Video Marketing SEO: 11 Ways to Optimize Your Video for Search

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As the world has become more digital, marketers have had to think outside the box and be more resourceful. Right now, two of the most popular techniques in content marketing involve video streaming and search engine optimization.

It is noteworthy that these two approaches are employed together in order to craft an advertising tool which accesses receptive viewers and forms moneymaking links.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy with the main aim of increasing your website’s visibility among search engine results. By employing this tactic, your page should appear at the top of the list when someone searches for relevant phrases or keywords.

Moz website explains SEO as a way to increase website visitors and promote the visibility of a brand without spending money on promotion. This is typically done through gaining high rankings in organic search engine results.

The most sought-after search platforms include Google, YouTube, Amazon, and Facebook. If you merge characteristics, Google has total domination of searches globally.

Making tweaks to your website so that it appears high up on the search engine result page (SERP) is worthwhile because doing so will bring visitors to your page. Approximately one-third of clicks on a Google Search are directed to the first result. Only 15% of the total produced the second result, and 10% was accounted for by the third result. When we reach the fifth suggestion, only a few answers remain.

This means that if your website shows up near the top of the list for applicable words and phrases, it will be advantageous for your firm.

Using SEO to Drive Traffic to Your VOD Platform

In addition to live video advertising, SEO can be utilized to heighten the exposure of your on-demand video content. Once more, video posts and webpages generate more interest than solely text-based blog posts.

A mutual interaction is taking place here. Video content that is well made will optimize SEO, producing a more satisfying experience for the user as well as bringing more visitors to your website. At the same period, proper SEO optimization of the other sections of your website and any additional content will bring more visitors to watch your videos.

How to Improve Your Video SEO

With this in mind, let’s discuss now how to optimize your video marketing SEO for live video marketing. We have looked into what video SEO is and its significance, so it is time to look into how to increase its effectiveness.

Here is a compilation of eleven strategies that you can use immediately to enhance your content.

1. Target Keywords

The initial part of constructing a video SEO tactic revolves around deciding which keywords will be focused on. Basically, the phrases that your potential customers are expected to put into a search engine are known as key words.

Search engine optimization is a complicated combination of art and science. There are several ways to conduct keyword research. You can commence with an inexpensive application such as Keywords Everywhere.

Prepare a compilation of terms that could be used by your ideal demographic to look for your product or service. If you are unsure where to begin, you can poll your viewers and ask what matters to them, what sort of topics would be advantageous for them to know about, or what information could be useful for them.

2. Title Properly

Use a descriptive, compelling title for all your videos. Try to include relevant keywords in every video title. The title you use should draw attention and make readers want to click, yet it must not unethical or make unsubstantiated claims. Provide a detailed account of the content of the video so that the algorithm is able to present it to audiences who would find it engaging and beneficial.

3. Descriptions

Spend adequate time crafting an exhaustive account of every one of your videos. This should include the topic of the video, what sort of material is included, etc. Links to other blog posts and videos can also show the algorithm that the bodies of work are related.

4. Make Great Content

The use of keywords strategically is vital, but even more significant is the production of top-notch content that captures the attention of viewers. Generating material that your audience interacts with can assist improve its position.

Some specific metrics may affect your ranking, including:

5. Video Hosting Platform

Picking a suitable video hosting service can provide you with more search engine optimization tools to facilitate the process.

Utilize the options from your video hosting platform to enable a video site map, so that indexing of your content is improved. Verify that the video marketing software that you are employing takes advantage of JSON-LD, which is a more technical aspect of video search engine optimization. Not all video hosting websites offer this functionality.

6. Thumbnail

Choose an attractive picture to get people to come to your website and improve results. Embed an attention-grabbing image along with a short description of the contents of the video to draw people in. Make sure the text is engaging and will draw the viewers in. Search engines will have difficulty examining the text which is displayed inside of a video, but this attribute is taken into consideration when assessing the ease of use of online search systems.

7. Context

It is essential that the website where you upload your video is optimized for the desired search engine. Focus on providing related keywords to your article, crafting top-of-the-line content, and adhering to the necessary technical SEO guidelines when developing webpages. Spend some time constructing useful material related to the video you have inserted.

8. One Video Per Page/Post

Normally, the only video visible in the results from a Google search is the initial one embedded on a web page. Thus, make sure your most well-viewed and supreme quality material is situated on the top section of the website, over any other videos.

9. Transcript

Include the option of providing subtitles or a full transcript of your video in the description. This text renders your content more decipherable to machines and facilitates search engine indexing.

Making your content available to people with hearing impairments or similar restrictions can be facilitated by including a copy of an official transcript.

10. Use Other Channels

Search Engine Optimization is a fundamental component of video advertising that is in use today and in the world of marketing in general. Nonetheless, it should not be the only component, and thus, should be accompanied by other promotional methods. Leverage various strategies to advertise your material, such as utilizing your bulletin, web journal, email campaigns, associate advertising, influencer marketing, and other procedures.

11. Assess and Revamp

Creating successful video SEO involves an investment of effort that must be maintained in the future. It is an ongoing process that necessitates changes and modifications to achieve the desired effects. It is necessary to establish Google Analytics and observe your progress to determine what Google is ranking your video content at.

At times, your content may be rated by search engines for keywords and concepts you did not think about when you first optimized it. If you recognize that Google is registering distinct search terms than you wanted, think about optimizing your material again accordingly.

To begin producing high-grade video content that will bring you success, we have undertaken research and generated the following steps to launch you off;

Optimize your Video Content

People who come to your website are searching for something intriguing and worthwhile. It is essential to begin providing pertinent information right away. It is important for the viewer to hear what our solutions offer, as they provide numerous benefits. Listening to our message will give them knowledge of the advantages involved with using our solutions, such as increased efficiency, cost savings, and better customer service.

You may use your video content marketing campaign to;

It is estimated that an average internet user will take around 13 minutes and 45 seconds to read online reviews prior to making a purchase. Take notice that they will not be devoting the complete time frame to one blog or video log. Provide them with enough details before they continue to the subsequent video. If you don’t keep the interest of your audience in the first 60 seconds, you will likely not be successful.

The Purpose and Positioning of Video on the Page

The initial step is to decide what should be included and what the goal is. Where the video will be positioned and what platform it will be on is decided by the content. If you would like to place several videos on one page, that can be accomplished. In such a situation, the most persuasive video should be inserted as the first. Google will only include one video per page in their search engine, and they prefer the first video in the page.

If your blog post is extensive, viewers might not be as enthusiastic as to scroll down and locate the video you included. It is essential to carefully consider where the video will be situated so that your viewers are able to easily locate and finish watching it.

Polish the Title and Description

Google may not understand all the spoken words in the video clips used in your social media marketing plans. The algorithm might be unable to locate key words within the video footage. How can you maximize SEO video marketing to achieve a better ranking?

Easy, polish your title and description. Google places a high value on the video’s title. And rightfully so. The first thing that draws attention when watching YouTube videos is the title of the content. The visual and auditory senses can never be completely satisfied by the amount of sight and sound they take in. Do your best to integrate the keywords into your title seamlessly.

Make Maximum Use of Customized Image Thumbnails

Apart from the name, something else that attracts viewers could be the picture thumbnail chosen. Getting the best results in terms of performance and engagement can be achieved through the use of personalized thumbnails. You can expect to see a 30% increase in views if you use an image of a real person as the thumbnail for your video. Why? People relate best with other humans.

Making thumbnails that are tailored to the content they are representing can be more effective than using generic stock photos in producing engagement.

Tips for Thumbnails

Transcription Overrides Google’s Algorithms

Search engines may not be able to take in your video marketing materials every second, but there is something else that they are very capable of doing. The video transcript.

In addition to having better visibility, transcripts make it easier to access media content. People who are not native speakers and struggle with pronunciation can easily follow along with videos if they have transcripts. Furthermore, having a transcript in place for an extended video hosted on your website will likely enhance its standing in terms of search engine results. Instead of having only a video on a web page, why not include transcripts to give extra information and support the search engine optimization story?

Optimize on Video Clarity and Loading Times

Video clarity is another factor often overlooked by marketers. We suggest various internet-based programs that will assist you in improving the quality and hastening the loading speed of your clips. Strive to have a pixel size of 640 x 360 or greater. Videos of high caliber will be beneficial for you, but could result in a delay in loading speed eventually. A 90% bounce rate is linked to a five second delay in loading. Your aim should be to maintain the bounce rate and exit rate at the lowest possible level.

You have been fortunate to have multiple video concentrators available to you on the internet, and some are free of charge. Aside from compressing videos, other tips for faster loading and better video clarity includes:

Tagging and Categorizing Helps Especially on YouTube

Tags are an important tool for users to discover your videos and for YouTube and other video-sharing platforms to comprehend the relationship between the content of your videos and the context of the surrounding content. This way, viewers can get a clearer comprehension of the video content as well as YouTube as a platform. If you put in tags that are not pertinent to the content, Google will punish you for attempting to trick their algorithm.

Consider Inserting Closed Captions and Subtitles

Subtitles can be just as attractive as transcripts and descriptions, which helps to boost your content’s performance on search engine result pages. It’s great that you don’t have to depend on people to help you take advantage of this opportunity. You can obtain and integrate a transcript into your material using multiple services. Nevertheless, the closed captions that are produced automatically do not possess the same level of quality and authenticity. Robots may not always understand what is said fully, leading to a lack of understanding and a muddled message being sent.

Consistency is a Game Changer

Producing content is a task in and of itself; however, keeping up with regular updates to the website is a separate issue. Your viewers value persistence. Moz established itself as a significant presence in the field of SEO through continuous effort and dedication. Their Whiteboard Friday has become a phenomenal household name. They upload a video series every week on Friday. The article the group wrote on this occasion was widely spread on social media, gaining more than 1000 shares, and was associated to more than 400 back links from over thirty-seven webpages. That type of promotion shouldn’t be taken for granted in the SEO world.


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