5 Marketing Books Business Leaders Should Read

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It is difficult to discern which marketing books are the best; some merit study while others are not worth the effort. It is difficult to pin down a precise definition of what makes an excellent marketing book; this is because it largely depends on a variety of factors like your existing capabilities, the expansion of your business, the organizational strategy, team size, and goals. Let’s make a note of a couple of crucial hints to consult when choosing a book to make sure that it’s right for you.

Strategy vs. tactics

When discussing books, concentrate on marketing approaches instead of instructional manuals that explain how to complete a task. The idea is straightforward – in this ever-changing digital advertising world, strategies alter too quickly for a written book to keep track of the newest developments. Before its release, most strategies could be out-of-date.

Websites such as blogs and online forums are the top spots to find present-day strategies. Marketing books can provide you with advanced tactics and ideas. Some items have an expiration date associated with them, while others are timeless.

When you scan this list, you’ll observe that a few of the finest marketing books I am suggesting here are even as old as 50 years! Nevertheless, their attention is concentrated mainly on essential promotional tactics rather than “Instructions for operating the Facebook Ads Manager.”

Target audience

Who’s the book for? The author often clearly states who the text is intended for. Books are published which are tailored for marketers who will have the task of carrying out the marketing plan or a part of it.

Stage and industry of the company

Marketing professionals can get excited easily. Often I have witnessed promoters in young corporations venture in the wrong direction since they attempted to heed information from a publication which was clearly written for spacious businesses with a lengthy capital, power, and staff size.

Marketing literature does not usually provide a concentrated look at a particular business stage or field.

You must make the decision whether a certain book is appropriate for both you and your business. Check the author’s bio. Have they always worked in large enterprises? Did he put a larger emphasis on business-to-business or business-to-consumer during his career?

This may not be a game-changing book, and it’s unlikely that you’ll discover the ideal volume describing marketing tactics for your development stage and field, but this does not necessarily mean that the book is of no worth or use. It is in your power to place the content you’re perusing in a logical frame of reference and then choose only the portions that would have the most major effect on your organization.

Digital Marketing is full of opportunities. As a marketing pro, it is up to you to recognize the action with the best possibility for making a difference and place it first on your list.

Red Flags

Well, the list here could be endless. Perusing Amazon reviews is an option, however they can be easily manipulated.

Other red flags can come from the author’s bio. I stay away from books written by authors who have no real-life experience. Typically, an effective book is one that is composed by someone with direct knowledge of the topic they are discussing. In most other cases, what we have is a concise overview or compile of ideas from different advertising books and web articles.

Being well-informed on a subject does not necessarily imply that it can be communicated in a coherent and comprehensible way in a book.

This article looks at five outstanding marketing books which have been specifically suggested to business executives.


Have you ever considered why certain enterprises and business plans remain popular while others vanish shortly after they arise? It is understandable for a business leader to inquire about this.

Ideas that endure while continuing to be applicable don’t occur randomly. There is a reason for that. Utilizing a wide range of strategies outlined in this publication, you could be successful in appearing memorable to customers and accomplishing financial stability with your business.

About The Authors

This New York Times bestseller, which was composed by Chip and Dan Heath, has been a great influence in the marketing field, not only in the United States, but around the world. Chip Heath is a professor of organizational behavior at the Stanford University Graduate School Of Business and his brother Dan Heath is a former researcher at Harvard who is now a consultant and creator of revolutionary educational materials. This piece of writing was issued in 2007 and followed in the footsteps of Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, making use of a comparable approach with accounts and examples to clarify the approaches.

Inside The Book

In Made To Stick, six strategies are proposed as methods of ensuring that business ideas are retained in people’s minds. No matter what endeavor you are pursuing, whether it is developing your enterprise or making a new motto; these six ideas can be useful.

2. Contagious: Why Things Catch On

Jonah Berger, a marketing professor, is the author of Contagious, a book which has made it to the New York Times’ bestsellers list. This publication is comparable to Made To Stick in its discussion about how promoters can spread word of their offers widely. He claims that the elements that create remarkable marketing are not the conventional standards such as cost, excellence, or promotional activities. He continually emphasizes the need for social interaction and individual interactions in the modern day, where viral promotion plays an integral part in brand achievement.

About The Author

Jonah Berger, a teacher from the Wharton School located at the University of Pennsylvania, is renowned for his research into word of mouth, social sway and viral marketing. He has made contributions to scholarly magazines and instructs the most highly ranked virtual course offered at Wharton. In addition to his activities at the university, Berger is often featured in esteemed publications such as the New York Times, Havard Business Review, and Wall Street Journal.

Simon And Schuster publishers released Contagious: Why Things Catch On in 2013. The volume scored Amazon’s top rating in both its written and audio versions in the same year of its release.

Inside The Book

Jonah Berger divides the pieces that make up viral marketing and the passing of information between individuals into six categories. These methods he labels STEPPS: Social Valuation, Activators, Emotional Connections, Public Awareness, Practical Benefits, and Narratives.

3. Content Inc.: How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences

This book makes known to marketers the advantages of using Content Marketing as an accepted enterprise strategy. Best for founders of startups and budding entrepreneurs.

About The Author

Joe Pulizzi is a highly influential figure in the field of content marketing. As well, Joe, the scribe of Epic Content Marketing, has given lectures at some of the most prominent content marketing gatherings globally.

Inside The Book

In this book, Joe Pulizzi provides a thorough and methodical guide to producing excellent content, attracting an audience, and tailoring a product to fulfill the requirements of that audience. Instead of starting with what is typically the last component, this method reverses the procedure.

4. Killing Marketing: How Innovative Businesses Are Turning Marketing Cost Into Profit

This book places a strong emphasis on disruption. Those in marketing who are wishing to make use of this book will need to be educated in a new way.

About The Authors

Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose collaborated to write the book. Joe Pulizzi is a celebrated authority in content marketing while Robert Rose is a counselor and adviser who helps marketers to manufacture remarkable narratives associating with their labels.

Inside The Book

As mentioned earlier, the book is mainly about disruption. Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose have shifted their perception of content marketing from being a mere promotional method to becoming a full-fledged company strategy. This had never been heard of before that time.

Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words for Influence and Impact

An issue faced by many businesses is the difficulty of finalizing deals. This book is about driving conversions and increasing sales. This work is undoubtedly one of the best works ever composed on the matter.

About The Author

The book was written by Phil M. Jones is a person with many talents; he is a business owner, adept at increasing profits, an instructor in sales technique, and a public addressee.

Inside The Book

Phil concentrates extensively on detail in this literary work, meticulously displaying rather than simply describing. The phrases used are shown with evidential case stories. He emphasizes the strength and effectiveness of each expression. Phil claims that deliberating over what to utter immediately before speaking is not advisable.

Bonus List You Might Want to Check Out:

Predictably Irrational

Not only is Dan Ariely a renowned behavior researcher, but he also is an excellent instructor and speaker. The literature that he has composed is insightful and engaging, incorporating multiple real-world experiments and examples.

The book “Predictably Irrational” explains why humans often make irrational, inexplicable decisions even though they tend to believe they are behaving in a completely rational manner. It goes into the intricacies of how our minds work and how our thought processes lead us to act in unexpected ways. Much of the book is based on Ariely’s research and concentrates on our patterns of purchasing.

A prime example, what is the most significant feeling when purchasing an item? It’s Fear. When we don’t buy something, it’s because of fear. The term “Free” is quite influential and eliminates any apprehensions.

Although he does not speak of marketing all throughout the book, when you finish reading it, your head will be filled with ideas about how to ensure that your marketing techniques are as effective as possible, make your promotional pages and services as appealing as possible, and attract individuals to your product in a more proficient and speedy manner.


“Hooked“ by Nir Eyal is a bestseller worldwide. This book shows the ways in which exceptionally successful companies create products that can form habits.

Yes, products, not marketing campaigns. This book does not only focus on Marketing but also on how to draw potential customers towards your product, make them stay longer, become more loyal and change them into devoted patrons.

This volume is potentially the finest work of its kind, and ought to be read by those who work in product promotion without fail. Exploring revenue marketing, it is recommended that SaaS business executives should demolish any walls between departments and foster collaboration among them.

This text speaks to the fact that the concepts presented in this book are key in creating a Product Led Growth strategy.

Hacking Growth

“Hacking Growth” is the leading work on Growth Hacking, composed by two of the greatest experts in the growth hacking profession: Sean Ellis, credited with forming the term, and Morgan Brown, who worked alongside Sean and subsequently advanced to the job of director of item at Facebook and now VP of growth of Shopify.

Clearly, they do what they preach.

The book offers an enjoyable reading experience and is divided into two major parts. This text offers an overview of growth hacking and explains the steps necessary to create an effective process for making assumptions, swiftly testing them, analyzing the results, and then making improvements before beginning another experiment.

Most marketers require an orderly yet effective approach to trialing distinct experiments and review their results.

The latter half of the book is practically-focused, with a range of case studies and practical applications of growth hacking to help organizations expand.

It’s all about learning, not reading

If you have a problem with making too many purchases, you almost certainly have over 70 books sitting in your Kindle that you still need to read.

Some use the number of books they have read in a year as their measure of success, responding to the tweets that highlight how successful people used to read hundreds of books annually. When it comes to literature, the quality of the work is more important than the amount available.

The point of reading is not simply to get through as many books as possible, but instead to better yourself. Take the time to reflect on the material that has been read, and put those ideas into action.

If you don’t take action and practice what you’ve read about, you will not experience any reduction in stress from a book about meditation nor will you become a more effective marketer from learning new strategies and tactics.

A helpful advice: Take your time. It is sufficient to read five books instead of 20 if those books have considerable influence on your personal development.


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