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You probably already know that few people will purchase your product right away. It takes some time to build up the trust you need to make them bring out their wallets. That is why you build an email list. That is why you set up a lead magnet and nurturing email autoresponders. What you might not realize is that there is an actual name for this process.

The sales funnel.

Leading Customers to Sales

It is about turning leads into prospects and prospects into customers. When you have an automated system that does this, you can dramatically increase your sales.

What Does a Sales Funnel Look Like?

Visually, most people envision a sales funnel as an inverted triangle. At the top, you have all the suspects – anyone who is ever visited your website or heard about your company. This list of suspects narrows down to leads once they sign up for your email list. Most companies get leads to sign up by offering some incentive, such as a lead magnet.

The funnel gets even narrower as the leads on your email list become hot prospects thru nurturing email autoresponders.

While this image makes sense, it is often better to think about the funnel as a process that you lead your prospects through. Each step of the way, they become close to becoming your customer.

Even after a person has become a customer, they can still go through the funnel, purchasing more products or higher-ticket items.

Creating a Unique Sales Funnel for Your Business

Some marketers will suggest that all you need to do to create the perfect sales funnel is to send the right email on the right day. Thank the potential customer for their interest the day after they sign up on your email list. Offer an additional “bonus” three days later. Go for the hard sell on the fifth day.

That technique may work to a certain extent, but it is missing a key ingredient that is going to make or break any sales funnel.

It lacks a real story.

Transform Your Sales Funnel with the Sales Funnel Framework

Your potential customers are the heroes in their own story, and – whether they know it or not – they are looking for the perfect product or service that is going to give them the happy ending they really want. When you focus your marketing efforts with this knowledge in mind, you are better able to speak directly to their true desires.

The Sales Funnel Framework provides the structure you need. Based on a solid marketing strategy, the Sales Funnel Framework puts everything you need to know about your customers into words. The Sales Funnel Framework guides you thru the process of creating a compelling and engaging story for your brand and your products and services. It is easy to understand, and with your Sales Funnel Framework in hand, you can take your business to the next level.

Once you have your Sales Funnel Framework in place, our expert marketers will take you through a simple process to create your sales funnel:

  • Identify key problems that your customers want to solve.
  • Sketch out each of the items you need to turn prospects into customers.
  • Create all the marketing materials you need while centering the message using your Sales Funnel Framework.

In most cases, this means you will get a highly optimized landing page, a compelling lead magnet, and a series of nurturing email autoresponders, all carefully created with your ideal customers in mind.

Tweaking Your Sales Funnel

Even a great sales funnel could perform better with a few simple tweaks. We will work with you to test the effectiveness of different techniques, finding what works best for your customers. This is important because you can never be certain how your customers will respond to an email or offer. Every business owner has a story to tell about an idea that totally flopped.

Current technologies make it easy to test out your theories and go with the methods that work best.

Get Help with Your Sales Funnel

If you do not have an effective sales funnel, you are leaving money on the table. Our experts want to help you develop your Sales Funnel Framework that defines your message and guides the decisions you make. The process is simple, and it could make a big difference in your sales.

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