Which Facebook Ad to Use

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Many businesses have started using Facebook advertising to get ahead in online advertising.

Over five and a half billion dollars was spent on Facebook advertising in just one quarter of 2021. Although $24.52 billion may seem like a lot, it is projected to grow to $65.21 billion in 2023.

Facebook’s large customer base and casual viewer-friendly design make it an appealing platform for advertisers. There are many opportunities available on Facebook, from the homepage to Marketplace to Messenger. Facebook advertising can help businesses by providing a way to reach a large audience.

Why Advertise on Facebook?

The most popular form of online advertising is Facebook ads.

33% of global digital ad spending will be on social media marketing and advertising by 2021. This is because there are more than two billion active users on social media worldwide, with Facebook having the most users.

The social network Facebook is continually expanding its offering beyond the notable success of Facebook Advertising. In total, you now have:

The 3 Types of Facebook Ads

The Ad Map covers three basic types of Facebook ads:

  1. Short copy link post ads
  2. Long copy link post ads
  3. Video ads

Although there are other types of ads on Facebook, we will only be discussing the three most common and effective ad types.

Short Copy Link Post Ads

The most common type of ad you see on Facebook is a link post ad. A link post ad contains a clickable image that, when clicked, takes you to a page on the advertiser’s website.

When used as part of a link post ad, questions are a great way to prompt a response and hook people in with the first line of copy. When the question is about something that is bothering them or what they really want, it is especially effective.

We differentiate between short copy link post ads and long copy link post ads on the Facebook Ad Map. Short copy typically includes anything with eight lines or fewer. This means that you will be able to see the entire message without having to click on “more.”

Long Copy Link Post Ads

Facebook posts that include long copy will be cut off around the eighth or ninth line of ad copy and will have a “more” link inserted. Users will have to click on the “more” button to view the rest of your copy.

You can be as creative as you want with the amount of text you include. The obvious benefit of including more copy is that it allows you to do more selling! You can talk in more depth about the features and benefits of your product or service, and really focus on the problems it solves.

Video Ads

The last type of ad we’re going to talk about is the video ad. You should test video ads if you want to target cold traffic effectively.

This is especially true when your request is more than simply asking for free content or a lead magnet. If you offer something that requires a commitment of time or money from people, you will need to convince them. Video ads allow you to capture the viewer’s attention and deliver your sales message in an engaging and convincing manner.

Video ads are a great way to incrase value. If you can show that you know what you’re talking about by sharing informative content that helps the viewer solve their problem, you will gain their trust and be considered credible.

You can test different lengths of copy for your video ads to see what works best. An advertisement for a high-priced offer that uses a video format with extended text might be something to consider.

You can also run video ads for people who are not ready to make a purchase. This option is good for you if you would rather shoot a quick video then write ad copy.

The 7 Types of Offers

The following offer types are arranged from the least to the most committed buyer.

1: View Ungated Content

This means that the person does not have to give permission for the content to be shared. This is usually a blog post or video. Since this is a small request, you won’t need to do much convincing. You should use short-copy ads to promote content that does not require a login.

2: Claim Local Business Coupon

If you own a local business and want to promote an upcoming sale or promotion, you will get the best results by using a short copy link post ad.

The reason is simple. You don’t need to sell it too hard because you’re offering a discount or a deal. Your ad should not try to convince the person to buy your product or service. The aim of your advert is to get the viewer to take the next step, which is to click on the ad and go to your landing page. If you have an offer that is too good to resist, you don’t need a lot of convincing because the offer speaks for itself.

3: Download Lead Magnet

This includes any offer where you are providing content or a tool that can only be accessed by completing a task or providing some sort of information, such as an email address.

Even though you aren’t asking for money in exchange for your Lead Magnets, you are requiring people to give you their email address to access them. Although it is not as easy to convince people to buy this than offering content that can be accessed without a paywall, it is not a large investment. Most people are aware that they can easily unsubscribe from emails, even if they give their address. Therefore, it is advisable to use short copy link post ads for this type of offer.

4: Quiz/Survey Funnel

Quizzes and surveys can vary greatly in terms of the amount of effort required. If you’re promoting a quiz that is quick and easy to complete, you can get away with a short post.

But if your quiz/survey is more involved or complicated, then you might need more text to convince people to take action. Make sure to remind survey takers what you would like them to do once they finish the survey. If you notice that people are dropping off your survey after completing it, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the issue. If your survey includes an option for respondents to see their results, and people are not choosing to view them, this could be indicative of a problem. If you want your ad to be successful, you might need to sell more in your ad with longer copy or with a video. The goal of these longer survey formats is to increase the respondent’s desire to not only finish the quiz, but also to see their results and learn more once the survey is completed.

We usually put quizzes on the right-hand side of the Ad Map because we know they usually end with an offer.

5: Attend Webinar

This type of offer includes…

You are not asking the person to buy anything, but you are asking for a significant time investment. This is an offer where it is important to consider your avatar and your market because that will have a big impact on the type of ad you should use. If your target audience has a lot of free time, then you might not need as much copy to convince them to attend your webinar.

If you’re targeting busy executives as your audience, you’ll need to work hard to convince them of the value of your webinar. Typically, people who are busy and successful value their time more than their money and asking for an hour or two of their time is actually a bigger commitment level than asking for a financial contribution.

6: Claim Free + Shipping Offer

This type of offer includes…

This includes small, unplanned purchases that are less than $20.

This offer does not require a lot of money, so it is not a risky investment. Even though you have a free trial, you still need to convince people to input their credit card information.

7: Purchase Product

This includes…

It could be anything from a $47 ebook to a $1,000+ product.

If you’re looking to make a sale that requires a lot of commitment from the buyer, we suggest using a longer video that contains a lot of information. Remember what we said earlier about showing value up-front? This is especially important when making large purchases.

Tips and Tricks for Better Facebook Ads

It can be difficult to create quality Facebook Ads, especially if you’re new to the process. With the help of the following tips and tricks, you can hit the ground running:

Don’t forget the top of the funnel.

The small details of your advertising strategy, like offering promos and discounts or promoting demos, are easy to focus on.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your brand messaging and content at the top of the funnel. Customers need to know who you are and what you’re selling before they make a purchase.

Implement Meta Pixel.

The code known as Facebook Pixel, or Meta Pixel, helps you to measure how effective your advertising is by giving you insights into your audience.

The tool allows businesses to track conversions, reconfigure their targeting plans and create ads for new audiences, which has proven to be very effective. If you’re using Facebook Advertising, you’ll need the Pixel.

Experiment with your ad frequency.

An essential part of advertising is timing. How often are your ads viewed, and when? bombarding people with too many ads, or not understanding which ads are effective, can ruin your advertising campaigns before they have a chance to get going.

Testing allows you to see how effective your ads are and avoid overwhelming your audience.

Always be testing (ABT).

Consistent A/B testing shouldn’t be limited to ad frequency. Testing should be an important part of your advertising process.

If you don’t test your ads regularly, you could miss key data about how well they’re performing. Every little bit helps.

Remember Call-to-Actions.

Don’t forget to include call-to-actions (CTAs) in your advertising campaign.

If you want customers to buy your product or service, you need to have a strong call-to-action button. This will give customers a place to go if they’re interested in what you’re selling.

Track and optimize your efforts.

If you are using Facebook Ad Manager, you can use the performance metrics it provides to improve your campaigns. It is important to keep an eye on how your campaigns are doing by checking the Manager dashboard.

The performance data can be used to track which campaigns are effective and which need to be changed. This information can be used to optimize current campaigns and plan future ones.


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