt to monitor all of the responsibilities related to email marketing without help. Nevertheless, the proper usage of a customer relationship management system for electronic mail campaigns can make things much simpler. CRMs can help strengthen the bond between sales and marketing, helping boost overall results. It’s commonly believed that the biggest advantage of having a CRM is being able to provide personalization for customers. If customers have an emotional bond to your company, they are more likely to make a purchase.


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