How To Make Instagram Reels and Use Them to Your Advantage

Almost every business has an Instagram presence. People use IGTV, Stories, and Posts to stay up to date with trends on Instagram. But what about Reels?

Yes, businesses can use Instagram Reels in a similar way to other Insta video forms to increase their presence on the social network.

In this post, we’ll tell you how.

First, let’s understand Instagram Reels better.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Before we begin, let’s see how the platform defines Reels. Instagram itself says Reels are

Instagram has introduced a new way for users to create and discover short, entertaining videos.

Well, that pretty much suffices what they are.

Reels is a powerful rival to TikTok that has been winning over a lot of users.

The Reel feature on Instagram allows users to record and edit 15 to 30-second multi-clip videos. Not only can you watch videos, but you can also improve them by adding audio, text, special effects, and more. Reels are a refreshing change in the overall Instagram ecosystem.

The app provides a platform for users to create short videos for entertainment or educational purposes. The aim is to garner attention with creativity.

Aside from allowing users to record videos with sound or audio overlays, the Reel camera and editor also include the following features on mobile:

As of June 2021, ads are now being shown in the Reels tab, on the Explore page, and in users’ Feeds when they scroll through the Reels. Reels allow businesses to reach new audiences across the globe that they would not have been able to reach before.

But, how are Reels different than Stories? Let’s find out.

Instagram Reels & Instagram Stories: What’s The Difference?

Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories may seem similar. While there may not be too many differences between the two, here’s what makes them different:

Do Businesses Even Need Instagram Reels?

Of course, they do!

Instagram has a large “active” audience base that you can easily tap into with Reels. By sharing Reels on the Explore page, you have the opportunity to put your content in front of a larger audience than just the people who follow you.

Reels put you in creative control, so you can be as smart with your content as you want. You can make your content go viral more easily by using the features in Instagram Reels and making your videos shorter and more engaging.

You can make your posts go viral more easily by using the feature-rich Instagram Reels and creating short, engaging videos to post.

Plus, using it doesn’t require any investment. No matter the size of your business, consider making Reels part of your social marketing strategy to get the advantages they offer.

How To Make A Reel On Instagram?

The three ways to access Instagram Reel are through the Instagram app, the Facebook app, and the Instagram website. There are three ways to access Reels on Instagram. You can do it from the home screen, from the Reels tab, or by clicking on the Stories camera.

Step 1 – Access Instagram Reels

To access Instagram Reels, click on the “+” icon on the top left of the Instagram home screen and select the REELS option.

From the Instagram Reels tab, you can create a Reel by tapping on the Reels icon at the bottom of the home screen, and then tapping on the camera icon in the top-right corner.

From the Instagram Stories camera: To create a Reel by accessing it through the Stories camera, tap on the “+” icon on the Your Story tab on the top-left.

Click on the “Reels” icon on the bottom menu next to “Story.”

Step 2 – Adjust the settings

Instagram lets you chose between a 15 or 30 second time limit. Click on the top tab from the left side options and select the length of time you want. You can create a Reel that is shorter than the amount of time you choose, but you cannot make it longer.

Step 3 – Record your video or upload a prerecorded one

Before you create your Instagram reel, make sure you have the latest version of the Instagram app. Then access the Reels screen according to your preference. Once you arrive at the Reels screen.

Hit the record button to film your Reel. To stop filming, press the record button again. You can delete the Reel you recorded by going back through the left-pointing icon.

You can create a seamless transition by recording multiple clips and aligning them.

You can also upload a prerecorded video if you don’t want to record one. However, you can’t edit the footage or add music. You can’t add text, stickers, or filters to live videos.

How to Add Effects to Reels

To add effects to your video simultaneously, you can select the editing option located on the left side of the Reels screen:

To change the design of your video, tap the ‘Layout’ option and select from one of the grid designs provided, like the dual-screen option.

You can change the playback speed of your video by choosing the speed you want it to play at.

When you select the stopwatch symbol, you can go hands-free and record by timer.

Select either a 3 or 10-second timer, then move the slider to the desired number of seconds for your clip. Tap the center circle button again to stop recording.

You can add a filter for additional creativity by selecting one from the bottom of your screen.

The filters available for use with Reels are similar to those that can be used with Instagram Stories, and many of the effects available for use with one video format can also be used with the other.

Find audio for Reels.

It’s time to add audio to your Reel. The audio feature allows you to overlay a prerecorded sound from other users, or songs available on Instagram, onto your audio.

If you want to create content based on a specific song or sound bite, you can start by recording or adding clips. In either case, follow these steps to find the right tune to complete your Reel.

Click on the audio musical note on the left side of the Reel screen.

To find music on Instagram, either type what you’re looking for into the search bar, or scroll through the suggested songs and audio clips.

You need to decide which part of the song or sound you want to use for your video.

Your audio is now added to your Reel. After you select your video and pictures, tap Next, then preview how the alignment of your video and pictures. If needed, adjust clips accordingly.

How to Use Original Audio on Instagram Reels

If you’re looking for a particular song on Reel and can’t find it, you can always add your own. To import your sound:

Select the Import button next to the Saved button.

To add a video with the audio you’d like to use, first select the video you’d like to add. Then, select the audio you’d like to use from the audio library. Your original audio has been added, and you are now credited for the sound- meaning your Instagram profile icon will now show as the audio icon.

How to Find Trending Instagram Reel Songs and Sounds

If you’re looking for popular audio to use in your Instagram Reels videos, there are a few different places you can look. To find popular songs on Instagram, you can scroll through the Reel sounds used by popular accounts or search popular hashtags like #trending songs or #trending audio.

To find trending songs and sounds to use in your Reel, tap on the Reels you find on your Explore page and click on the song name in the bottom left corner. You can see how many people have used that sound in their Reel by checking the number next to the song name.

Once you decide if a song is popular and trending upwards, you can save it for when you’re ready to use it in your reel.

Post a Reel on Instagram.

Now that you have created your Instagram Reel and found the perfect track, you can easily post it to Instagram. To have your Reel live in no time:

To share your Reels, select Next on the bottom right corner of your Reels screen to reach the sharing window.

To select a cover for your reel, tap “Edit cover” at the top of the screen.

Choose whether or not you want your Reel to be visible on your Instagram profile by selecting or deselecting Also share to Feed.

If you want to post it to your Feed, make sure the slider is blue and not gray.

Add your caption and hashtags as you would with your regular Instagram posts.

Once you add your preferences, select the Share to Reels button.

How To Use Instagram Reels to Your Advantage

If there’s one thing that Instagram understood when they created Instagram Reels, it’s that video content is king. Within 18 months of its launch, TikTok amassed one billion global downloads and became an internet sensation with its short, entertaining video clips.

In light of privacy concerns about TikTok, Instagram launched Reels in August 2020. Reels is a set of new audio and video editing features similar to TikTok. In 2022, this video feature will account for up to 20% of user activity on Instagram.

As Reels continue to be a popular feature on Instagram, here is a guide on how to make the most out of using them.


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