Real Estate Facebook Marketing Guide

Why participate in real estate Facebook marketing? Because over 71% of all adults use Facebook daily. One of the foremost spots to be observed and observe others is on Facebook. On top of that, you’ll observe that people are requesting suggestions on Facebook. These inquiries regularly involve the various kinds of skilled services, including physicians, dentists, and property agents.

It’s not necessary to rely solely on Facebook recommendations. A recent Mediakix investigation discovered that the typical individual uses 35 minutes every day on Facebook, providing you, the real estate agent, with many chances to get your great Facebook promotions in front of the relevant people. Considering that Facebook puts organic postings from businesses at a severe drawback, the majority of businesses must employ advertisements. If you, as a Realtor, have created a different web page for your company, then you may have encountered this difficulty.

Here’s the thing: Facebook loves Realtors in general. Facebook has established a page specifically for the real estate market, which has a range of materials and tips available. It is evidently very significant to them.

Where to Promote Your Real Estate Business on Facebook

In other words, there are multiple ways to achieve a successful real estate Facebook marketing strategy. Some options are paid, while others are free. Aside from that, the amount of time it takes for these techniques varies. As the venture increases in size, you may wish for your assistant to assist you in managing it.

Try getting a Facebook Business Page.

A good initial step is to upload your social media content to a Facebook Business Page. In order to obtain a Facebook Ads account, it is necessary to set one up even if you do not wish to purchase any advertisement. The Business page itself is free. Remember that content that is distributed free of charge on your page will have a lower priority on your follower’s news feed. In practical terms, people will go to your page to find out what is happening instead of it just appearing naturally. Fortunately, there are other possibilities to compensate for this.

Don’t forget your personal profile.

Utilize your own profile from time to time to join elements of your real estate business and your personal life together, given the elevated organic coverage that individual profiles have. You might find it shocking how many people in your social circle aren’t aware that you are a real estate agent. By combining professional and personal connections, you have the chance to acquire unforeseen sales prospects.

Start a Facebook group

It can normally be said that many real estate agents have a strong devotion to their surrounding neighborhoods. They are also usually well-informed about the happenings in the area. One approach to utilizing Facebook as a complimentary real estate marketing tool is to create a communal Facebook Group. That is if you aren’t too late. This is a forum to discuss matters that affect the community. People can benefit from your area knowledge. Then you can be the preferred real estate agent in your locality. One negative aspect is the length of time it can take.

Become an active member of other Facebook Groups

If creating a Facebook Group of your own is out of the question, then think about becoming a member of an already existing local group. Groups can either encompass the entire community, or specialise in fields that you have a lot of involvement in. Be of service to the community and eventually you will become known as someone people can turn to when they need to purchase or sell a house.

Leverage Facebook Ads

Finally, you can always purchase Facebook ads. These take several forms, including sponsored posts. Furthermore, you can acquire promotional postings for your business. This technique is often utilized to market new real estate inventory and the recent buy agreement. Take into account the cost of increasing customer reviews. This is particularly beneficial if you specialize in a certain area, like selling old houses or big properties. We can discuss this form of Facebook advertising for property in greater depth later.

Real Estate Facebook Marketing Content

Unless you work in the real estate industry, going to multiple open homes and looking at lots of new properties will not be met with enthusiasm. These are crucial things to consider if you are intending to acquire or sell a house in the foreseeable future. Talking with other Realtors about the newest selection of properties and any challenges you’ve faced.

Rather than making non-Realtors uninterested, become a helpful source of knowledge to the folks in your local area. Realtors possess a great deal of local knowledge, in addition to the necessary skills and expertise to smoothly perform a real estate transaction. For example, they are usually skilled at figuring out what they can afford in terms of housing expenses, or they can predict what they will need to spend on maintaining an older residence.

Semi-professional content

These are the kinds of materials where you display your expert knowledge without specifically promoting your listings. Discussing them will set you up as a master in your industry and a innovator. Over time, this builds the trust of potential clients.

Market updates (but not too often!)

This is the place to discuss the types of properties typically available for purchase. You could also discuss changing prices or interest rates on mortgages.

Share your achievements!

Did you get a professional award? Make employee of the month at your agency? Reach a milestone sales level? Brag about it! Even individuals who, for instance, reside in different parts of the nation and are very unlikely to ever use your services will be happy with you.

Client testimonials

Showing off past clients is a great tactic to use when marketing your real estate business on Facebook. Adding natural pictures to your Facebook Page can be beneficial, though it’s important to not overdo it. Furthermore, ensure that reviews that are posted there are positive. Feel at liberty to call upon those who you have assisted in purchasing or selling.

Helpful tips to buyers and sellers

Making the choice to purchase or put up for sale a house is a significant one, even when you have the best professional assistance. Be a dependable source of facts and comfort, even while they are figuring out their next steps. Having an educated customer makes it simpler to do your job later on. Think about posting some of your advice on LinkedIn as a blog entry.

Advice on home maintenance / DIY tips

It is well-known that houses that have been taken care of are much more likely to be sold. Homes with modern appliances and attractive exteriors are particularly desirable. You can utilize real estate Facebook marketing to be of assistance to people in your locality, cultivate goodwill, and raise the worth of home ownership simultaneously. Think about adding additional advantages by combining these posts with illustrations on your Instagram profile.

Promoting your ecosystem partners

Realtors have a group of people they can rely on to help with their work. An example of this is needing lawyers and finance professionals to finalize a house purchase. As people relocate, they could potentially require assistance from cleaners, removalists, and other workers. Give your colleagues in the same field a helping hand and advertise their offerings. Chances are that they’ll return the favor.

Non-professional content

This is information that is more intimate than professional, despite any overlap that there may be with your job as a real estate agent. Here, you will stand out as an individual, apart from just being an individual. Essentially, this type of real estate Facebook promotion requires you to take a step back from your strictly professional role.

Personal photos and videos

Share your images, it doesn’t matter if they are of your relatives or of a great holiday. These are significant strategies for individuals to become acquainted with you. It is not only advantageous in terms of forming a bond between people, but it also allows others to discover what types of pastimes and pursuits you find fascinating. This can lead to acquiring prospects, as people enjoy working with those they have some kind of connection with.

Local community information

This is an excellent way of employing social media to promote real estate as it can assist potential buyers to consider where they are interested in seeking a residence. Expressing a desire to live in a middle-class neighborhood is uncomplicated, whereas really grasping the specific features and services that are appealing is much more complex. This data can be used to assist them in locating the perfect residence. This type of content can comprise of video presentations of different suburbs.

Popular local events

Communities thrive when they have events and mixers. Even during the toughest times of the pandemic, people worked to stay connected to each other, albeit from a distance. Demonstrate your value to your area by joining up and conversing about occurrences that are happening near you.

Spotlighting small businesses

Using Facebook as a platform to promote local small businesses is an effective way to engage in real estate marketing. These can be around where you live, or in other parts of the area you are working in. Inform others of the location of the business and highlight its unique qualities. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses that are utilizing social media, as they might be reciprocated.


People take pleasure in being reminded that they are in somebody else’s mind, be it for a family vacation or holiday wishes. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to demonstrate your character to them.


It’s always a good idea to be inspirational. Don’t hesitate to spread the word about a remarkable quote if you find one. These occurrences tend to be genuinely unforgettable and can be distributed commonly. This helps widen your network.

Examine the following list of 4 various real estate Facebook ads to get ideas and inspiration for your own.

1. Vakil Housing – Address customer pain points

Vakil Housing provides us with a great example of real estate Facebook ads. This real estate company utilizes the customer’s issues and concerns to create an efficient advertisement for their services.

The advertisement states that keeping the entire family under one roof is important. This is something that many prospective real estate buyers struggle with, as it can be difficult to find a suitable space that can cater to the needs of everyone in the family. Expectant parents who are excited to form a new family in a larger area are one example.

Leveraging the issues that customers are dealing with in order to craft advertisements for real estate on Facebook has proven to be remarkably successful. You will need to have a comprehensive grasp on who your target customer is in order to do this effectively. By understanding them, you will be able to answer questions such as:

  • What problems do they face when searching for a home to buy?
  • Why would they want to sell their current home?
  • What are their interests and key features they’re looking for?

Responding to these queries and applying them to develop compelling real estate promotions should generate enthusiasm for your property.

The fact of the matter is, individuals researching real estate are not utilizing Facebook for idle perusal; some are in search of a solution to their housing needs. By utilizing the trouble areas for customers within the real estate sector, crafting Facebook ads that appeal to this audience can create a bond between them and the ads.

2. JSP Realtors – Use satisfied customers’ testimonials

JSP Realtors put together feedback from clients who have bought or sold houses through them to create successful Facebook carousel advertisements.

Rather than speaking directly to potential customers about your real estate services and their effectiveness, it is preferable to have existing or past customers vouch for them. This plan utilizes public testament to strengthen the reliability of your company’s name. Folks are generally inclined to take the word of others who have employed the same service they’re looking into.

You can use the feedback of your clients to make eye-catching Facebook adverts for real estate that will boost visibility and reliability. An excellent method for counteracting any arguments that your potential customers might have.

3. Zac McHardy – Use Facebook Live to create a virtual tour of a property

Realtor Zac Mchardy chose to capitalize on the feeling of being one of the few allowed to access a listing prior to it being officially released on the market. He gave a live tour without any changes, digital alterations, or planned out points which made the spectators feel as if they were a part of something extraordinary.

The genuineness of the Facebook Live stream aids in the construction of faith between the real estate agent and the viewers, displaying itself to be remarkably successful.

Using Facebook Live is the way to broadcast a live-streamed video on the social media platform Facebook. As a real estate agent, you can use Facebook Live to give a virtual tour of a property or broadcast live from an open house, as you discuss the details of the property with potential buyers. You can also use it as promotional content.

The immediacy of Facebook Live advertisements provides a personal touch that will help create a better perception of your business and make it more recognizable., an Irish real estate firm, employed the carousel ad style to showcase the broad range of dwellings that potential buyers can browse. They also deploy it to illustrate various chambers and components of one dwelling to generate curiosity about the house.

Facebook’s carousel ad style is great for making noteworthy real estate announcements as it is quite picture-heavy, which plays an integral role in turning the eyes of your prospects.


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