Do Leadership Book – Foreword by John Jantsch

Do Leadership Book – Foreword by John Jantsch

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Service is at the heart of Thought Leadership

by John Jantsch
Author of Duct Tape Marketing, The Referral Engine and Duct Tape Selling

You might have the same reaction I typically have when I hear the term thought leader these day – that it’s used and abused. But don’t let that initial opinion prevent you from taking a much closer look at an idea that can truly revolutionize how you do business.

As a thought leader, you’re NOT someone who pontificates on complicated concepts. On the contrary! As a thought leader, your job is to communicate your unique point of view and make the big ideas of your industry simpler and more understandable for the people who need to grasp them most – prospective users of your products and services.

The thing is a true thought leader simply does this – they don’t talk about it, they don’t anoint themselves with a title – some tribe or community somewhere determines that what they have to say and share is worth listening to and perhaps acting upon.

To take up this mantle you don’t have to lock yourself away in an ivory tower to contemplate the intricacies of your industry – just allow your natural curiosity to lead you to keep learning and to convey what you learn to anyone who is listening.

Service is at the heart of thought leadership. You serve by providing valuable information and insight. You become the person people seek out when they need to find the real deal.

How do you do that? You’re about to find out as you read Do Leadership, which was created by some of the finest Duct Tape Marketing Consultants I’ve had the privilege to mentor over the years. They took on an enormous task in dissecting and simplifying a concept that has been complicated to the point where it’s nearly useless.

Quite simply, becoming a thought leader happens as you attract people who recognize you as someone worth listening to and following. Making this happen is not as difficult as it sounds, and as you read this book, you’ll see what an important role content creation plays in building your credibility.

You’ll also see how to make your authentic point of view - the unique message you bring to the marketplace – even if it’s not earth shattering. Becoming a thought leader is not at all the same as winning some sort of popularity contest. In fact, it can be the exact opposite – but in the process of being who you are and taking your stand as a thought leader, you’ll find that you attract the people you are best suited to serve. That’s where the power of thought leadership comes in.

About John Jantsch

John Jantsch has been called the World’s Most Practical Small Business Expert for consistently delivering real-world, proven small business marketing ideas and strategies.

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and best selling author of Duct Tape MarketingThe Referral EngineThe Commitment Engine and Duct Tape Selling.

He is the creator of the Duct Tape Marketing System and Duct Tape Marketing Consulting Network that trains and licenses small business marketing consultants around the world.

He frequently consults with small and mid-sized businesses helping them create marketing plans and organized marketing systems that smooth the way for steady growth.

His blog was chosen as a Forbes favorite for marketing and small business and his podcast, a top ten marketing show on iTunes, was called a “must listen” by Fast Company magazine.

Huffington Post calls him one of the top 100 “Must Follow” on Twitter and Forbes named Duct Tape Marketing one of the 100 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs.

He is the featured marketing contributor to American Express OPENForum and is a popular presenter of workshop and webinars for organizations such as American Express, Intuit, Verizon, HP, and Citrix.

His practical take on small business is often cited as a resource in publications such as the Wall St. Journal, New York Times, and CNNMoney.

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