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The Most Powerful Brands In 2017

These brands have a lot of power and success right now. This tells you which they are so you can study and learn more about them. If you want your own brand to be powerful you can try to learn what they’re doing right. Many brands don’t succeed so if you can figure out what […]

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Data Is Vital Ingredient In Content Marketing Success

In the digital age, many companies are turning to using consumer data in order to provide engaging content. Current trends appear to show a marked increase in the practice of data collection and use, as smaller companies hope to compete with traditional powerhouses. Some of the technology used to generate this data include algorithms, artificial […]

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The Large and Rapidly Growing U.S. On-Demand Economy

On-demand economy includes only consumer transactions and services to the US households. In 2017, on-demand economy is estimated to grow to $57 billion up from the $34 billion generated in 2016 which is 7% of the entire addressable market of $758 billion. The US addressable market for on-demand economy companies accounts for $1.6 trillion dollars […]

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