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Wireframe Your Website using StoryBrand

Too many businesses have outdated and ineffective websites. Times change, and your website needs to stay modern and relevant if you want to increase your sales.

By tweaking the design and tightening up the focus of your business with a StoryBrand BrandScript, you’ll be able to guide your customers to action.

What Is Wireframing? Designing a Website that Works!

A wireframe is a quick sketch of how your website’s layout might look. It shouldn’t have any words, pictures or colors – just a few squares that represent the basics. Stripping the site down to the bare minimum helps you look at the page with a critical eye.

Wireframing isn’t about focusing on one design. It’s about quickly brainstorming a variety of possibilities so you can identify the best layout for your company’s website.

After all, you don’t want your site to look like a cookie-cutter version of everyone else’s.

How a StoryBrand Guide Helps You Wireframe Your Website

Anyone who’s taken their company through the StoryBrand process knows how important it is to stick to the StoryBrand BrandScript. If you have a site designer who’s not familiar with the concepts, they’ll include a lot of extraneous information that won’t drive sales.

You end up with a cluttered website.

We do things differently.

We work closely with you to understand what your customers need. We create a StoryBrand BrandScript for your business to help you define your message.

Using your StoryBrand BrandScript, we can easily identify the website elements that will increase customer engagement and boost sales. Those are the only elements you’ll find in our wireframes.

A Certified StoryBrand Guide: Your Trusted Expert

As the owner of MarketBlazer, a small business marketing agency, and author of several books on marketing and lead generation, I already have plenty of marketing experience under my belt. When I learned about StoryBrand, though, I knew I had stumbled upon something different.

Using the same basic ideas that Hollywood writers use to keep you enthralled, StoryBrand helps you talk about your business as a story. You position your customer as the hero in the story, then show how your product or service helps them achieve their happy ending. It creates an emotional connection to your brand that encourages customers to buy.

Other marketing experts might use similar techniques when designing your site, but only a Certified StoryBrand Guide has access to the detailed framework used to create your StoryBrand BrandScript. This framework helps you decide which elements your customers want to see on your website.

Hint: It may not be what you think.

Our Simple Wireframing Process

We take all our customers through a simple process designed to eliminate distractions on your website. While we help with the brainstorming, you have ultimate control over the choices you make.

With your StoryBrand BrandScript in hand, we then:

Identify the key elements your website should have. Since each company has different needs, you’ll see different things on their websites. Some of the elements you might see in the wireframe are:

  • A logo
  • An order button
  • Pictures
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Text boxes (for blog posts or general information)
  • Headers and titles
  • Create several different wireframes for you to see. Remember that these are just simple sketches. They won’t look “pretty,” and certain things may not be quite to scale. The point is to give you an idea of what your site could look like to draw the most attention.
  • Help you look at your options to determine which style will work best for your website.

A Simple Design that Speaks to Your Customers

With a website wireframe from a Certified StoryBrand Guide, your web designer will be able to create a site that resonates with your customer base. You’ll see how well it works with increased customer engagement – and increased sales. Best of all, your site will attract the types of customers you really want.

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