3 out of 4 Americans Have Smartphones

Technology is here to stay. An interesting survey was recently summarized, using adults only as the subjects. Nearly 90 percent of American adults have online access, as compared to about 50 percent in the early 2000s. U.S. adults are jumping on the technology bandwagon by leaps and bounds. Nearly 51 percent of those studied own a tablet, up by a whopping 48 percent in 7 years. To access the internet and make use of their computers and tablets, nearly three-quarters of the sample group have broadband service at home. Social networks are also popular, claiming about 69% of the group. Last but not least, cell phone usage has increased 42 percent over just six years time. It would seem that adults have increased their electronics usage at a much quicker pace than the younger generation, using similar surveys and subjects, by the Pew Research Center.

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