Small Business Video Marketing: 8 Creative Ways You Can Win With Video

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Why are videos so important? The progress of video production and content since its start with motion pictures has advanced a lot, yet fascination for it remains as strong as ever. Motion, activity, and excitement are what transform a narrative into an impressive, affecting journey — one that forges links, stirs up spectators, and creates enthusiasm.

Approximately half of all people view at least five videos on a daily basis. The takeaway? People are eager for video material, despite the kind of video being varied.

What can you do to make people aware of your brand with limited resources and lots of rivals? By creating a planned video marketing approach, you can establish a connection with your intended audience, highlight the special character of your brand, and draw them into the energetic account that is the narrative of your company.

1.) Use an Introductory Video To Tell Your Story

As a small company amongst other similar firms, it is important to present oneself in a professional manner. What better method could there be to accomplish that than with a beginning video?

No matter if it’s a real-time question and answer video posted on social media platform Facebook, or a layer beneath the endeavors of your organization, or a commercial brief about your firm on the initial page of your website-Initiation videos will begin the conversation with your viewers. Produce a digital video to give answers to common queries, illustrate what happens on a normal day, and demonstrate your brand’s narrative. Concentrate on the issue you provide an answer for and the internal operations of the company, its legacy, values, and purpose.

2.) Get Creative with Customer Testimonial Videos

Despite the initial priority of creating an introductory video, an important subsequent step in successful video advertising is to be imaginative and to solicit your customers to discuss your product. Customer explainer videos and review videos provide immediate evidence of what your business can offer on social media platforms, while also creating content that doesn’t seem overly promotion-based.

Customer reviews are a particular aspect of video marketing that are implicitly expressed and offer a more genuine sight into how customers feel and act towards a product or service. Think about encouraging customers to create videos with straightforward video calls taken in their own locations. Filming can be done from your residence or work area, yet the conversation should be natural, not formulated.

If customers have not made customer review videos, you can ask them to make one. If you are able to acquire the contact details of individuals who have already composed and posted reviews, use this information to reach out and request that they formulate a video review that can be posted on your websites and social media.

You can also look at the posts about your brand on social media. If you notice your name mentioned in somebody else’s posts or stories, you could contact them and suggest exchanging the video or inquire if they have any other video marketing footage that hasn’t been shared yet. Making contact with your customers in this manner opens a dialogue between current customers and your business, which can help to strengthen and enhance interaction levels.

3.) Highlight Your Employees

Interactions with a small business are made even more special because of the unique experience of dealing with its employees. We have all had that one barista at a nearby coffee shack or mechanic at the auto shop that we preferred over all the others due to their exceptional ability.

Those employees made patronizing that small business worth it. Showcasing the employees who work for your small business in your marketing videos is worth it if they possess special qualities.

Tiffany Lewis from More Meaningful Marketing suggests that small businesses should create videos that provide a genuine, personal experience for the viewer, with emphasis on the story being related. If the business has a large workforce, featuring every single employee with their qualifications and amusing facts is a perfect method to aid companies to expand beyond the usual marketing methods.

Did you bring on your workers because they are the highest performing in their fields? Advertise that fact in your small business’s marketing videos.

4.) Be Authentic

Have you watched the 2000s teen movie Mean Girls? Don’t worry if you don’t know; I won’t reveal anything here today. The group known as “the Plastics” would not have been a suitable choice to lead a small business, as they were well-known in the fictional high school portrayed.

Besides their youth, inexperience in the business world, and lack of prior work experience, there’s one other factor that causes us to doubt that a business run by the Plastics would have been something you would want to invest in: the people in the clique were clearly pretending to be someone they weren’t.

Customers are fond of small companies since they are generally managed by individuals devoted to their sincere interests. So be authentic in your small business marketing videos!

Jonathan Aufray of Digital Growth Hackers states that small businesses have certain benefits that larger ones do not. Like what? Being near to your customers gives you the power to form enduring bonds with them.

It is beneficial for you to establish strong connections with your potential customers and existing customers by creating a good relationship. Producing genuine videos concerning yourself, your team, your business, or your products can be very effective.

People will be understanding that you couldn’t invest a lot of money for making video content, and that you just used your phone to give a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes of your enterprise. Don’t be afraid to make real-time, genuine videos and post them on social media or send them through email to those you’re trying to target.

Cristina Maria from Commusoft states that it is okay to be relaxed and casual when using video. Most entrepreneurs and leaders believe that high production values and professional speakers are essential for producing a good video. However, YouTube influencers, who sometimes have more viewers than famous television programmes, have demonstrated that in many cases, a genial personality and engaging content can be sufficient.

We began at Commusoft with videos on LinkedIn that were taken with mobile phones throughout the offices, which were more similar to a vlog than a corporate film. Even with this, our initial video still gained nearly 3,000 views.

The key was ensuring that the information shared was worthwhile, and providing our audience with advice that they could apply.

Once you have figured out what type of videos your target audience desires by trying out different production styles, you can then consider allocating resources such as investing in better equipment, working with freelance videographers, or hiring full-time personnel. Nevertheless, do not let the lack of these items stop you from attempting to make creative videos.

Examine if your small business is able to compete with MegaCorp when it comes to shipping costs. You can give your customers something different, an encounter that is more genuine. You can include that into a marketing video for your small business conveniently without having to spend a lot of money.

5.) Leverage User-Generated Content from Your Customers for Video Ads

One of the least expensive and productive strategies for gaining new consumers (as well as fortifying customer loyalty) is through purchaser-created video clips advertisements. The reason why people put their trust in customers is reflected when deciding whether a certain product or service is worth investing in; they turn to reviews first and foremost. In fact, almost half of American adults believe in the accuracy of consumer reviews on the internet.

What are some ways you can employ video advertisements to draw in new clients for your small business? Invite your current devoted customers to make videos exhibiting your product, or express their review in a vertical position that you can later use in a promotional advertisement. This content not only boosts your company’s online reputation, but also shows that it is dependable and trustworthy.

It was Grove Collaborative, a cleaning products company, that brought this idea to fruition. A total of 37% of the company’s new customers were brought in by advertisements on Instagram Stories. How’d they do it?

Making vertical video ads for Instagram Stories from customer comments and publicity. Grove Collaborative catered to those who wanted environmental-friendly cleaning supplies brought right to their home. The result? A customer is featured in a Stories advertisement discussing their enjoyment of the product, as well as how they incorporated it into their home. In an instant, the use of social proof to bolster the brand caused the click-through rate to double, without needing to employ more salespeople or spend energy finding new customers.

Here’s how you can do the same:

Including testimonials and reviews in your targeted video adverts can give potential customers an added sense of trust in your company due to their being written/created by real users.

6.) Showcase Your Unique Company Culture

What characteristics does your small business have that set it apart from MegaCorp, other than the size difference?

The behavior of your staff when dealing with one another, customers, and clients, as well as the principles that your business stands for, collectively define your corporate culture.

Values can get lost when a business hits enterprise-level.

Once an enterprise has multiple hundreds or thousands of personnel, it can be hard to make sure everybody operates in the same manner.

Small businesses can easily keep a powerful company culture – and that is something you can promote in your video marketing for small businesses without spending a fortune.

Pearl Lemon’s Deepak Shukla emphasizes the oft neglected characteristic of small businesses: the distinct atmosphere of their corporate culture. Using videos is an awesome method to exhibit culture and develop content highlighting your brand to increase its reputation.

7.) Hit Them With A “How-To” They Can’t Refuse

Instructional clips and demonstrations have been around for some time, yet are still a significant component of video business promotion. Why does it work so well? Your target market might not understand a certain concept or be able to perform a task, so why don’t you lend them a hand?

A tutorial should concisely offer worthwhile information related to a usual issue. It should be brief and easy to share. The tutorial provided by Blossom for folding napkins is typically clear and exact, which is evident in this collection of brief napkin-folding videos.

No matter what kind of item or service you are offering, you have the knowledge that can be advantageous to your target audience. What better way to share it than with videos? You may assume that making educational video material necessitates having an elaborate camera and lighting apparatus. This is simply not the case. It is simpler than ever to create video content, especially now that there is a camera on your phone designed for this purpose. All you have to do is record the lesson.

Once you have the video footage, it is easy to include instructions that progress in sequence, as well as engaging sound, on PosterMyWall.

Why is audio important?

The majority of people view videos with their sound muted, but when they switch the sound on, they desire a complete audio-video encounter. Nothing can capture the atmosphere and tempo of your video like music. There are sound recordings accessible for each emotional state and environment. Your design will have a sound that is specifically created for it to give a completely interactive experience. And that’s sweet music to your ears!

8.) Repurpose Written Assets

Are you having difficulty locating the funds to employ a copywriter or playwright to generate a new script for your most recent small business advertisement video?

It could be wiser to think of a less complicated plan than shooting a television series based on the antics of your company’s workspace – this may be more beneficial in reaching your company’s marketing objectives.

Take the existing blog posts and white papers created for your small business and use them to generate ideas for video marketing.

Crystal Statskey from Crystal Statskey OBM claims that videos are stronger marketing materials than any other written materials.

I specialize in writing content and producing copy for my job. Over and over, video proves to be more successful than any other project that I have created, produced, or conceived.

Making a brand more personable brings a personality to it and makes it much more inviting than having to read something.

One of my preferred ways to employ videos for the purpose of expanding my business and the enterprises of my customers is to recycle the content I have written before, for example my blogs, social media posts, and earlier email distributions, and convert them into live transmissions. The content from the live streaming is then transformed into snippets for YouTube, IGTV, stories and more.


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