Find TikTok Influencers Quickly Using These 6 Tips

It is difficult to identify TikTok influencers who genuinely reach the desired demographic.

Some creators don’t have the right audience. Some have fake followers, or low engagement rates. Others don’t match your brand values. And so on. So what do you do?

To be able to make a good return on investment for influencer marketing through TikTok, you need to be able to find influencers that fit your brand in a way that you can reliably and continually build on. Here’s how to do it.

You won’t run out of TikTok influencers

Whether you have just started or have ample experience in recruiting influencers, you will never be short of potential candidates. No matter how niche your product is.

It’s likely that you simply need to change your approach to the situation if you believe you are running short of likely employees.

Let’s assume that you are offering expensive, high-quality lamps to affluent customers. There is no such thing as “lamp influencers.” Nobody only talks about lamps. So who do you recruit? Here’s Avery Schrader’s advice (co-founder at Modash):

“Think about the broader categories that lamps sit within. Target artists, celebrities, and other groups of people with luxurious tastes. It isn’t about being an expert in lamps but about authentically engaging your audience on the relevant subject.”

Put yourself in the shoes of your end customer. Who do they follow? Whose opinions do they trust?

Here are some ideas to find TikTok influencers to help you on this journey:

Trending hashtags are beneficial for a number of reasons. People consult them in order to locate the most current and applicable information. At the same time, makers utilize them to broaden their visibility and contact. A company could potentially use popular hashtags to discover what their competitors are doing, obtain content ideas, and identify individuals with influence on TikTok.

Utilizing the latest trending hashtags is an effective way to locate TikTok influencers pertinent to your business. Influencers use hashtags relevant to a specific industry. All you must do is locate these popular hashtags.

For that, you simply go to the Discover page. On the app TikTok, there is a feature called Discover that enables users to search for top clips, trending topics, hashtags, audio, and creators of content.

In order to get to that page, click on the search symbol illustrated in the picture beneath.

Then, in the search field, enter your search phrases. The outcome will be the most popular social media stars, clips, audio files, and tags. By browsing the Discover section, you can observe which hashtags are trendy and find videos associated with these hashtags, as demonstrated in this photo.

If you select a hashtag, let’s say #fitnesschallenge, you will be directed to a page that contains all the videos that include that hashtag. This is what the page appears to be when I select the #fitnesschallenge option.

As is apparent, there is a wide selection of influencers to pick from. Once you’ve come across some influencers that you prefer, have a look at their profile and determine if they have provided a website link or links to other social networking sites. This way, you can keep up with them on different outlets and get familiar with their material.

Make sure to locate the most notable TikTok influencers in order to construct a fan base for your business. You need to examine their amount of followers, as well as their involvement rate, among other factors, to evaluate if they meet your expectations.

If increasing engagement is of utmost importance to you, then it may be prudent to include more small-scale influencers. That cluster of influencers is famed for provoking more participation from their followers compared to chief influencers.

Looking for information about TikTok influencer marketing online may be your first step if you are just beginning. It doesn’t take long and is simple to do; moreover, it could supply you with extra necessary detail. Many websites make up rosters of people who are influential and write about their evaluations. This text mentions that businesses offer knowledge such as where they locate, how well-favored they are, and what their offerings are, among other aspects.

To discover the right Tiktok influencers for your influencer marketing initiative, do some keyword analysis. Exploring the web with phrases like “top fitness influencers on TikTok” or “most popular fitness influencers on TikTok” is a useful technique to unearth TikTok influencers when utilizing Google.

You may tailor your search depending on criteria such as number of followers, type of content, and the geographic area. A list of famous influencers will appear. It is advisable that you examine these probable influencers yourself to determine if they are pertinent to your area of expertise and company and if they fit your standards.

Reach out to some TikTok influencers and inquire if they would be open to partnering with you. Think outside the box and devise methods to collaborate. Perhaps a branded takeover or a video collaboration could be conducted.

3. Look for specific topics

When searching for TikTok influencers, you should establish the topics of concern that you intend to focus on. This may aid you in pinpointing people who are already enthused about associated content and are more likely to be enthusiastic about your brand or commodity.

It can be beneficial to both parties if influencers collaborate with one another. Most TikTok influencers release appropriate material relating to a particular speciality or sector in order to enlarge and keep their devoted followers.

An influencer marketing niche is a specific area of focus, highly specialized. That area of interest could encompass anything from beauty and style to journeying and athletics. Influencers typically share photos and commentary associated with the subject matter they are discussing.

Their content quality must be high, relevant, and shareable. These influencers will display the same level of commitment and attention to your influencer initiatives. They could be more beneficial financially than working with a social media influencer who doesn’t have a particular specialty. They will captivate your major followers, broaden your clientele, and draw in attention.

Hunting for influencers by subject is just as easy as any other search. You may employ search terms to locate pertinent TikTok users. Google subject + TikTok influencers to get started. Visit the app’s page to find new topics, put in the subject that you are interested in, and discover the people who are influencing the topic.

As is evident from this screenshot, the majority of the people at the peak of the search results for “fitness” are influencers. The process is similar to hashtag searching.

One more way to locate pertinent TikTok influencers is to examine widely-used tags and accounts. Hashtags are an excellent way to keep abreast of the latest trends and identify people who are discussing them.

Profiles with a high number of followers can serve as a great source of ideas for discovering possible influencers. An instance of this could be, if you are in charge of a clothing line, you can see what prominent fashion bloggers post, to identify other influencers in the same area. It might be possible if they work together, leave remarks for each other, or when more of them are viewing your profile.

4. Check out what the competition is doing

When investigating TikTok influencers, it is significant to take a look at what other similar companies are doing. Monitoring the TikTok movements of your competitors can aid you in discovering your company’s distinct advantages and optimizing your TikTok content plan. It might also be simpler for you to discover and focus on appropriate TikTok influencers.

Begin by figuring out three to five similar companies or entities, and then look at what they are doing on the application. Check the profiles of the influencers to see what type of collaborations they are doing.

Find out who is following the videos by looking at the comments. You can also look at the hashtags they utilize and determine who is utilizing them. This will provide you with an understanding of which influencers they have focused on and who they have partnered with.

You can identify your competitors by searching for topics with hashtags #ad or #sponsored on the app. You will find influencers tagging them in their posts.

These influencers should be considered when making a list of possible partners. Look into which influencers in your region would be open to partnering with you, and what kind of related content they post.

5. Explore other social media platforms

Each social media platform is intended to be used by a certain group of people, and certain types of content are catered to them. Influencers are growing their visibility across all social platforms. It is advantageous for marketers to associate with influencers who are engaged on various social media networks. The primary impetus to do so would be to expand your influencer marketing campaign to cover more social media sites.

Investigate the other social media platforms of potential TikTok influencers while searching. Evaluate parameters like involvement rate, quantity of followers, bogus supporters, degree of posts, remarks, shares, and likes to discover a perfect influencer.

Evaluate the distinctions between the kind of material, intended audience, and interaction level in their material. That will enable you to extend your reach of followers and better the sales and standing of your business. This will aid you in figuring out the best time and place for your messages to have the most impact.

If an individual who creates content is unable to adequately expand their social media presence, such as on Instagram and Facebook, then it might be best to stay away from doing business with them, as they may not fulfill your aims and objectives.

6. Use the help of an agency

If you’re trying to enlist a TikTok influencer for your business or item, one great way to go about it is partnering with an agency. A handful of firms specialize in hooking up labels with social media influencers, and they can be an excellent tool in finding the ideal people to collaborate with.

They can help you with your influencer marketing strategy. To save both time and effort, you can let the agency handle searching, examining, and supervising influencers. An agency will keep a record of people with influence and be able to connect you with the ones that work best with your brand. They can also help with negotiating rates and terms.

A variety of influencer marketing websites exist which link businesses to social media personalities. Brands have the opportunity to use precise content that speaks directly to certain groups of people, as well as allowing writers to maximize the returns from their work. This service assists companies to handle their influencer promotions including analytics, reports, and remuneration.

3 ways to ensure a successful collaboration

The success of your campaign is not only reliant on finding the right influencers for your company, but also hinges on working together with them. Let’s take a look at the top three ways to guarantee your business pays attention to influencer ties.

1. Carefully vet the influencers

Before establishing a connection with an influencer, take a look at the type of content they’re producing to gauge their brand image. It is critical to be aware that the beliefs of those people usually match your company’s.

Examine the engagement rate of the influencers and how they interact with their followers. Determine if the material they produce resonates with your desired demographic and if they are capable of exposing your enterprise to prospective clients.

It is essential to take into consideration if they possess trustworthiness in their field. Check if they have the power to speak on relevant topics, and if their listeners accept their advice and pay attention to it.

2. Develop a smooth onboarding process

Once you have cautiously screened and employed the TikTok influencers you wanted, it is time to give them the necessary instructions.

Bringing aboard influencers is a major part of your interaction with them since it is essentially their initial encounter with your company.

Ensure a smooth onboarding process by providing detailed influencer briefs, including:

3. Don’t micro-manage your influencers

The agreement has been officially inked, the outline has been distributed, and the influencer is currently producing content for your promotional push. It is important to keep in mind that you should not be excessively involved in the details while working with influencers in order to create a good partnership.

Working with these influencers is beneficial because they are skillful and understand what appeals to and holds the interest of their followers.

Don’t micro-manage influencers about the content they create. Once you have thoroughly informed them of all the details, allow them to work their wonders. Allow them the freedom to make videos that reflect their individual style.

By interfering too much, there is a chance of loosing the genuine nature that makes influencer promotions distinctive.

By adhering to this handbook, you are in the process of identifying the TikTok influencers who are the most applicable for your business, ones that communicate your brand precepts and have an enthusiastic group of supporters.


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