3 Key Influencer Strategies to Consider Regardless of Target Audience

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What measures do you take to guarantee you are conveying the appropriate message to the appropriate individuals at an opportune moment?

Figuring out who your desired audience is forms the basis of your marketing plan. Even if your product is top-notch, it won’t make any difference unless it is being promoted to the right audience.

This means familiarizing yourself with the people who would most likely buy from you, discovering who your rivals are, and recognizing the main issues that your product or service can resolve.

What Is a Target Audience?

The group of people who are most likely to purchase what you have to offer should be your main focus when it comes to promoting your goods or services. That is why it is essential to direct your advertising efforts towards this specific target audience.

Individuals can be categorized according to their actions as well as their demographic characteristics such as aged between 30 and 50 and being out of shape males.

Creating a demographic of people to target is important for determining where to concentrate your sales and marketing initiatives. This aids in comprehending who your desired consumer is and what difficulties are pertinent to them. This can include:

For example, if you have a SaaS product that helps IT professionals manage file-sharing across mobile devices, your target audience might look something like this:

It is essential to keep in mind that the intended recipients of your message can be either a specialised audience or a wide-reaching one, depending on your product. An example of this is that merchants who offer standard coats will have a much wider potential customer base as it can be worn by people of any gender and age.

Conversely, if the organization is offering goose (insulating) coats, it could specialize in purchasers who live in very cold climates and those who work exterior in strong conditions.

No matter what approach you take, it is essential to identify your target audience for pretty much every aspect of your marketing plan.

When we conducted our most recent poll, the greatest aid that our survey participants found from target audience research was for content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO efforts.

The Benefits of Knowing Your Target Audience

The thinking that “not all products can be sold to all people” has become quite prevalent amongst marketers in modern times, although there may be a small number of circumstances in which this is not accurate, it is generally the case.

What approach could you take to convincing a man in his fifties to purchase a basketball, despite him not having attempted a three-pointer in the past?

Why would you put yourself through the difficulty even if it was possible?

The top marketers realize that the objective is not to get every person to purchase what you’re selling – rather, the aim should be to target those who could already benefit from it in some way. These are the individuals you will designate as the group you are aiming to reach.

It is essential to comprehend your desired audience and outlining them is the fundamental foundation for any strategies or plans in marketing you decide to employ.

For instance, you might consider broadcasting your commercial during the Super Bowl because a great deal of people would have the opportunity to view it.

Taking into consideration the amount of money required for the commercial and the fact that only a quarter of viewers are likely to be interested in what is offered, it is not an especially worthwhile investment, right?

If your product is something like a fashionable sweater, it would be wise to advertise it in a fashion periodical as that is where your target customers can be found, and this will maximize your ROI.

Besides raising conversions and expanding return on investment, being familiar with your key demographic can assist you in creating a better bond with them and instilling trust.

You can devise imaginative ads which use the same words your prospects would and address them right away.

It is of the utmost significance now, particularly when the majority of customers (80%) say that they are more likely to purchase something from a company that gives them personalized experiences.

Target Audience Types

Have you ever seen the show “Criminal Minds,” involving FBI agents who utilize their profiling techniques to apprehend wrongdoers?

Profiling focuses on figuring out the habits and attitudes of the persons responsible for the murders, based on the criminal behavior they carried out.

It could be argued that constructing a target audience or a perfect customer description is an equivalent form of art. Just, you know, instead of murders, you’re profiling customers.

In order to accomplish this, it is important to comprehend the different kinds of people we will be addressing.

Here are the most popular group categorizations that the biggest companies use in their profiling processes:

Purchase Intent

This cohort is comprised of individuals who are seeking information about a particular product and are in the process of looking to buy it.

Anything imaginable can be named, from an automobile to a computer, from shoes to a television, and from frying pans to… well, anything.

Groups of people with the intent to buy are a great target for advertisers, as they are already interested in a product or service – all that is required is to convince them to buy it from you.


This data can be used to investigate what people are interested in, their activities and pastimes, and what sorts of entertainment they like.

After identifying what piques your target group’s interest, it will be a simpler task to relate to them.

For example, people who enjoy playing tennis will likely buy tennis items (e.g. rackets, sports bags, shoes, etc.) when the weather is pleasant and the courts are operational again.

It doesn’t matter what your target market is searching for, so long as you recognize what it is, you can tailor your advertising strategies to make your brand more visible and notable to them.


People who share the same opinion, hobbies, and life events form subcultures.

An example of this is those who live in cities and opt for fast food or dining out as they are often too busy to cook meals.

Before beginning to target a particular subculture, it is necessary to determine how they connect to your product or service.

As an example, podcasts that specialize in True Crime cater to their target audience, those who are fans of this particular genre.

Influencer Strategies in B2C Cheap Impulse and Emotional Products

When the term “influencer” is mentioned, Instagram celebrities are typically the first thing that comes to mind. The bedrock of Instagram influencer marketing relies on brand-loyal users (or brand spokespeople) to promote goods and services to their devoted community of followers.

The supporters of this influencer take great weight in their advice given, as they look up to them and are able to relate to them on some level. It is more compelling when an individual gives their recommendation of something, as opposed to a brand advertisement.

Almost four out of every five marketers believe that Instagram is the key when it comes to influencer marketing campaigns. A factor contributing to the success of Instagram is the simple process of creating, approving, and posting pictures, which allows for growth in a short period of time.

Influencer Strategies in Costly B2C Products for Consumers

We’ve discussed simple physical products, which are basically “what-you-see-is-what-you-get”. But there is more to certain products than what is visible. Sometimes there’s hidden value under the surface.

For instance, items like smartphones, smart watches, headphones, or even applications on the market may have characteristics that may not be obvious immediately. Often these items are more costly and demand more thought, comparison, and consideration from the purchaser.

A completely different kind of influencer approach is taking place here. At the start, the influencer must admit that this product is not a spur-of-the-moment buy because it contains so many different aspects. It is certain that the buyer will investigate to some degree prior to making their purchase.

Investigating the topic may involve looking over a blog post on it or viewing an assessment on YouTube. These shoppers want to be knowledgeable and give careful thought to their purchase when they are purchasing a pricey tech device. They want to be certain that it complies with their requirements for sturdiness, usefulness, and quality.

In order to make a significant impact on the purchasing choice of the audience, the influencer should create material that has the necessary level of specificity that is expected with such costly consumer items. The influencer should have looked into the product they are promoting and should have an understanding of it from their own experience in order to provide more meaningful commentary.

YouTube is an ideal platform for making this type of thoroughly examined video material. Video formatting offers more opportunities to pass on data, and this can boost trust because it includes audio and visuals that give a better idea of who you are. These layers help you build trust among your audience.

In this strategy, the key elements are being genuine and reliable. The most reliable and acclaimed YouTubers who give reviews and influence viewers speak candidly and sincerely about both the advantages and disadvantages of the services and products they evaluate. They are not reluctant to express their genuine view of the product if they believe it truly does not measure up. The frankness displayed by them reveals their uprightness, creating an impression of consistency and credibility.

The area of technology blogging and influencing is very competitive. At first, the influencer would receive high commissions due to the expensive price of the product if one of the followers uses their promotional code or affiliate link. The second reason is the high search traffic volume.

I suggest beginning by focusing on a minuscule audience and providing services to a particular group of people. Attempt to become the leading voice and authority on the topic to the extent that you completely control it. You can always expand your reach later.

As an example, if you aspire to be an influencer for wearable technology, you could begin with topics such as “Top sport watches for swimmers” or “Top rated headphones for metal music fanatics”. Conduct comprehensive examination and use your understanding and skill to add to your reviews. Always keep your target audience in mind.

Influencer Strategies in B2B High Ticket Products and Services

A different group to consider when speaking of pricey items and services are business leaders and experts. The merchandise may be high-priced advertising programs or e-learning lessons. These goods and services tend to be expensive.

The appealing element of this influencer strategy is that potential benefits can be continuous. An example of this would be if you act as an affiliate for a subscription service. This means you can receive monetary payment as long as the person you referred continues to pay the subscription fee. Repeated payments can really help to augment your earnings as an influencer.

In order to have an impact in the B2B space, you need to establish yourself as an authority. You have to create your personal brand. In order to demonstrate your knowledge and build confidence, you must generate high-standard, expert-level content.

One good approach would be to develop guest posts and blog articles on various websites and blogs in the specialty region you’re looking to enter. Connecting yourself to specialized advice is an excellent initial step to publicize your own personal brand and idea. Attending an industry or job specific podcast is an exceedingly potent way of promoting oneself and making oneself more well-known.

Key Takeaways and Actionable Next Steps

If there is just a single concept to retain, it would be to recognize your group of intended customers and the rationalizing that occurs when reaching a purchasing choice. You must first select the appropriate platform and approach to affect the buying decisions.

Building a personal brand takes time. There’s no way around that. In order to maintain progress and stay driven, it is essential to select a target audience that you can relate to. Pick a course of action for working with influencers that feels most comfortable to you. The optimal approach to consistently creating material over an extended period and not give up is the greatest way to go. Do not be scared to have errors or alter your approach to influencer marketing. It often requires experimentation to achieve the desired outcome. It can be difficult to figure out what is most comfortable for you before you have experienced it. Most essential counsel is to take initiative and put forth an effort. See how it feels. Adjust, rinse and repeat.


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