5 Benefits of Hiring an Outsourced CMO

The Advantages of Hiring an Outsourced CMO

You’ve likely spent time debating whether or not to outsource small, minor aspects of your marketing campaigns in the past, but have you ever considered the possibility of outsourcing the role of CMO? What few realize is this can actually open the door to a number of distinct benefits.

Benefits of an Outsource CMO

Five Major Reasons to Use an Outsourced CMO Position

Why do you have a CMO? Or, if you’re just starting to grow, why are you considering hiring a full-time CMO? When you’re honest with yourself, you’ll most likely find that the reasoning for hiring a CMO is pretty shallow and flawed.

Most companies find themselves hiring full-time CMOs because that’s what they’ve been told they should do. After all, don’t successful corporations always have a CMO on staff? Well, not necessarily. In the past, it might have been the only way to do it, but that’s no longer the case. With the internet and remote work technology, it’s possible to outsource the roles and responsibilities once reserved for salaried CMOs.

Not totally sure how successful you would be in outsourcing the CMO role to someone outside of the company? Study the following major benefits to get a better idea of the advantages that come with this increasingly popular setup.

1. Cost Savings

If you have an ecommerce website, do you need a full-fledged IT department? If you have three employees on staff, does this really call for a human resources manager? The answer to these questions is obviously no. So why do you assume that you need a CMO on the payroll, just because you have a marketing campaign? It’s not a cost-effective choice to hire someone in such an expensive role when other (cheaper) options exist.

“Your company can see savings in the range of 40 to 65 percent just by outsourcing high-level positions like a CFO or CMO instead of hiring a full-time employee,” entrepreneur Erik Huberman says. “For less money, you can contract someone who will not only get the job done efficiently, but who will also not be looking to justify, retain, or grow his or her in-house position.”

This last point is something you may not have considered but is acutely interesting. When you have a full-time CMO, they’re naturally going to prioritize job security. As a result, they’ll spend much of their time trying to make themselves look good and setting themselves up for future success. For an outsourced CMO, efficiency – not job security – is the goal. This benefits you when it comes to cost savings.

2. Faster Process

It takes a lot to hire a CMO. There’s the process of writing the job description, disseminating via the appropriate channel, reading applications, reaching out to connections, vetting candidates, interviewing candidates, making final cuts, figuring out contract details, hiring the CMO, dealing with issues related to onboarding, and more. It’s an incredibly lengthy process that can take months to sort through.

Bringing on an outsourced CMO takes far less time. You call up the agency you want to work with, explain the situation, and they select a candidate. You then conduct a brief interview to verify that the individual is who you’re looking for, fill out a little bit of paperwork, and you’re ready to go.

Outsourced CMO Benefits

3. More Experience

Experience plays a huge factor in the success of a CMO. You need someone who’s been in the industry for years but is nimble enough to adapt to evolving trends. Thankfully, you can get both of these things at a convenient price when you outsource. Instead of hiring someone who has spent their whole career with one company or in a single industry, you get to outsource the role to an individual with versatile experience and skills.

4. Objective Opinions and Viewpoints

Objectivity is alarmingly elusive in many established organizations. The same group of people has been around each other for a number of years and everyone begins to think alike. You know what the person next to you is going to say before the words even come out of their mouth. And while this can be advantageous in some situations, it’s not always good for a creative pursuit like marketing.

When you outsource a CMO, you get objective opinions and fresh viewpoints. You’re no longer operating in an echo chamber and have the chance to step outside and try something totally new. This alone can make outsourcing worth it.

5. Readjusts Your Focus

When the role of CMO is outsourced, you’ll discover that you have more time to focus on the things that matter in your own role. You’re no longer worried about micro-managing a salaried employee, but can rest assured that you’re working with someone who’s prioritizing the tasks and responsibilities of the role.

In other words, the decision to outsource the marketing arm of your business can have a positive impact in other areas. This chain reaction can spur growth throughout the company and have a lasting impact on the way you do business.

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Ray L. Perry | Chief Marketing OfficerIn the past, outsourcing the role of CMO was uncommon. It happened but it wasn’t considered a very sound business practice. Then, as technology changed and the internet opened up new avenues of access and communication, outsourcing – even at the executive level – suddenly became very practical. Today, it’s a common strategy for startups and businesses that either can’t spend the time or money on hiring a full-time CMO or need an infusion of fresh leadership.

If you’re looking to outsource your CMO responsibilities, you’ll be happy to discover that your options are endless. We can get you connected with a program that fits your needs. Whether you need a CMO Consultant, CMO Coach, CMO Advisor, or anything in between, we have specialized programs designed to help you accomplish your goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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