Lead Generation | Guide to Local Lead Generation Book | Foreword by John Jantsch

Lead Generation | Guide to Local Lead Generation - Foreword

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Lead Generation | Guide to Local Lead Generation - Foreword

by John Jantsch
Author of Duct Tape Marketing, The Referral Engine and Duct Tape Selling

Can the Little Guy Actually Win?

Every company needs to be strategic in its marketing, no matter whether it’s a big multinational corporation or a small local business. The five authors of this book, as Duct Tape Marketing Consultants, have “strategy before tactics” as a core principle of their businesses. So it’s no surprise that their approach to helping local businesses to thrive involves a focus first on strategy before delving into some powerful marketing tactics. But the results they’ve been able to deliver for their clients speak volumes about the soundness of this principle!

Even in the shadow of large companies with multi-million dollar marketing budgets, these guys have cracked the code for helping generate high-quality leads for small, local businesses. Each of the authors has used what they’ve learned through their extensive training and experience to help local business owners successfully implement the tactics described in this book. After getting to know each other as members of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network, they decided to collaborate on a definitive guide for small business owners looking to compete more effectively.

This team of small business marketing consultants, web designers & Internet marketers has worked with thousands of small businesses owners just like you. Mark, Kevin, Ray, Phil and Justin have been hired over and over again for the sole purpose of helping small businesses get to the next level. They know what tactics stand the test of time, and what emerging web strategies and tactics are producing the best results today. This book takes the guesswork out of local lead generation. Period.

I think they’ve done a terrific job in outlining the strategic advantage a locally-owned business has over the big guys – and then giving a practical explanation of the most effective tactics for generating leads, both online and off-line. Right in line with the core of the Duct Tape Marketing brand, this book offers expert and actionable advice that can enable a small business to outsmart and outmaneuver businesses a hundred times their size.

As you read through this book, you’ll note that the authors take a decidedly web-centric approach to marketing. There is no doubt that traditional forms of marketing such as event and referral marketing are more important than ever. Yet, in today’s world, all roads lead back to your company’s website. People may have heard about your company at a seminar, on the radio or through a friend, but your ideal customers are more than likely going to look you up online at some point along the purchase path. You see, your website in no longer just a “site on the web”, it’s the hub of all of your marketing efforts. By the end of this book, you will stop thinking about your website as the stepchild of your business, and start weaving it into the fold of your daily routine. Once you have the right marketing plan and the right digital platform in place, all you need to do is apply the right combination of tactics consistently. This book shows you how to do it.

Also as you read on, please take into consideration that the way this book was created, how it was marketed and promoted and how the book’s website and social media channels are being used to amplify the messaging – all perfect examples of how you should be marketing your own business. A central theme to Duct Tape Marketing is creating great content for your ideal customers. That includes blog posts, videos, podcasts, press releases, eBooks, white papers and yes, sometimes even publishing a real book. As I mentioned above, many of the strategies detailed herein are web-centric. As you read more, you will find that the book comes with a companion website with as much (if not more) great content in the form of tips, examples, blog posts, videos, newsletters and other resources – including a free eBook: 66 Local Lead Gen Tactics. In other words, the authors are practicing what they preach by creating great content and driving their ideal customers to their website, where you can continue the ongoing education process and adding value to your business long after you have read this book and referred it or passed it along to a friend. You will get as much value from reading the book as you will studying the website, the digital ecosystem that was constructed around it, and the way the book was launched.

If you own a small, local business – or are responsible for marketing one – you need to read this book now, and then take action on what you read. The Small Business Owner’s Guide To Local Lead Generation is the real deal. And don’t just take my word for it – be sure to read though the endorsements. This book has been recommended by an impressive list of marketing and business thought leaders, technology company executives and other best-selling authors. If you implement the advice you’re about to read, this might just be the year you take a bite out of the market share your competitors thought they had in the bag.

About John Jantsch

John Jantsch has been called the World’s Most Practical Small Business Expert for consistently delivering real-world, proven small business marketing ideas and strategies.

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and best selling author of Duct Tape MarketingThe Referral EngineThe Commitment Engine and Duct Tape Selling.

He is the creator of the Duct Tape Marketing System and Duct Tape Marketing Consulting Network that trains and licenses small business marketing consultants around the world.

He frequently consults with small and mid-sized businesses helping them create marketing plans and organized marketing systems that smooth the way for steady growth.

His blog was chosen as a Forbes favorite for marketing and small business and his podcast, a top ten marketing show on iTunes, was called a “must listen” by Fast Company magazine.

Huffington Post calls him one of the top 100 “Must Follow” on Twitter and Forbes named Duct Tape Marketing one of the 100 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs.

He is the featured marketing contributor to American Express OPENForum and is a popular presenter of workshop and webinars for organizations such as American Express, Intuit, Verizon, HP, and Citrix.

His practical take on small business is often cited as a resource in publications such as the Wall St. Journal, New York Times, and CNNMoney.

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