Certified StoryBrand Guide

Certified StoryBrand Guide

If the sales of your product or service have been disappointing, perhaps you’ve been going about it all wrong.

Good Stories Sell Products

Customers make a purchase when they feel a strong emotional connection to a brand. They must feel confident that the brand is going to provide them with the solution they deserve. By creating a narrative that speaks to their needs, you’ll be able to lead customers to purchase more of your products.

How can you create this story? With a Certified StoryBrand BrandScript.

What’s StoryBrand and What Is a BrandScript

StoryBrand is an idea pioneered by writer and businessman Donald Miller. By using the same concepts that successful storytellers use to write novels and make movies, he designed an easy-to-understand process you can use to tell the story of your business. People often mistakenly label their company as the hero in a story. Surprisingly, this isn’t something that creates the connection you need to drive sales.

Instead, you need to write your customers as the hero of the story. They come to see you and your company as the guide that will help them reach a happy ending.

A Certified StoryBrand Guide

I’ve been a Master Marketing Consultant for years. I’ve written books on the subject. I've worked with hundreds of clients, and I’ve found that the StoryBrand ideas are uniquely effective. That’s why I went through the special training process to become a Certified StoryBrand guide.

I’ve done all the studying so you don’t have to take time away from your business. I’ll work closely with you to help you understand what drives your customers, create a StoryBrand BrandScript that details this in an easy-to-understand way, then help you create all the marketing materials you’ll need.

StoryBrand BrandScripts and More

Your company’s StoryBrand BrandScript is the starting point from which we create all your marketing materials.

Our other services include:

Wireframing your website

We’ll complete several quick sketches of possible website layouts to help you select a design that meets your company’s needs. This is the first step in creating an effective internet site.

Creating a lead-generating PDF

Using the StoryBrand BrandScript, we’ll select a topic that is likely to catch the interest of your customers. We’ll write the report using all the StoryBrand techniques. You can then use this PDF as an incentive for people to join your mailing list.

Writing autoresponder messages that work with your lead-generating PDF

An autoresponder is a series of emails that go out to potential customers once they sign up for your list. These engaging emails work to build trust and will eventually lead customers to purchase your product.

Writing broadcast emails

Autoresponders work well, but sometimes you need a one-off broadcast email to reach your customers. This might advertise an upcoming sale or notify customers of a new product. When it follows the StoryBrand BrandScript, an email like this is more likely to generate sales.

Creating a full sales funnel

The sales funnel is the process that turns people from leads to prospects to paying customers. When done correctly, this process paints your customer as the hero and your product or service as the main solution to their problems.

Go Further than You Dreamed Possible

You know you have a great product or service, right? If you do not see sales that reflect this truth, you’ve got a big problem.

A StoryBrand guide will help you figure out where the problem is. You’ll start making changes that address the problem, and you’ll start seeing the increased sales that come with this change.

An Easy Process

With the help of my expertise, it’s easy to create a customized StoryBrand BrandScript for your business. When you choose to work with me, I will:

  • Interview you to better understand what drives your customers.
  • Create a fully-developed StoryBrand BrandScript you can use to design your own marketing materials.
  • Design a marketing plan that will reach out to your customers and increase your sales.
  • Share my years of experience with you to help you avoid unnecessary trial-and-error so you can get the job done.

Call today to set up your first appointment with a Certified StoryBrand Guide. You’ll soon learn what a difference it can make to have an easily-understandable script that guides all your marketing efforts. The sooner you call, the sooner you will start seeing positive change in your business.

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