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Future growth for companies requires continual improvement. The most effective way to unleash new growth is through innovation and CREATIVITY!

Marketing team structure explained

The goal is to assemble a group that will work together seamlessly to develop and carry out all of your company’s marketing plans. You have a lot of responsibility as the leader of them all. Keep in mind that the makeup of your team will be determined by the type of business you have, your brand’s goals, and the budget for your department when reading this list. Instead of having separate roles for specialists, you may have team members who play multiple roles.

1) SEO team

The SEO team employs various strategies to improve your website’s ranking in search engines. These include on-page tactics, off-page tactics, and technical SEO methods. The skills needed by the team include being able to analyze data, keyword research, writing, editing, proofreading, and solving problems. Proficiency in analytics software is a requirement for members of this team. Interpretation and use of data is essential for team members.

The size of your organization should determine the number of people on your SEO team, as well as what roles they play. Some suggested rules include:

Common responsibilities of this team

2) Social media marketing team

Social media marketing is the key to a brand’s success — it establishes a connection between the brand and its consumers. The social media marketing team works with the content, product, and graphic design teams to come up with ways to use the content that would be most beneficial to the target audience. The content is then redistributed through social media channels. The social media marketing team is also responsible for the following:

Some common roles for this essential part of the marketing team structure are as follows:

Common responsibilities of this team

3) Product marketing team

The sole purpose of a product marketing team is to promote a company’s products to the target customers. This team functions like a marketing team that specializes in each of the company’s products. Key roles to have on this team include:

Common responsibilities of this team

4) Content marketing team

Digital marketing is not effective without content that is designed to meet customer needs. That’s where the content marketing team fits in. This team leads the way in content creation including blog articles, videos, podcasts, guides, white papers, and case studies.

Although the content marketing team and other marketing roles have some similarities, they are ultimately distinct from one another. Some of the most important people to have on your content marketing team include:

Common responsibilities of this team

5) Graphic design/web design team

The graphic design team collaborate with the content marketing, product marketing, and social media marketing teams to create visuals that are both appealing and effective, as well as websites and landing pages. This team is usually led by a Creative Director who connects other marketing teams within the brand.

Common responsibilities of this team

6) Data and analytics team

The data and analytics team provides market information and insights to the marketing department to help inform decisionmaking around marketing strategies and initiatives. Making decisions based off of data is what helps marketing teams succeed in attracting potential customers and increasing conversions. This team has three key roles:

Common responsibilities of this team

7) Writing and editing team

having someone who can write well is important for any digital marketing campaign. They persuasively argue that your brand is the perfect match for what potential customers are looking for. When words and visuals are combined, they have a more powerful impact than either one alone.

The writing and editing team ensures that all of a brand’s written content helps achieve business goals by working closely with the SEO, content marketing, product, social media, and graphic design teams.

Common responsibilities of this team

The Power of Creativity in Marketing

Why is creativity so important in your marketing? There is a lot of evidence to show that being creative has a positive effect on business outcomes.

companies that prioritize creativity and integrate it into marketing see twice the revenue growth of companies that don’t McKinsey & Company, a leading global management consulting firm, has found that the most creative companies outperform their peers when it comes to financial performance.

The growth of companies is mainly determined by their ability to produce new products, services or business models. Innovation is the key to business growth, and creativity is the key to innovation.

All of the marketing executives that were surveyed confirmed that creativity had a positive impact on both revenue growth and profitability. Every single executive aligned on this. Think about that!

” In his book Rethink Lead Generation, Tom Shapiro, CEO of Stratabeat, argues that creativity is essential for any business to succeed. It simply cannot be commoditized. It’s what sparks the greatest growth. It’s the most sustainable competitive advantage.”

If your team is not making creativity a priority in their strategy, they are missing out on revenue, profits, and growth.

The Time : Creativity Ratio

It’s funny. The answer is always the same—not enough How much time are you devoting to creativity in your marketing? This could involve brainstorming sessions, pitching new ideas, evaluating new ideas, etc.

Most teams say that they spend less than 1% of their time on being creative, thinking of new ideas, and innovating.

If these teams are not as innovative as they could be, is it any wonder why they are frustrated? You need to spend time on it if you want to be more creative. Period.

Methods to Increase Your Marketing Team’s Creativity

If you want to increase your team’s creativity and achieve greater innovation, try following the steps below.

Schedule It

To begin the process, you must set aside time in your calendars for creativity. You are creating time in your team’s schedule for activities that promote creativity.

Use time blocking in your calendar. Brainstorming can be a fun and enjoyable way to spend your time.

Focus Like Crazy

It may seem like it would be harder to be creative and generate new ideas if you have a narrower focus, but it’s actually easier. Be clear as to what challenge you are addressing. What are the goals you’re trying to achieve?

This will help you to come up with more ideas, and they will be better quality and more useful.


If you want to get your team to be more creative, one of the best things to do is to have brainstorming sessions.

To ensure your brainstorming sessions are productive and effective, identify the specific topic you will focus on in advance. Give them time to think about it in advance. It is important to be clear about the goal of the brainstorming session so that everyone knows what they are working towards.

In order to be effective, it is important to involve people from different departments and with different levels of experience within the organization. Listen to your participants and be willing to consider their ideas. This means that not all ideas are great or even achievable. It is important to generate a lot of ideas in order to come up with the best ones.

If you are meeting in person, offer fun food at your brainstorming session! This will help everyone to relax and have a good time while they are being creative.

How to Select the Best Ideas

You have a list of ideas for your marketing strategy. Then, use a decision-making framework to identify the best ideas from the group.

What this means is creating a matrix. In the right-hand column, the matrix should list the target market, the benefits to that market, the features that support the benefits, and the communications strategy The matrix should look like this: Marketing Idea | Target Market | Benefits | Features | Communications Product A will be marketed as an environmentally friendly alternative to product B. Product A | Customers who are environmentally conscious | Product A is better for the environment than product B | Product A is made with recycled materials | Advertising that highlights that product A is made with recycled materials and is therefore better for the environment than product B Then, to the right, list the following columns:

Evaluate each with a green, yellow, or red highlight. If the task is easy to complete, then color the cell green. If “Speed” does not meet the deadline, it should be colored red. Etc.

You will be able to tell if the idea meets your standards this way. This is a way to quickly eliminate most of your options, leaving only a few.

From there, choose the best ideas. And enjoy all the new growth your business experiences!


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