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Quick Start Guide to Building a Renewable Referrals Strategy to Cultivate More Profits

So You’re Looking to Generate More Leads for Your Business?

Quick Start Guide to Renewable Referrals eBook | Ray L. PerryThat’s fantastic, one sign of having some healthy marketing goals. You’ve figured out that if you can get your message out to more prospects, you’ll make more sales, and ultimately enjoy higher profits. The Thing Is… You’ll Only Ever Encounter Three Kinds of Business Leads: Hot, Cold, and Warm. The hot ones, we’re not even going to talk about. You’ve got them covered, a slam dunk, yours to lose. You might already be shivering at the prospect of those cold leads, because you know exactly who they are. They’re total strangers. They know nothing about your business, nothing about what you sell, and have no idea how badly they need you. Click to Read More.

66 Tactics To Generate Leads for Your Local Business

Local Lead Generation eBook | Ray L. PerryThe goal of this eBook “66 Tactics To Generate Leads For Your Local Business” is to present you, the business owner, with a list of local lead generation tactics that are proven to be highly effective for local businesses. This is not meant to be a list of recommendations or a ‘how to’ guide, but rather as a tool to help motivate you to take action in generating more leads for your company. Click here to Read More.