10 SaaS Social Media Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Sales

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The use of Software as a Service (SAAS) is rapidly expanding and becoming more commonly used by a wide variety of businesses due to its cloud-based functions and economical cost.

It is widely appreciated by consumers, yet creating and advertising a SAAS program presents a great challenge to both software makers and promoters.

This is happening because of two reasons. Software developers must come up with creative and original ideas to add feature(s) to their product that will give them an advantage over rivals.

Furthermore, they grapple with an additional concern; the feature they introduce must be reasonably priced and, preferably, cheaper than the market rate. Marketers often find themselves in a competitive battle with customers and different advertising platforms.

In spite of the significant difficulties that marketers confront when attempting to promote SAAS businesses, social media marketing remains a popular alternative.

If you would like to maximize the reach and sales of your SAAS business using social media, check out this guide.

1) Choose The Right Social Media Platforms

Gradually, an increasing number of social media platforms have been emerging. Sure there are established giants like Facebook and Twitter.

Occasionally, there will be recent entrants to the fray like Snapchat and TikTok.

What platform is the most appropriate for your Software as a Service (SaaS) business?

Well, the answer lies in understanding your target audience.

Once you identify the person that you want to target as your ideal customer, you can look into where they spend the most time online.

2) Synergize Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing

You won’t see success with your SaaS social media marketing plan if you don’t have anything to post. It is essential to coordinate your content marketing and social media marketing endeavours.

The initial action to take is to craft content that is informative, captivating, and of exceptional quality. Blog posts, articles, infographics, videos, and podcasts can all be effective forms of content.

Once all of the content is prepared, you can commence distributing it through social media. Before you proceed, you need to ensure that your content is optimized for each platform.

For instance, if you are promoting a blog post on Twitter, make sure you craft an attention-grabbing headline and add an appropriate hashtag. Think about utilizing photos or videos to make your tweet more attractive.

In contrast, if you’re uploading an article onto LinkedIn, ensure that you have chosen a more suitable title and include a brief summarization of what the article is about. You could incorporate pictures to create a more attractive visual for your social media post.

3) Test Various Forms of Content

Given the large diversity of social media being used, it is getting harder and harder to determine which platform is ideal for advertising your product.

It would be beneficial to promote your product through all available channels. An efficient method to draw the attention of people would be to vary your content promotion tactics.

Do not be restricted to only one type of content; instead, try different things.

Include pictures, charts, podcasts, videos, and sound recordings in your content to make it more accessible. The significance of this is that people take in and comprehend the material in various forms.

4) Post & Engage With Your Followers Consistently

Using social media as a promotional tool can be useful for developing familiarity with a brand and creating more opportunities for sales.

However, only if you regularly publish content and interact with your fans.

If you do not post regularly or engage with those who follow you online, then there will be no positive outcome from your attempts to promote your SaaS product through social media.

What steps can you take to guarantee that you keep producing content and connecting with your supporters?

Here are a few tips:

Find The Best Time To Post

A study conducted by Hootsuite showed that the posts on social media that get the most interactions occur at 10 AM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

It all depends on the type of business you have in the SaaS field and who your customer base is. It is essential to experiment with various days and times to determine when you will receive the highest response rate.

Create A Content Calendar

A content calendar serves as an aid in scheduling and organizing your content marketing methods. Using social media for content delivery is an absolute must.

A content calendar can be beneficial for regularly interacting with your audience as it provides an organized view of what requires to be accomplished and when.

You can pick from a variety of content calendar templates. You could likewise make your own using a software program such as Google Sheets or Excel.

Personalize Your Comments & Replies

When you are connecting with those who are following you, it is significant to make your remarks and replies individualized.

Don’t just post bland remarks such as “Nice post!” or “This is fascinating.”

Instead of hastening, devote effort and attention to composing a considerate and pertinent message. This will demonstrate to your SaaS customers that you are truly invested in their opinion.

When responding to feedback, make a point to refer to the individual by their name. This will help your responses be more individualized and sincere.

5) Go Live

The capacity to stream live on most social media websites today is a hugely advantageous tool.

When you start streaming, everyone who follows you will get an alert that your broadcast has started and they can observe it while it is playing.

So how can you maximize this feature?

Host Live Webinars On Social Media

You can take advantage of social media platforms to organize live sessions online and make contact with your desired users of SaaS in real time.

This is a fantastic approach to establishing trust and forming a relationship with your potential customers. This is a brilliant chance to exhibit your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) item.

To guarantee that your online webinar goes off without a hitch, heavily advertise it through social media networks in the days preceding the webinar. Invite your viewers to engage with you during the webinar by posing inquiries and sharing their thoughts.

Run A Live Q&A Session

You can also take advantage of the live feature by hosting a question-and-answer session.

This is a chance for you to provide responses to any queries that current or potential SaaS users might have. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your proficiency and knowledge in your field.

Gaining recognition for your brand can be accomplished by inviting a well-known specialist in your field. This should draw in more people to watch your Q&A session that is being livestreamed.

6) Partner With Influencers

Working with well-known figures on social media platforms to advance a SaaS product or organization is what is known as influencer marketing.

Individuals with a large group of followers on various social media platforms are referred to as influencers. Due to their impact, they have the capacity to contact a sizable crowd and convince them to do something.

There are many different ways to partner with influencers. For example, you can:

The important part is to identify a person who is pertinent to your Software-as-a-Service product/marque and who has a similar desired demographic.

7) Create A Community Around Your Product

Generate an intense, devoted fanbase by constructing a Facebook page, group, or e-mail list and publicizing your product to the members.

Advertise your product in the community. In this neighborhood, you could offer rewards for people to take advantage of such as a reduction in pricing, perpetual utilization of the SAAS product for inexpensive costs, or offer rewards for the initial fifty registrants, etcetera.

You should maintain records and lists of people who could become your followers, such as potential leads and early sign-ups, and use this information to measure the size of your community. Then make those individuals into your most dedicated supporters.

It is essential to remember that your earliest subscribers are your most valuable resources and ought to be handled with extra care.

8) Use Social Media As A Customer Service Channel

One of the optimal strategies for utilizing social media for your software as a service (SaaS) venture is to implement it as a customer service platform.

This implies that you can employ social media to assist your patrons in resolving any issues they may have with your Software as a Service product.

9) Invest In Social Media Marketing Tools

There are numerous social media marketing tools available. It can be difficult to determine which option is the best fit for your software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprise.

Investing in an effective social media strategy could save you a great deal of energy, in addition to enabling you to accurately evaluate what you have achieved.

Some of the best social media marketing software include the following:

These SaaS solutions for social media marketing have various characteristics. Some of the typical characteristics of social media management tools include the capability to facilitate the organization and release of content, monitor your data, and interrelate with your followers.

10) Grow A Community Of Customers On Social Media

One of the most advantageous methods for utilizing social media for your SaaS company is to cultivate a clientele of individuals.

This could be accomplished by constructing a closed Facebook group or a LinkedIn collective for your current purchasers.

Having a group like this can bring a lot of benefits to your SaaS business:

Scaling the Reach for Your SAAS Product

You have launched a great product onto the market, your enterprise is becoming more secure with each day that passes and is headed towards continued success. That’s the precise moment to grow your business and pursue those large numbers.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Invest in Paid Advertising

Investing in promotional materials can be extremely beneficial, so consider utilizing it as much as possible.

Social Media advertisements not only drive traffic to your business, but they can also boost the visibility of your company.

When you invest money in advertising your material on social media sites, you are given assistance by the automated systems of these websites. Facebook and Instagram, for example, show your item to the individuals you mean to reach.

Occasionally, Facebook changes its algorithms in order to give users material that is appropriate to what they are searching for. Therefore, the number of people that have seen posts from branded pages has dropped by 40%.

According to AdWeek, the typical branded post on Facebook will only be visible to 2.6 percent of those the brand is trying to reach, meaning almost all the posts from the brand will be unseen by the majority of its followers.

And it’s not just limited to Facebook. Many social media platforms have either reduced or completely restricted users from having a wide reach on their platform without using paid services. Even though some platforms have extraordinary potential, this may never be reached unless you put money into paid advertising for your software as a service business.

2. Promote Discount Offers Regularly

Post our special deals on your social media accounts and to get a better understanding of your followers, designate a particular day as a discount day.

Give special bargains on holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year. It would be advantageous to offer a seven-day or a month-long free trial in order to attract more customers and recognize potential users. Around 47% of Netflix users made the decision to purchase a subscription plan after their free trial had expired.

3. Invest in Viral Marketing

In today’s day and age, it’s easy for a trend to take off. As long as your SaaS product is shared on social media platforms, its chances of being seen by more and more people are high, similar to how both the Kiki Challenge and Baby Shark have blown up.

Viral marketing relies solely on creativity. The idea should be such that it encourages people to spread it.

4. Hire an Experienced Digital Agency

Digital agencies specialize in digital and social media marketing. If you want to prioritize your SAAS business, putting resources into a digital agency is essential.

It is well-known that digital agencies can be quite costly, particularly for newly established businesses. Nevertheless, in the long-term, they will eventually be beneficial and the gains will be much higher than not investing in one.

Digital agencies have expertise in the area of marketing, and they are competent professionals who understand the correct timing and audience to market your SAAS enterprise.

Consider it this way: You might have an incredible plan, but if it doesn’t make money, what is the use in it? Hiring a digital agency can guarantee the success of your business.


It is essential that you advertise your SAAS business on social media for it carries immense opportunity that is ready to be used.

In contrast to electronic and printed media, social media marketing is a cost-efficient way to promote your material, especially if you are just getting your venture going.

Social media is an ideal platform to market your SAAS business, since many of the people who might be interested can be found on various social media sites.


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