Recovery Marketing Strategies of European Destinations

The current pandemic is like nothing else our society has ever seen before and has had a wide-ranging impact on both businesses and people. The effect in the immediate future necessitated that all non-essential businesses be closed for a span of six weeks or more in over 40 of the 50 states in the US. The long-term impact is unknown. It is generally agreed upon that the economy will experience a period of difficulty that lasts at least six months, though some estimates predict it to extend up to two years. Recovery marketing strategies are necessary for businesses to survive.

It is foreseeable that the initial period following the reopening of businesses will involve especially difficult situations. Service providers who supply maintenance, repair, and beauty services are likely to be overwhelmed due to the increasing demand as society slowly but surely adapts to a new normal in everyday life.

A New Normal

Organizations are going to need to initiate significant shifts in the way they work, and building the correct promotional plans will be fundamental to the long-term prospect of the operation. It is not necessary for the continuity of your company to be compromised by this extreme hardship. The fear generated by the situation has started to be replaced by a feeling of familiarity, although this new routine is unlike anything people have ever encountered. People are eager to go back to their jobs, and businesses would like to commence working again or go back to regular production levels if they had kept running while everyone was staying at home in isolation. It is wise to be very careful when dealing with money so that spending is minimized, resulting in lower monetary allowances, postponed or cancelled projects, and using existing materials.

Why Recovery Marketing Strategies are More Important than Ever

‘Make hay while the sun shines’ and ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ Take advantage of the current situation and get your business prepared for what lies ahead for a positive outcome by investing in marketing now. Prevention is better than a cure, and investing in marketing now can prevent you from struggling in the long term.

  1. The squeaky wheel gets the grease
  2.  Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Research has shown that advertising a company during economic recessions can be particularly advantageous, even more so than when the economy is flourishing. It is important to maintain brand recognition in order to bring in profits.

Businesses should not inundate visitors, leads, or customers with promotional projects. Instead, put into action well-thought-out promotional strategies in order to gain access to the intended consumer base.

It is important for businesses to employ effective recovery marketing tactics in order to stay afloat. When the economy is strong, even poorly planned marketing and promotional activities can yield some profit. In difficult financial times, only well-planned marketing plans will have success. Marketing tactics must be grounded in a company’s fundamental business plan, from the choices about what is offered and how it is distributed, to the prices they set. This goes beyond just the advertisement and publicity.

Now is the moment to devise fresh tactics and a revised marketing blueprint for the post-pandemic business sphere. It would be prudent to reassess your current range of goods, target demographics, costs, and the entire customer journey with your business. It is time to focus on our biggest assets, most beneficial prospects, how people regard our brand, and how happy our customers are. Once the components are improved to the best they can be, then it’s time to think about marketing and publicity.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major effect on the tourism industry over the past two years, yet there are signs of it slowly beginning to pick up again. It is increasingly important to make the most of the situation, as destinations are vying with each other more than ever before. This is where destination marketing comes into its own. It is essential for tourist spots that desire to get back to the levels of visitors they had before the Covid pandemic to have this as a component of their plan and a way to market themselves.

The outbreak of the pandemic served as both a detriment and a privilege for vacation spots. Travelers were no longer able to move around freely, and numerous places that usually were full of visitors were empty for a considerable amount of time, leading to a considerable loss of income. However, the months in question were also a period for these locations to contemplate and formulate new foundations for their forthcoming promotion plans. In recent times, novel approaches to advertising a location have arisen.


This pause in the area of tourism gave Lyon the opportunity to design its “Plan for Responsible Tourism in Lyon and the surrounding area”. This undertaking was executed solely by ONLYLYON Tourism and Conventions in accordance with the Lyon Metropolitan Council’s blueprint for conscientious tourism advancement. Prior to the pandemic, the region was devoted to an eco-friendly stance, but now that the crisis has hit, there is an even greater eagerness for it to be regarded as a sustainable tourist location in France. Lyon has been commended for its dedication, which has pushed it up to seventh position in the GDS ranking. By 2022 it is the plan to conclude the Lucie26000 and ISO20121 classification and marking processes.

The pandemic has demonstrated an upsurge in the trend of proximity tourism, which has become highly sought after. The CRT Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes has begun a new movement dubbed the Partir Ici platform that focuses on advertising the tourism opportunities within the region to its locals. Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Tourisme has already observed success with this technique, and they desire to get additional participants to join in the process. In Spring 2022, the Destinations Challenge will begin in an effort to accomplish its goals. Destination management offices in the area should get the local business owners and personnel involved in the self-assessment of their offerings to get featured in Partir Ici. The winners of this competition will be rewarded with an in-air advertisement on BFM TV Lyon as well as the authorization to use the visuals for their own promotional purposes.

Alentour, an organization focusing on local tourism that helps manage and reserve experiences and attractions, has joined the Apidae Tourisme sightseeing network. The two actors involved in this project are hoping to help the flow of vacationer information on all levels of the local area in order to create more chances to take advantage of local amenities in all destinations. Consequently, Alentour will be able to bolster their services by incorporating the data located in Apidae Tourisme. Apidae Tourisme is a platform used to manage tourist information found in 600 French locations. It boosts the tourist Attractions of all these locations.

Normandie Tourisme is employing an audial narrative approach as an inventive way to promote their area. A soothing and tranquil vocal reads an essay elucidating why Normandy is one of the most desirable places to travel to, including its morals and individuality. The reading is accompanied by a gentle piano tune in addition to noises such as the sound of ocean waves and the glee of children. Illustrations provide an immersive experience that makes the story come alive. The “Get a Log” podcast series created by Destination Canada is reminiscent of this experience. This series is intended to be a live show with guests, stories, activities, songs, and excerpts of music. The goal is to give people the opportunity to learn more about Canada, and more importantly, to motivate them to visit the country.


Turespaña, Spain’s tourism promotion organization, has recently demonstrated its tourism renewal plan, which is a metamorphosis of its customary system. The main goal is to raise the earnings of the location, ultimately leading to a beneficial change of the area. The destination must stay up to date with what visitors anticipate, by being more eco-friendly, tech-savvy and open to diverse backgrounds. The destination will have the ability to grow if the budget is adequate. This allows the destination to draw in more visitors and the money that they spend will be reinvested into the model to create a beneficial cycle. Although Spain is not aiming to increase the total number of tourists, they want to bring in visitors with a higher spending amount. The nation is now shifting focus to prioritize quality in tourism instead of emphasizing quantity. Turespaña has drafted a plan to make the area lucrative with the aid of three chief building blocks: multifariousness, digitization and involvement.

Turespaña is introducing a distinct arrangement of joint promotional activities with Spanish tourist spots. Turespaña is aiding with the launch of a new tool that is expected to enhance the efficiency of international marketing strategies that are funded by them. The newly developed plan encompasses three distinct models: high-end sun and beach, city and nature tourism, and countryside tourism incorporating sustainability measures. A maximum of four to six suggestions will be chosen per marketing effort/associate until the cost-sharing funding has been spent. In February 2022, two campaigns were announced: the “Co-Op” with Expedia and Tripadvisor and branded content with National Geographic and Conde Nást. The advantages of these new generation campaigns are multiple:

Valencia is once more regarded as the most healthy metropolis in the globe for 2022, a title given to it by for a consecutive year. This research evaluates the significance of major elements (e.g. climate, fresh food availability, contamination levels, healthcare, and longevity) with respect to how towns and cities promote the overall health of their population and visiting visitors. Valencia is known for its sunny weather, and features a plethora of great eateries and vibrant markets. The location of this place to the Mediterranean Sea makes for clear air. The life expectancy in this area is quite high, due to its laid-back atmosphere, nutritious Mediterranean food, lack of contamination, and absence of crimes – reaching an impressive 83.5 years.

United Kingdom

Due to the health crisis resulting from Covid, visitor numbers to the UK had diminished drastically; however, the country has now reopened its borders to international travelers. For the celebration, VisitBritain has put together a big promotional effort directed to the French population. This campaign, entitled “Welcome to a Different Britain”, began on February 18th and will be concluding on March 31st. pre-pandemic. The goal of this initiative is to reach numbers that are similar to what they were before the pandemic by 2023. 3.6 million French visitors. Urban areas are being given special importance in this initiative. The destination has allocated a sum of one million euros in order to promote its tourism industry. The aim of this campaign is to draw the attention of those aged between 20 and 44 who are active, extremely connected, looking for novel and enjoyable experiences, the opportunity to be spontaneous and to establish meaningful interactions with others.

Despite the upheaval to its tourism industry caused by the health crisis, London has initiated an advertising campaign to draw attention to its offerings. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is gearing up to back the revival of overseas tourism within the city. To help with this, he has set aside an impressive 7 million pounds to fund the initiative. He is also setting aside an extra £3 million to incentivize domestic tourism.

The London North Eastern Railway has inaugurated its new international website. The point of the fresh website is to facilitate overseas clients to arrange their excursions with more convenience. A variety of countries, including China, Japan, Spain, South Korea and Italy, have already been able to experience the advantages of booking tickets or services over the internet without any middleman involved. They can access the website in their native language and make payments using their native currency. The system will recognize when customers from outside the UK are looking for the website and take them to a tailored page that will enhance their online reservation experience. Various UK tourism organizations, such as VisitBritain and VisitScotland, are delighted with the current increase in international tourism.

Think like a new business

Executives should consider restarting business activities with a fresh outlook, as if they were just beginning a new venture. This outlook ought to become ingrained into the company’s environment and will offer multiple perks. At the heart of this idea is the thrill and enthusiasm that comes with launching a new venture, the focus on business is incomparable, the aspiration for prosperity is relentless, and the vigor ought to be extraordinary.

Start NOW

To keep up with the competition when activity begins again, executives must create smart recovery marketing tactics and plans right away. Significant alterations are going to happen in the functioning of the business, ranging from those that involve personnel matters to the amount of money the business brings in. It is necessary that business heads and proprietors begin to devise plans and introduce strategies to attain the highest level of efficiency from the very start. Reevaluate existing operations and current marketing campaigns, and adjust accordingly by implementing the following recovery marketing strategies:

Recovery Marketing Strategies

1. Communicate Clearly

2. Adapt and Improve

3. Target with Precision

4. Reward Loyalty (Customer Retention)

5. Promote with a Cause

Communication is Critical

It is essential to start off with effective communication with all associated with your company, such as personnel, merchants, associates, providers, and more. Management needs to be available to everyone and demonstrate a sense of confidence and power. No one desires to be directed by someone who doesn’t have a clear objective – take the helm with self-assurance.

In times of ambiguity, people crave accurate and dependable data; this state of insecurity induces fear and turmoil. On the flip side, individuals don’t appreciate receiving trivial business promotions and notification that are unrelated to their worries and anxieties. It is advisable to suspend or reduce promotional content and advertisements if the services that are being provided are not vital.


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