Start Blogging: The Secret to Becoming an Influencer Today. Here’s How.

Social media influencers are all the rage right now. That’s why everyone’s asking, how to become an influencer. Many individuals may be under a false assumption that it requires no ability and is  straightforward. That’s where they’re wrong.

Achieving success as an influencer requires significant effort, no matter if it’s through social media or in the entertainment field. Achieving influencer status can’t be rushed and comes with a considerable amount of responsibility.

What is an influencer?

Essentially, influencers are well-known figures on social media who have a great many devoted and attracted fans. Most influencers share a friendly rapport with their fans.

The supporters, in response, will often view these influencers as inspirational figures and act on their advice. It is often thought of that influencers are seen as people in authority or knowledgeable in their specific field.

Want to know why they are so influential? Due to the ease of access to social media, influencers can form individual relationships with their supporters. The lives of non-traditional celebrities are not concealed in an atmosphere of secrecy. This is what gives them sway over their audience.

Influencers usually share snippets of their personal lives with their audience. This is exactly what assists them in forming a close relationship with their supporters. Influencers are renowned personalities on social media who possess influence over their group of followers.

The primary difference between influencers and well-known celebs is that influencers provide content that is genuinely specific to them, not just replicating what bigger celebrities are doing. This builds up confidence and commitment from their supporters.

Seventy percent of millennials state that bloggers have a greater influence on them than celebrities do.

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Types of Influencers

Influencers can be divided into groupings depending on the number of their followers or the type of content they produce/specialize in. Let’s take a look at both.

Influencers According to Their Follower Count

It is estimated that the amount of influencers could range from 3 to 37 million, based on information from EarthWeb. It can be anticipated that some of the group will acquire a far bigger fan base than the rest due to the hefty amount.

That’s why influencers can be categorized according to their follower count, as follows:

Mini-influencers, who have a small audience, tend to be very involved and generate high engagement levels.

The explanation for this is that followers of nano-influencers usually observe them because they appreciate the material they offer, not merely because they are fashionable or widely recognized.

Nano-influencers typically have greater engagement and are more specific with their sponsors and the things they advertise, which leads to their audience having full faith in their endorsement.

Nano-influencers have the advantage of being able to reach their audiences more intimately as fewer followers will give them the opportunity to address a larger proportion of queries and remarks.


Despite having a higher number of fans, micro-influencers still possess a satisfactory rate of involvement, though not quite as high as nano-influencers. At the moment, many influencers have decided on a topic or specialized area, gradually developing expertise in their content class or specialty.

This allows companies to accurately identify the intended audience of an influencer. Marketing strategies utilizing micro-influencers are typically the most beneficial of the four varieties.


Macro-influencers have attracted a big group of fans that is greater than 100,000 people but have not yet achieved the one million mark. These people have typically achieved fame on the internet, which includes the likes of social media influencers, bloggers, vloggers and podcasters.

At this juncture, the mass of supporters implies that some could only be there for special material, while other devotees might only interact sporadically. This suggests that responses to macro-influencers’ content are much less frequent than reactions to nano and micro-influencers’ posts.


Mega-influencers have become renowned around the globe with countless admirers. They don’t come at a low price and can charge a large amount for advertisements or partnerships. The engagement rate of theirs is the least amongst all four categories, yet it has the most extensive reach when it comes to the target market.

Influencers According to Their Content/Niche

Let us examine more closely the various sorts of influencers based on their content or particular areas.

Gamer Influencers

People who have an affinity for gaming, either in part or in full, are known as gaming influencers.

They make material that is related to the gaming community, like playing video games, evaluating certain titles, reporting news, and streaming live.

Fitness Influencers

Fitness influencers are all about looking and feeling great.

Fitness influencers come in many different forms. Some people only offer dietary advice, while others provide directions for physical activity and exercising. Some people like to share a combination of content on their social media profiles.

Photography Influencers

Photographers can become famous on the internet due to their exceptional ability to take and modify photographs.

Photographers who post their images to sites like Facebook or Instagram could possibly get fortunate enough to promote a camera brand such as Canon or Sony.

They may also provide courses or advice on how to take better photos.

Beauty and Fashion Influencers

Influencers of fashion and beauty devote the majority of their time to developing clothing or proffering fashion counsel, including lessons and directions on makeup and styling.

Big-name influencers typically secure agreements with prime fashion or beauty brands.

Food Influencers

Food personalities invest huge amounts of effort constructing material connected to cooking, documenting recipes and meals, as well as exploring the newest food developments and restaurants.

So you want to become a digital influencer? Then…

1. Start blogging and give it all you got.

Don’t expect it to be an instant hit though. Seth Godin suggests that anyone who enjoys writing, music, blogging, or any other type of performance art should pursue it. Do it with everything you’ve got. Do not anticipate relying on it as a means of providing an income.

It can take approximately 12 months for a blog to develop an audience, assuming that the blog is active and posting more frequently than 11 times monthly. So, consistency is imperative.

Write about something that fires you up, and in which you believe you can make a difference. It is simpler to compose in a conversational style when you let your language portray your character. It will be simpler for others to identify with you and perceive what you stand for and the manner in which you would add to your field of expertise.

2. We all know how crucial content is when building a loyal following. If you’re still at a loss on what high-quality content is, let Google’s Quality Guidelines bring some light to it.

3. Plan your strategy to start blogging

The strategy behind building a loyal fan base is the most significant factor, not the content. Utilize the analytic program on your blogsite and different online media. Find out what kind of content is the most popular and gets the most attention, and join in on conversations related to it.

Analyze the language used in headlines and pictures in articles to figure out what appeals to readers the most and make your material fit that criterion.

4. Determine collaboration options

Begin by examining other bloggers to determine if they are willing to spread your material and provide attribution without cost.

5. Use social media

Stay up to date with conversations about the hottest topics related to your industry and make sure you are actively participating. Don’t just spew words. Investigate, if it is required, to contribute more to the conversation. This method is a great way to enhance your internet visibility, draw in more fans and add blog followers.

6. Get ready to scale up

Reevaluate your blog analytics. After at least twelve months of achieving or surpassing your objectives, it is time to expand.

You will create more output than you had previously. Decide whether more writers should be hired and form an editorial group to ensure that every article is correct and in line with your company’s image.

You should look at getting a marketing manager to help you make money from your blog by creating different sources of income and offering to various advertisers and associates. Consider hiring a professional graphic designer to assist in the progress of your brand if you are able to finance it.

If hiring a professional designer is out of the question due to your financial constraints, creating attention grabbing visuals can still be achieved with the help of a graphic design tool. One of the primary functions of the app is its resizing device. Your content, including your blogs, social media posts, display ads, emails, and infographics, can be reconfigured and utilized as YouTube thumbnails.

Start Blogging TODAY!

Challenge yourself to be the most you can be. Aim high, measure your advancement, and analyze data. It won’t be easy to begin with, but it can be achieved if you put your mind to it.

Start Blogging FAQs

How can a beginner start blogging?

It is possible for anyone to initiate a blog, however it takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance to construct a prosperous blog. Here are a few pointers to get you off to a good start when it comes to blogging. There are many different methods of blogging. 1. Pick a subject that you are enthusiastic about and that you believe you can write about competently. 2. Determine the type of tone you would like your blog to reflect. Do you want it to be personal or professional? 3. Begin making contact with other writers in your area of interest and construct a group of relationships. 4. Be patient! Gaining an audience for your blog doesn’t happen instantly, so don’t anticipate immediate triumph.

Can I start free blogging?

Creating a blog is an excellent opportunity to disseminate your opinions and concepts globally. If you don’t manage it correctly, it can quickly become an expensive mistake. There are quite a few blogging platforms that don’t cost anything, and while they may look attractive, it’s important to take the drawbacks into consideration. A major issue with blog platforms that are provided at no cost is that they have very few options available. It appears that establishing a blog with a professional aesthetic might be difficult, and you may also encounter restrictions when trying to monetize your website.

How do you start a blog to make money?

This is what should be taken into consideration when beginning a blog that has the purpose of generating revenue: 1. Choose a niche or topic for your blog. 2. Create content that is both informative and engaging. 3. Spread your blog through social media and other internet outlets in order to reach a larger number of people.

Are bloggers getting paid?

Bloggers have discovered methods to make a profit off of their blogs these days. Bloggers often use advertising and affiliate marketing as means of generating income. In addition, some bloggers decide to market items or services that are connected to what their blog is about, while some take contributions from followers. There is a plethora of potential income sources, so it’s understandable why more folks are considering blogging as a career choice.

What is the most successful blog?

A blog that attracts many readers and offers content of superior quality is a successful one. A variety of metrics can be employed to assess the performance of a blog, like page views, level of social media interaction, and the increase in subscribers. In the long run, it is the reader’s choice to determine if a blog is successful or not. To attract the maximum amount of readers, it is essential for a blog to be constructed with quality writing, provide useful content, and capture the readers’ attention. By offering readers useful data, bloggers can secure a devoted fan base and create a successful blog.


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