Quora Marketing Guide: How to get Visitors by answering questions

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Quora Question & Answer site is a social media platform and search engine that provides valuable discussions on various topics. Quora is the social network of Question & Answer sites. While other sites are highly visual, Quora is not. Users go there specifically to ask, answer or read questions, a lot of them.

According to SemRush, every day on Quora

  • 3 to 5k questions get asked daily
  • 99% of the questions are answered
  • 80% of the questions get three or fewer answers

Quora provides value to its users through education and guidance. People use Quora questions and answers to learn something specific, or share their knowledge. It also can be an excellent place for businesses to build brand awareness, gain backlinks to their website and add to their reputation as a subject authority which in turn benefits how Google evaluates your site for E-A-T.

Is Quora Safe?

As a forum open to all, the quality varies quite a bit. Quora does not police the answers for quality or accuracy. Look close, and you can find as much goodwill as you can malicious intent. Finding the value depends on you.

Quora was created as a community using crowd-sourced knowledge, reinforced by up-voting, so the strongest and best answers should rise to the top. But people do manipulate things. It happens everywhere.

Will Quora Overtake Traditional Search?

Quora is a search engine, but it is unlike search engines as you know them.

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com, and others are all looking for popular questions, but more importantly, they are looking for high-quality answers and solutions to their searcher’s questions and queries.

When you perform a query on Google, it brings up what its’ algorithm thinks are the best results based on its understanding of the query and entities in the question. The SERPs should be sites that are relevant to your query and intent. It can be a massive benefit because the top results should be the highest quality and most useful relevant properties.

Quora’s content is often newer, can be more relevant, and is user evaluated. A user asks a specific question, and people submit what they feel are their best answers. Users then upvote what they think is the best answer. In theory, the chances of getting fresher, more accurate answers on Quora can be higher. If the answer changes with time, anyone can go to that question and submit a new solution that users will review.

PRO TIP: Quora questions can rank very well on Google. Search google for: site:quora.com +”your keyword phrase” The results will list out all of the related relevant Quora questions that currently rank on Google.

When you find a Quora question ranking very well for your keyword phrase, you can try to take that ranking for yourself by finding that question on Quora and submitting a much better, more helpful answer. People reading your new answer would upvote it over the existing solution. But it is not immediate. If the question has many followers, they will be notified of the new response which might hasten your rise to the top.

Who Uses Quora?

People on Quora come from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Authors that put time into Quora are building their reputations on the site. They can build massive followings, network with other known authoritative figures, and even become recognized authorities.

According to Alexa and SemRush, Quora users are:

  • 43:57 – The Female vs. Male user ratio
  • 37% of users are decision-makers for businesses
  • 300 Million monthly unique users
  • 75 mil monthly US users – 25% of their total traffic
  • It is ranked 378th in global Internet Engagement
  • 60% of the traffic is from search engines
  • 53% of the search traffic comes from Google
  • Quora ranks for 67 million keywords, with 5.5 million on page 1 of Google

How can I Use Quora for Business?

How do I Build my Brand on Quora?

How would you promote your brand on Quora? Quora is an excellent place to promote your brand. Quora can provide benefits for you if you are:

  • A small business owner
  • Entrepreneur
  • Anyone trying to get their website or company name out there

Contributing to the conversation on Quora builds awareness for your brand. When someone sees your brand or logo, you want them to recognize who you are. To take that a step further, you want your audience to realize that your brand represents trust and authority.

Your ultimate goal is to presell your potential audience. When they go to Google or Amazon to search to make a purchase, you want the branded search. They convert at much higher numbers than unbranded searches and cost you a lot less to acquire that customer.

When you are posting and participating in discussions and posts on sites like Quora, you are doing your job of getting your brand out and in front of people that wouldn’t ordinarily see it. Google loves to rank Quora articles.

Your potential buyer may not use Quora, but as they are searching for information about making a purchase, they may come across multiple Quora pages across the search results. If they click the answer and see you as the brand that is providing the best answers over and over, then you are building trust and awareness.

You might not be able to rank your site for specific terms organically, but Google assigns a high value to Quora answers, and this can give you the ability to get yourself to the top of the search results via Quora.

Why Should You Do Marketing on Quora?

More than 300 million people come to Quora to research, view product recommendations, ask for help, and learn more about the world every month. Thus, it is a powerful channel to raise brand awareness and share content.

Unlike Facebook and other social media networks that people mainly use casually, people on Quora are asking questions about you, your product or service, and your competitors. So you can get your brand easily in front of them and talk about your brand by simply answering some questions rather than involving in costly well-planned advertising.

Answering questions related to your company and industry can help you become a thought expert in your field and build a better image of your business. This can help you influence people to think positively about your product or service.

For marketers, Quora can also be a platform to find out issues affecting their current and potential customers. This information can be used to determine the direction of your company’s future content.

How to get started organically?

Sign up for Quora by linking with your Facebook or Twitter account. Alternatively, you can create an account on Quora without Facebook or Twitter.

After creating an account on Quora, perform the following steps to get started organically:

Create A Quora Profile

You cannot show that you have industry expertise if Quora users search your profile and find nothing! Therefore, your first task after creating an account is to create a profile.

Click on your photo icon in the top right corner of the menu bar (beside the globe icon). Then click on your name to go to your profile. From there, select the relevant section of your profile you want to edit.

Complete the following information so that users can know more about you:

  1. A detailed About Me section
  2. A profile picture
  3. Your areas of expertise
  4. Your interests
  5. Your cities
  6. Schools & colleges you’ve attended
  7. Previous companies
  8. Connect your other social media accounts

Write a Brilliant Bio

Whenever you answer a question, your Profile Name and Bio appears on the top. Here you have the opportunity to do some branding!

Quora only shows the first 50 characters of your profile name and bio combined on the top of your answers. So make the most of the limited space. It’s a good practice to include your company name- include it as close to the beginning as possible. You can also include clickable links that will direct users to your company’s website.

If you target multiple topics, you can create a bio for each topic as well. This way, you can show your expertise in different fields and brands to different groups differently. For example, you can create a bio for the social media marketing topic as well as another bio for the digital marketing topic.

To set up a topic-specific bio, click on your profile page. You’ll then see a list of “Knows About” topics on the right column. There is a link to “Describe your experience” next to each topic. You set the topic-specific bio by clicking on the link to each topic.

Track relevant topics with notifications

Quora provides an easy way for businesses to conduct market research without the need for any survey or experiments and at no cost! You can learn what your target customers are talking about online and get such insights daily in your inbox.

To learn about what your customers are talking about, track relevant topics. Search for the topic you want to track and Quora will provide you with some autosuggestions. Click on the topic you want to target and then hit the Follow button to track.

To make sure you get notifications about your tracked topics, go to the Settings page and click on Emails & Notifications. Then set up the frequency and types of emails you want to receive.

Find the right questions to answer

Theoretically, you can answer almost any questions you want on Quora. But to establish yourself as an expert in your desired field, you need to find the right questions to answer: There are millions of queries out there, you do not want to answer all, do you?

Here are some guidelines to select the questions you want to answer:

  1. Questions that are related to your topic of expertise
  2. Questions that have been posted since the last month and after- you need to be relevant!
  3. Questions with a lot of upvotes- upvotes signal the popularity of your question and so your answers have a higher chance to be viewed by a lot of people!
  4. Questions that are new- an early answer will allow your answer to be visible on the top of the answer thread and thus more visibility!

Answer questions with authority

Now you know which questions to answer, start answering them! Make your answers stand out so that people start seeing you as an authority on that topic.

Provide value in your answer. Input information that others have not. By this, you can be different and stand out! You can also offer an insightful response by linking your answer to related content on your blog, case studies, and statistics. This will demonstrate your expertise.

Add a human touch to your answers by showing your passion for the topic as well as adding your brand’s unique voice.

Connect with Quora users

Quora is above all, a social media network. Therefore, you need to connect with your audience on a personal level. Do not think of the platform as a tool for self-promotion only.

When people ask questions about your company or industry, answer it. After all, you are one of the company’s employees and will be perceived as an expert! If someone comments on your answer, do not leave it blank. Reply the comment. This way, you can connect with users and build relationships with them.

Address any concerns or issues your customers may have as well. According to data from Sprout Social, more than half of people call brands out to get a response or resolution. Try to solve your customers’ problems in order to turn your unhappy customers into loyal advocates.

Ask questions for ideas

Quora marketing does not stop at answering questions of your customers and audience, you can do the reverse as well. Ask questions on a topic and you can crowdsource ideas for your next product or service!

You can ask customers for stories and experiences related to your business. Examples of such questions can be:

  1. What are the common problems you face when using this product or service?
  2. What does the [insert industry name] industry still lack?
  3. What makes you choose this product or service over others?

Once the answers arrive, with a good variety of sources and input, you will have the basis for an excellent roundup post.

Review Quora Analytics

To see the impacts of your efforts on Quora, you can use Quora’s free analytics tool. You can find all the metrics for the questions that you have answered. You would be able to analyze anything from how many times your comment has been shared, and how many upvotes you have. Use this insight to decide what works best on the platform so you can focus on distributing content that engages the community.


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